Good vibes, a big testpool and more than 100 stoked participants is the result of the Split & Relax Splitboard Testival 2014 at Livingroom Hochkönig. Thanks to all who made this event possible and filled it with motivation, making an outstanding event out of it.

Not long until Split&Relax 2014, the event is almost booked out and we are a bit unrelaxed regarding the snow conditions. To be honest everything is green in front of the house.

So we develop plan b. Where can we find snow? Where do we have the chance to test the material properly? What are the costs? Should we cancel?
Phone calls, writing emails, preparing lists, keeping calm and doing the snowdance frequently, were our main tasks to make everything done. We expected to...

Split & Relax 2014 Impressions
Just a dream?


Thursday, 11th of December brought the turn, one day before the arrival of our guests. We did a test route and decided with a clear conscience that the Split & Relax will take place at Livingroom Hochkönig and we will not have the hassle going up to the glacier. We don`t have much snow, but enough to test, to do some touring and to have fun.

All right, the decision is made and we start to do phonecalls again, writing emails and start with the preparation.

More than 100 Splitboarders from 9 nations ( Australia, New Zealand, France, Austria, Slovenia, Germany, Switzerland, England und Norway) will attain.  Lots of Banners are in front of us, great goodies for our raffle and lots of work to get everything ready in the next few hours.

We are good things, very pleased with the number of participants and the support by the snowboard companies. A few hours later the event is ready and also the first participants arrive.

Check-in and then the screwing and mounting of the splitboards begins. Knowledge is exchanged, boards, bindings, boots and skins are inspected, untill everybody is equipped with the new season 2014/15 splitboard gear and his backpack is loaded with the necessary safety stuff.

Split & Relax 2014 schrauben
Screwing, Meeting, talking


The safety presentations start after dinner. Both, in german and english, they show the basics of avalanche knowledge and backcountry safety. For some to get on this important topic, for others as an addition, recall or warning. Pure fun, but nonetheless interesting, is the Splitboard Workshop presented by Jürgen from Backyard Austria. He is building the maybe longest splitboard of Europe right in front of our eyes, 202 cm. Meeting people, having a drink at the bar and then it's time for bed. 

Splitboard Workshop
Splitboard Workshop with Backyard Austra


Saturday, the first touring day. Now we set off to the backcountry with the new material. Our 8 mountain guides from Mühlbach take over their groups and start with the avy training and the first steps in snow. Bit by bit everybody gets into the feeling of splitboarding, find their rythms, get an eye for the landscape and even start spotting out possible future splitboard routes. But for now we climb our todays summits and enjoy the beautiful views.
For the descent we choose the groomed slope due to the lack of snow, but that happend to everbody this weekend and we had... pleasant weather, nice surroundings, relaxed testing conditions. What do you want more? Stupid question!
Nonetheless everybody had an unforgetable day, learned a lot about this beautiful sport and got to know the "Splitboarding way of life".

Split & Relax Action


In the evening the setups for the next day were prepared, screwing, talking, eating, drinking, laughing, breathing and playing.. and then it gets exciting again.
All participants can win great prizes. The winners are drawn and then they must choose their prize spontaneously. Not that easy regarding the broad range of useful and valuable splitboard and backcoutry stuff, funny things or.. some banana.

Split & Relax 2014 Raffle
Winning is fun


On Sunday, the magic begins again. But before the touring, all (almost all) gathered for a group photo. This year not on the top but against the backdrop of the Hochkönig and with many, many happy faces.
Then it goes on tour again for hiking, testing and avalanche exercises.

At five o'clock the whole material was returned (except for a shovel of Pieps, which probably remained accidentally in a backpack and the one may please send it back to us), we made the material ready to ship and celebrated a successful Split & Relax 2014.

Split & Relax Gruppe 2014
Great that you all were here!


SPLIT & RELAX welcomes the season 2014/15.  May the snow be with us!


Again, many thanks to all participants for the good vibes and your patience. Another thank you to our partners for the support with manpower and goodies.

