As we all know, spring is the best season for Splitboard Touring. This was proven to us again at the Splitboarding Spring Festival 2015 where our guests were able to celebrate a successful end of the season together with the representatives of more than 20 Splitboard brands.

It's Friday the 08/05/2015 around eleven o'clock when the fully loaded van arrives at the meeting point in Gries im Sulztal. The parking lot is still empty, only Ben of Pogo is already there. He had discovered a chute and wanted to ride it in beautiful sunshine shortly before the beginning of the Splitboarding Spring Festival.

Shuttle zur Amberger Hütte
First Shuttle is ready to go

Our equipment shuttle to Amberger Hütte is ready and after the other companies have arrived, we immediately start loading the first trailer. Now it's onto shuttle up and shuttle down until an estimanted ton of splitboard equipment is carried up. At the same time the first groups start their hike to the hut, in a good mood and accompanied by sunshine. The first guests are already there too and on their way up.

Splitboarding Spring Fest
A view from above

A few hours later the time has come. The stalls are set up, the banners and flags positioned and the test material is presented for selection. The Splitboarding Spring Festival  2015 may start and there the first guests already arrive.

When everybody is equipped with splitboard setups, the official welcome of the participants follows and then we have a tasty dinner. In a short briefing all clarities can be eliminated and full of anticipation for the upcoming splitboard day, we go to bed. Of course some of us celebrate until late at night with beer and Schnaps thinking back on the Splitboard winter. 

On our first touring day, Saturday, we leave early in the morning. Really early due to the weather conditions and in the valley the groups strive for their different touring destinations.

Early Morning Splitboarding Spring Fest
Good morning 5 o'clock

For a perfect day the weather put a spoke in our wheel. The night was warm and overcast, so only very early and at higher altitudes a stable hard snowlayer could be found. Nevertheless everybody is on the way and all get an unforgettable downhill experience in a rich variety of snow conditions, from nice dusting pow up to "Balls Deep" spring corn. Later in the day the weather is unsettled, snow, rain and short clearings. With a good timing we catch the ride down with sufficient visibility. The good atmosphere prevails and all remain in good mood and are optimistic that the weather will be beautiful again on Sunday, our second tour day.

After the first touring day at Splitboarding Spring Fest 2015Good Food and cold beer after the First Splitboarding Session

When everybody came back safe and stoked from the rather demanding tours, the one swap their material, others rest and cope with the many new impressions and experiences. As always, talking shop, chatting, eating, drinking and laughing until curfew.

Beim Abendessen Amberger Hütte
At Amberger Hütte

The second day begins with a hearty breakfast at 5:30, this time not quite so early but early enough to enjoy the beautiful weather and terrific tour conditions extensively. Thanks to the weather gods for this great touring day.

Again, all are on their feet and the group splits up at the end of the valley to attack their targets. From avalanche rescue exercises, to climbing the summits, riding on wide untracked faces and steep chutes, everything is possible today. We do what endurance, timeframe and riding skills permit. With clear blue sky, the Stubai Alps present itself at its best.

BurtonGirls Power

Around noon we are all back at the hut and enjoy the sun, the food and head slowly for the way back to the valley.

Somewhat wistfully we think back to a great season and a wonderful end of the season and look forward to the summer and the coming winter.

A big THANK YOU to all who were there and who made, with good mood and top motivation, our first Splitboarding Spring Festival become an unforgettable experience. A special thanks goes to the team of the Amberger Hütte for the fabulous hospitality and organization of the material transport, our guides from Freeride Center Stubai, the guys from PowderGuide for the visit, Johnny our photographer and of course to all our partner companies who supported us with staff and goodies, too.

Splitboarding Spring Fest 2015 Gruppenfoto
THANK YOU, it was wonderful!

Those who came too short with gear science can now study our Gear Guide and also for tour planning there is more information on our site.

We would appreciate a lot to welcome you at our next events and wish everybody a great summer.


Amberger Hütte: 2135 meters  Website
Snow conditions: extremely bad to bloody marvellous
Fun factor: Top
Participants: 60 great people from more than 10 countries
Touring area: all you want
Touring destinations: Kuhscheibe, Schrankarkogl, Schrankogl, Atterkarjoch, Hinterer Daunkopf, Murkarspitze, Windacher Daunkogl, Sulzkogl...
Guides: Freeride Center Stubai
Date: 08.-10.05.2015