Season: 2013/14
Manufacturer: Deeluxe

The Independent Boot of the Deeluxe Backcountry Series is the most economic one, but has some great features to offer.

Deeluxe Independent BC 13-14

Review 2013/14 

Price (SRP) from: 299€

Testers Statement
Two Deeluxe Splitboard Boots compared.The well known Spark XV and the new Independent BC. Both are excellent for splitboarding.

Test Results

We have tested two Deeluxe Splitboard Boots for you. The already well known Spark and the new Independent, which is the most economic splitboard boot of the backcountry series. 

Splitboard Boot Independent von Deeluxe

Deeluxe Independent splitboard boot:
It's a relatively soft boot that provides good side hold. Compared to a conventional snowboard boot, you get more pressure on your edges and therefore better grip on the ascent.

Compared to the Spark XV, which is much stiffer, I would recommend this shoe for splitboarders who want solid grip while climbing and a lot of freedom on the descent. The Independent BC is also suitable for freestyle and very comfortable as well.

Should it be too soft for you, you can tune the Independent with the TPS-Shield and achieve greater rigidity and direct power transmission.

The super grippy Vibramsole is designed to use semi-automatic crampons as well, the Backwelt makes it possible. When I was using the Spark in more extreme areas, I have always been happy how easy I can mount the crampons.

The conventional lacing system is very robust, so that the Independent is also suitable for extreme conditions, for example for Skido drivers or backcountry workers. The lacing protection at the friction zone of the bindings elevates the durability.

Spark XV

Deeluxe Spark XV:
I call them big brother of the Independent. They are much stiffer so you get very direct power transmission on the descent. On the shaft you have an extra strap, with which you can fix the shoe even stronger at the top.

The comfortable lacing system of the Deeluxe Spark is working properly, but to external forces, eg trees and branches in the forest, it is somewhat more susceptible than the conventional lacing of the Independent. I have lost a part of the lacing system during a harder use, after 48 hours I got the spare parts and now everything is working properly again. At this point, a thank you to Deeluxe for the great service .

Both boots are slightly larger than your traditional snowboard boots.

Both Deeluxe boots of the backcountry series are excellent for splitboarding. The Independent, is the shoe for the surfy feeling on the board and good grip on the ascent. The Spark is the shoe if you really want to charge and if you need direct power transmission.

Perhaps the question arises, whether one can feel the board well with this massive Vibram sole, right? Of course you can compare the backcountry boots with "normal" snowboard boots. They are stronger and more stable. The feeling for the board remains with minimal smears and in addition you have the incredible good grip of the sole for smaller hikes or climbs, the improved force transmission to your splitboard in the ascent and the feature of being able to mount the semi-automatic crampons. Recommended!

Splitboard Boots Spark and Independent


The Independent Boot of the Deeluxe Backcountry Series is the most economic one, but has some great features to offer.

Splitboard Boot Deeluxe Independent BC Details

The restrained style and conventional lacing make this splitboard boot interesting for all who want to have nothing to do with modern lacing systems. The "old school" lacing works perfectly for many years. In addition, the state of the art features such as the Sympatex membrane with 25,000 mm water column and 25,000 mm breathability, should keep your feet dry and warm.

The Independent boot also has the grippy Vibram sole with backwelt, which makes it suitable for crampons. So it is the perfect boot to shred and to do splitboarding, as well as for hard snowboard mountaineering and backcountry working.

Deeluxe rated this shoe with a performance of 7 and a rather softer flex of 5 over 10.

Price / performance - what do you think?

Here you get the ISPO Präsentation Video of the 3 backcountry Series Boots.



  • Dupont Surlyn highback
  • Sympatex Membran
  • Waterproof Construction
  • Conventional lacing
  • Easy Flex inner lining
  • optional Thermo Flex or Performance Flex liner
  • Optinal TPS Shield
  • Vibram Sole


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    13. February 2014 - 12:42 Log in or sign up to post comments.

    Mir gefällt die traditionelle Schnürung sehr gut, einfach weil da keine fizzligen Knöpfe dran sind und auch nichts, unterwegs irreparabel, kaputt gehen kann. Preis/Leistung ist top.

    Warum verzichten eigentlich die meisten Hersteller bei traditioneller Schnürung auf einen Powerstrap?