A special thanks to our crew:

  • Peter and Cari of LIVINGROOM HOCHKÖNIG and their team who made this event possible
  • Florian Jäger for the pictures
  • Jonny for pictures
  • Martin, for this and that
  • Constantin, for the beamer and the screwing
  • Lukas for the screwing
  • Vera for her support and ideas
  • Jürgen of Backyard Austria, who buillt us the maybe longest splitboard of Europe
  • Anna, for the support and dismantling, too.

We continue with a Thank you to all the brand representatives for their professional service:

  • Tal, Plum
  • Gregor, Amplid
  • Stefan, Splitsticks
  • Hampus, Furberg
  • Ben, Pogo
  • Mats & Co, SP
  • Nora & Stefan, Burton
  • Manu, Nitro
  • Sandro, Völkl
  • Stefan, Deeluxe
  • Basti, K2

and all the others involved.



Logo 234x60

We are already looking forward to next year and remain with a safe SPLIT & RELAX!

More pictures here: Split&Relax at Livingroom-Hochkönig by Flo Jäger


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    3 Stunden Anfahrt und nicht ein Schneeflöckchen zu sehen. Man kann sich Vorstellen das die Gemüter der 3 Leute die ich überzeugt hab mit mir zu kommen nicht ganz so relaxed waren.

    Gott sei dank war dann vorm Hochkeilhaus zumindest nicht alles grün und es gab Niederösterreichisches Bier. Der Freitag scheint mal gerettet zu sein.

    Wir hauen uns ins Getümmel. Sooo viele Leute die schon fleißig schrauben und fachsimpeln. Sooo viele Boards. Wir versuchen in unserer 4er Gruppe nen guten Mix aus den verschiedenen Systemen zu bekommen um untereinander nochmal etwas tasuchen zu können.

    Unter fachgesimpel, Spaß und Bier wird es schnell nahc Mitternacht und wir hauen uns aufs Ohr.

    Am Nächsten Tag sind alle schon sehr gespannt was uns bei der Tour erwartet.

    Alles eigentlich besser als erwartet. Über die noch nicht präparierte Skipiste steigen wir auf. Gute Testbedingungen. Weicher Schnee, harter Schnee, mal steiler mal flacher. Wir fachsimpeln über Boardshapes, die richtige Spitzkehrentechnik und noch vieles andere.

    Ruck Zuck sind wir mit den anderen Gruppen oben angekommen. Die meisten bereiten sich schon auf die Abfahrt vor. Unser Guide erkennt schon von weitem das wir eigentlich noch weiter rauf wollen. Also erklärt er uns eine schöne Route die wir locker alleine gehen können. Also weiter Richtung oben.

    Nach einigem Auf und Ab - ( vor allem die Abfahrtpassagen sind bei einer Gruppe von ca. 8 Snowboardern richtig lustig anzusehen) treffen die die Organisatoren und Industriegruppe beim Gipfelkreuz des Ahornsteins.

    Jause essen, trinken, umbauen und a Schnapsal von da Stoaninga Anni und schon gehts wieder runter.

    Leider heißt runter in dem Fallerst mal ne Stunde im hike modus über Stock und Stein, Busch und Gras bis wir wieder bei der Piste sind. Dann gehts aber endlich ans fahren.

    Der zweite Abend endet ähnlich wie der erste mit genügend Flüssignahrung um ca. 0:30 am Sonntag.

    Nächster Tag - LVS Schulung. Sehr guter Vortrag und gute Entscheidung die Geräte für die Suche im Gebüsch zu verstecken - da kann man sogar etwas sondieren.

    Auch die Tour ist wieder gut angelegt und wir kommen bald an der sonnigen Bergstation an! Am zweiten Tag dürften alle ihre Boards eher nach der Abfahrtsperformance gewählt haben - und somit sind alle heiß aufs abfahren.

    Leider sind alle viel zu schnell unten. Unten gibts noch ein Bierchen und dann müssen wir leider das tolle Testzeug zurückgeben.

    Wir verabschieden uns - tauchen noch einige Nummern aus und treten müde und zefrieden den Heimweg an!

    Wenns nächstes Jahr mehr Schnee gibts sind wir sicher wieder am Start - und selbst wenn wieder kein Schnee liegt - werd ich wohl wiederkommen.