10. April 2018    

20°C sunshine and cycling in a T-shirt.. but the split season isn't over yet. On the contrary, soon it really starts over again: with the bigger mountain projects, over the glaciers and to the steep lines. Time to gain some experience from the pros and to hear Xavier de le Rue about splitboarding life & risk management.

Xavier already shares a lot of his knowledge in his new How to XV web series. Here in our interview he goes more into depth and describes his personal ways of decision making and risk assessment and the tightrope walk between emotions and rational thinking that goes with it.

It has to come from the heart and the right part of your brain. In a way you let your emotions be in the game to kind of feel if it is something you wanna do, and feel like you can do. And then you have to think a bit, if it makes sense or not in a kind of rational way, and you need to mix the two together. Not thinking too much and block your feelings and at the same time not just getting happy feelings and kind of forget about the basic rules, so it is a very fine line.

When asked about how to deal with danger, pressure and the goals to achieve.

Here the full interview: