Safety Tips in the Splitboard Journal

Alpine safety, risk management and avalanche awareness.

How do splitboard professionals deal with the alpine dangers they are bound to face in their impressive runs?
What can we learn as normal splitboarders from the pros?

Jeremy Jones, Xavier de le Rue and other world-famous riders give us interesting insights into their strategies to minimize risk.

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Xavier De Le Rue - How to XV
February 2018 | Splitboard Story, News, Safety Tips, Action Video
Xavier De Le Rue wants to share his knowledge of 22 years of snowboarding and splitboarding further he wants to inspire us to push our limits to the next level in a pretty safe way.
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Splitboard Workout
Splitboarding Workout Pt.1
December 2017 | Safety Tips
To prepare and maintain - 10 splitboard-specific exercises that expand your comfort zone and make you fit for new challenges. Let's start with strength and endurance.
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1,5 vertical exaggeration
Slope Angle Maps - An Introduction
March 2017 | Safety Tips

Digital terrain models and slope angle maps derived from them, can be a very practical aid for planning safe backcountry tours. Using the example of OpenSlopeMap, we'll show you what you need to know about slope inclination on the map and on the spot.

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Splitboard Backcountry
Splitboarding - How To Get Started In The Backcountry
December 2016 | Safety Tips | 1

One question we were often asked is, how do you begin with splitboard touring? You got snowshoes or your first splitboard and safety equipment ready. You already know what avalanches are and attended some snow safety training. Going down the mountain is no problem for you and you already have some dream lines in your mind you want to ride.

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Rudi Mair, Head of LWD Tirol
Ten avalanche risk patterns
October 2015 | Campaign / Event, Safety Tips

Rudi Mair and Patrick Nairz from avalanche warning service Tirol present their latest findings at the 5th Munich Avalanche evening. Here in the video they explain the 10 risk patterns of avalanches and sensitize us before the start of the winter season .

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Trapped by an avalanche
April 2015 | Splitboard Story, Safety Tips

Furberg Pro Rider Lars Andreas Nielssen, got trapped by an avalanche, read about this terrifying experience and stay safe out there.

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Anne Flore dropping in pic by Lucas Swieykowski
Anne Flore Marxer about Splitboarding und Safety
January 2015 | Safety Tips

Anne Flore Marxer, one of the best known female snow- and splitboarders. Winner of the Freeride World Tour 2011 is talking with us about her approach for beeing safe in the backcountry.

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Xavier de Le Rue Iceriding
Xavier De Le Rue about Splitboarding and Risk Management
January 2015 | Safety Tips

Xavier De Le Rue, anyone who doesn`t know him? He is an outstanding Snowboarder, three times winner of the Freeride World Tour, Olympia Athlete, Athlete of the Year,... To make it short he is one of the best and most known snowboarders and Splitboard Mountaineers in the world.

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Martin Seiler about Safety Titel
Martin Seiler about Splitboarding and Risk Management
December 2014 | Safety Tips

Martin (Seili) Seiler is one of the best Freeriders and Splitboarders in Sitzerland. Here he shares his knowledge about Backcountry, Splitboarding and Safety Management.

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Mitch Alaska
Mitch Tölderer about Splitboarding and Risk Management
November 2014 | Safety Tips

Freeride World Tour Champion 2011 Mitch Tölderer talking about Splitboard Touring und Safety at his Missions in the Backcountry. Take the chance, watch the video and learn from the pros.

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mcnab riding
Insights into a splitboard guide`s life
November 2014 | Splitboard Story, Safety Tips

More than 20 years of experience in Backcountry Snowboard Guiding - Chamonix Splitboard Guide Neil McNab gives us deep insights into his daily life and great safety information.

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Pieps Teaser
Pieps 2015 News
November 2014 | News, Safety Tips

It is the 31st of October, the PIEPS Freeride Team comes together at the Stubai Glacier to join the annual Team-Meeting at best weather conditions. Beside the usual Team-Talk there is also AVY-Practice and lots of theorie-input on the program.

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