Have you ever dreamt about riding in terrain, where you leave civilization completely behind you? Waking up every morning in a warm cabin with nothing but snow covered mountains around? Being surrounded by surreal glacial views? That is exactly what you find at the Highlands of Iceland. 

Iceland is located at 63° to 66° North, situated in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, which brings it the arctic weathers.  The Highlands of Iceland have always been an uninhabitable place. Many have tried to establish their farms in the elevated regions of the interior, but no one has succeeded. The challenge is not only against the arctic elements, but the vast glaciated tundra. This you must negotiate to access mountain ranges which few human have witnessed in the winter months. Its ethereal feel has been compared with entering another world all together.”

The arctic landscape of the little island is one of the undiscovered splitboard playgrounds of the world. Looking at a map of Iceland, in the very heart you find the mountain range of Kerlingarfjöll. 

Kerlingarfjöll is truly the right place for splitboard expeditions, it is also a part of a 100km long volcano system. It rises up from the flat glaciated tundra, with mountains reaching up to 1400 meters. Riding terrain varies from steep gullies, exposed cliff drops and long hills surrounded by geothermal steam coming up from the ground. It´s a dynamic and playful terrain for the exploring mind to get “lost” in. 
Because of the mountain tourism in summer, Kerlingarfjöll area offer a comfortable accommodation at the roots of many peaks surrounding you. For the touring feeling, the many different roots through the mountains lead to more isolated huts, deep into the wilderness to the authentic cabin culture of Iceland. 
“The Arctic landscapes are not only about surviving, it´s filled with untouched mountain terrain. While the cold and wind brings people together as a group, where everyone are there to have fun and enjoy. The stress of everyday life really gets left in the lowlands”

Splitboarding am Polarkreis - Transport in die Wildnis
Since traveling around the area requires crossing glacier rivers and other terrain, we have adopted a few ways of transportation. Snowmobiles // Super-jeeps // Helicopters are at hand, getting us in and out of places. With that said, we stick by the “earn your turns” philosophy, where the transport is only to get in the bottom of every mountain. 

Example of a Splitboard Expedition at Iceland - Kerlingarfjöll:


  • Day 1: Packing at Arctic Extreme garage in Keflavik Drive into Reykjavik for expedition briefing and dinner. Accommodation: Bus Hostel - Reykjavik.
  • Day 2: Leave early morning from Reykjavik accommodation and travel approx 5-7hrs by super-jeep into the Icelandic Highlands. Lunch will be on the road, stopping at Geysir and Gullfoss on the way. Dinner at Kerlingarfjöll Mountain Cabins. Snow Forecast and Hazards analysis briefing for the 4 days ahead. Updated Expedition information. 
  • Day 3: First day riding in Kerlingarfjöll area. Scouting lines, analysing conditions, Split-boarding with Super jeep logistical support. Lunch in the wild. Dinner at Kerlingafjöll Cabins Accommodation: Kerlingarfjöll Highland Cabins
  • Day 4: Further exploration and riding of the Kerlingarfjöll Area. On this day you will head out on a touring day. Our goal will be to cross Kerlingafjöll from West to East. Staying at the authentic hut of Klakkur. Dinner at Klakkur Cabin. 
  • Day 5: In the morning we will head back to Kerlingarfjöll cabins. Exploring the south side of the mountains. After a good day of touring, we will head to the area of Hveravellir. Where we will take a relaxing dip in the hot spring. Dinner at Kerlingarfjöll Cabins. If we are lucky, we might see the northern lights. 
  • Day 6: Travel back to Reykjavik after a morning Split-boarding in the local Kerlingarfjöll Mountains. Lunch in the Wild. Back in Reykjavik 8pm. Dinner at Reykjavik Restaurant. Accommodation: Bus Hostel - Reykjavik.
  • Day 7: Flying back home! 

You find more information here.

Splitboard Basecamping

Tröllaskagi are known as the alps of Iceland, a mountain covered peninsula, that sticks out from the North side of Iceland. Already quite known for it´s heli-skiing approach, the Empire aims for something different.
Traveling from Reykjavík to the town of Siglufjörður at 66°N, from there the journey will take you deep into the mountains. Searching for the perfect location, surrounded by all types of terrain. Spending the nights in custom-made 4-season tents, gives the perfect adventure feel. This adventure is not just for fun, as we want to people to take away the basic backcountry skills to adopt to their personal expeditions in the future.
This trip is for the one that wants to be fully self depended, where the group becomes a little society in the mountains. 
Read more about it at - The Empire: Splitboard Basecamping

The Empire - Your partner for Splitboard Expeditions at the Arctic Circle

The Empire is bringing a special touch to the tourism in Iceland. Offering Splitboard tours in these locations from January – July. The expedition team is a group of talented people that have diverse Arctic and Backcountry knowledge. With experience all over the Polar Regions they offer a unique and fresh approach to heading into the wild. Holding specialist knowledge in some of the most remote regions of the world f.x. Svalbard, Iceland and Greenland. The Empire continues to strive to deliver new and exciting experiences and has opened up trips for adventurers seeking the next level for their riding. They offer a diverse range of logistics to enable their expeditions to get you to some of the most remote mountains in the world. 

Snowmobiles, Super Jeeps, Helicopters are a part of their packages they offer in Iceland this winter. 
Every detail of the expeditions has been thought out to enable you to land in Iceland, get picked up at the airport and start your trip.  Whether you choose to stay in their custom-made 4 Season Tents or Icelandic Highland Cabins you’re sure to have an authentic experience where you come away with knowledge you can apply to your own expeditions is the future. 

The Empire is a perfect partner for the Intermediate or Advanced rider that wishes to push their limits in the back country while doing it in an environment very few have had the privilege of witnessing.
For further information about the Expeditions, check out: The Empire Webseite-->