09. February 2018    
Xavier De Le Rue wants to share his knowledge of 22 years of snowboarding and splitboarding. Further he wants to inspire us, to push our limits to the next level in a pretty safe way.

We are very pleased to share the "How to XV" series by Xavier De Le Rue in our journal. Every week the article is updated and we have a great opportunity to learn from one of the best snowboarders and splitboarders of all time. It's about safety, fun and action. In addition to informative passages, each video contains incredibly good riding parts.

#1 - How to scope a line?

This video contains the best tips to recognize lines in big flaces and to be able to ride them with a certain safety.


#2 - How to strait line

Full throttle just down the mountain - can save your life and is fun! That's how Xavier De Le Rue does it.


#3 - How to drop a cliff

Who hasn't tried to jump a cliff on a freeride descent? Here are the most important tips that you can also stand it.

#4 - How to splitboard

Here the most important tips for going uphill with your splitboard.

#5 - How To Ride with Ice Axes

One or even two ice axes will increase your safety margin in steeper faces where falling is not an option. Xavier explains how to cope with it.

#6 - How To Manage Avalanche Danger in a Line

The risk of triggering an avalanche can never be minimized to zero percent. Navigation within a line is key and can sometimes prevent you from being caught in an avalanche.

#7 - How To Plan Your First Tour

Some key points for your first splitboard tours in the backcountry. Some more tips can be found in our last years article here.

#8 - How To Use A Transreceiver

A basic video about searching victims with an avalanche beacon. Most of our readers are familiar with this; nonetheless it is a good reminder to practice this every year. Also do not forget about training your shoveling technique as well, as it takes a major part of your available time frame in a rescue operation.

#9 - How To - 10 Tricks for Freeriding

How to secure a backpack in a steep face? What can I do if the skins won't stick? Here, Xavier presents some minor useful tricks that ease your life in the mountains.

#10 - How To Manage Fear

Fear is one of the important components in ambitious mountain projects, no matter how experienced you are. This episode explains how fear can help you coming to the right decisions and how to overcome it.

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Thanks Xavier for sharing your knowledge

Stay tuned! We would be happy if you share your experience of bringing those suggestions to your riding.