08. December 2013    

Anne Flore Marxer, World Freeride Tour Champion 2011 has been in Patagonia with her splitboard. She has made a nice writeup, covering lots of feelings and impressions, thanks

Wilderness, adventure, stunning landscapes, lakes, mountains, nature in its pure state, delicious meet, dulce de leche, amazing wines, alfachores, tango, cumbia, hiking, biking, kayaking, horseback riding, snowboarding, splitboarding, ... YES I had it all in Patagonia and I had the time of my life!!

Patagonien Landschaft
Stunning Landscapes; pic by Lucas Swieykowski


I really needed to change my way of discovering the mountains to full fill my thirst for adventure, that feeling of freedom and it all came to me with RISE, a splitboarding journey into the deep of the mountains of Patagonia. For those who don’t speak core snowboard language, I got my APO MTD 156cm cut into a splitboard, which splits in half in its length, so that we can make ski touring tracks to go uphill and then clicking it back into a snowboard for the ride down.

Anne Flore Marxer mit Ihrem Custom Split
Anne Flore happy with her split; pic by Lucas Swieykowski


Thibaud Duchosal and Lucas Swieykowski, YES SKIERS!! had traveled from the french Alps to Russia and Japan last winter and had kept a spot for a snowboarder to tag along to Patagonia, a girl even! GREAT cause, for a reason that I don’t really understand completely just yet, it is not that easy to find snowboarders when we are talking about hiking long ways and sleeping by the fire in the mountains ;-)

Anne Flore Marxer Patagonia Hut
Anne Flore just in front of the hut fith cosy fire place; pic by Lucas Swieykowski


It was the best training camp ever! Jumping on a horse with my riding stuff on the back, happiest kid on earth, so proud, so happy, so curious and enthousiastic. So many teeth on my smiling face! Hours away from the closest ski resort, in an area called Baguales Patagonia after crossing rivers to reach the mountains. Horseback riding through the wilderness till we’d reach the bottom of the faces.

Anne Flore Marxer Reitspaß
Horseriding Crew; pic by Lucas Swieykowski


The rhythm of my days were set; hiking, turning my snowboard into a soft and unsharp pair of skis, putting the skins, splitboarding up to the top of the ridges, sweating and layers off. Andean Condors over our heads, hiking more, in the cold, in the wind, in the storm, and still the biggest smile on my face. At some point we make it up to the top, out of breath, stop, look around, breath in, cover up, taking a zip from my Blue Tomato water bottle, a bite and then again.

Anne Flore Marxer splitboarding
Anne Flore cool and stormy; pic by Lucas Swieykowski


Unskin, frozen fingers, put the 2 skis back into snowboarding mode, those bindings back to sideways. Stop - radio check with Laurent, the movie maker watching from another peak.  Swatch beanie, goggles, BUFF neck warmer, Level gloves, Sosh selfie and dropping in, finally my favorite moment - that first instant of speed.

Anne FLore Marxer Dropping in
Anne Flore dropping in; pic by Lucas Swieykowski


When you enter your line and discover your run before your eyes, soundless, timeless, so well deserved ride down, so well appreciated. It’s no longer a run, it’s a journey. Arrive at the bottom of the line still in the momentum, biggest shivers of excitement in my chest, look up, appreciate, satisfaction.

Anne Flore Marxer Splitboard Fun
Anne Flore POWSLASING; pic by Lucas Swieykowski


There is something so special about hiking a mountain before dropping in. Yes, it gives access to more terrain but it is much more then that. A sort of meditation even. More time to appreciate the environment, the mountains, the nature, the landscapes. A great balance with all the adrenaline one can get when riding down steep terrain. Amplifying the feeling of accomplishment adding so much to the whole experience. It is becomes all part of a journey, a day that will last in my thoughts - whispering to my ear at night and calling me back.

Anne Flore Marxer riding Patagonia
Anne Flore doing what she loves; pic by Lucas Swieykowski


In the end, a lot of wind, unstable wind pack in higher altitudes, changing temperatures, bony mountain ridges, wind and snow storms, fast moving clouds, difficult visibility, cold, but then by magic it all stopped for a moment, a bit of calm, visibility, and there in between 2 layers of thick clouds.. amazing powder!! POWSLASH heaven, endless mountain landscapes. Still, no human constructions, just my skier buddies, beautiful Andes, snow, wilderness and I.

Anne Flore Marxer almost arrived
Anne Flore another spray from her; pic by Lucas Swieykowski


And now the movie RISE, it is beautiful, so fortunate I had a chance to be part of this project. the few shots I have in there will always remind me of that Winter summer crush which helped me RISE from a “pow shredder” into a mountain passionated soul. And such a poet!!

Haha, kidding just hope this is all still readable? ;-)

CONGRATULATIONS to Laurent Jamet because I think his movie is beautiful!

THANKS to Thibaud Duchosal for inviting me to join the crew

THANKS to Lucas Swieykowski for the beautiful pictures

 - Baguales Patagonia for their friendly welcoming and help www.facebook.com/Baguales.Patagonia?fref=ts

 - Swatch, Sosh, Blue Tomato, EDF GDF INEO and Carlsberg who are supporting us with l’avant premiere screening in cinéma L'Arlequin 76, rue de Rennes, 75006 Paris on the 10th of December 20H. http://www.e-adrenaline.fr/concours/avant-premiere-parisienne-des-films-rise-et-time/16

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