24 January 2014    

In our binding test session, we have tested 5 splitboard bindings on the same board and with the same boot, over the period from March to June in different conditions.

Our expectations of a good splitboard binding are as follows: Lightweight, easy to use, good power transfer, stability and a good feeling during the ascent and the descent.


Voile Lightrail:

Is a classic binding with ratchet, "toe straps" and "ankle straps". The sliderplate of the Voile System is directly integrated into the binding.

Handling: As a "normal" snowboard binding. To fix the binding on the Voile Pucks you just push the pin (splint) through the holes at the front of the integrated slider plate. Due to this you have a certain play, which can be reduced by exact mounting of the bindings.

Power transmission: The Highback is quite soft for a splitboard backcountry binding, but used with a stiffer boot it is fine. A big drawback is the not yet solved problem of the NOT "on the fly" mountable crampons. You have to unmount the binding and fix the crampons. However, there are alternative crampons available which can be mounted "on the fly".


Voile Light Rail 13-14

  • Power transmission: +
  • Weight: +
  • Look and Feel: Simple and Solid
  • Features: Avalanche Release Cord
  • Price/Performance: average


Spark R&D Magneto:

The Spark Magneto is based on the Voile system, it is the most sophisticated and lightest splitboard binding on this system. Thanks to the "Tesla technology" (no hassle with the two pins to be pushed through the holes).  Super easy to handle as her sister the Afterburner and it is really fun to be in the mountains with her. The highback of the magneto is a little softer, so if you want stronger response behavior you should get a stiffer highback or a stiff boot.  The climbing wire gives good pressure to the edges while ascending steep or traversing, but you have to get out the bigger one first to reach the smaller one.

Handling: Extremely easy. The binding is slipped laterally into the bracket and fixed with the touring "step to mount" mechanism. In ride mode, the binding is pushed on the Voile Slider plates and fixed by pushing down the Tesla System. The crampons are pushed sideways into the place. Similar to a provided model of a well-known ski touring bindings.

Splitboard Bindung Spark R&D magneto

  • Power transmission: +
  • Weight: WOW!!!
  • Look and Feel: Sehr angenehm, dezent und stabil.
  • Price/Performance:  +


SP Split FT Bindung:

Is a super-binding for beginners and advanced. The fastec rear entry is very comfortable (especially on the rise) and brings good power transmission and control to the board. The attachment of the crampons is easy as well. It has to be pushed from the back under the integrated slider plate. Getting your board on in steep terrain is tricky at the beginning, but when you are used to it it is way easier than with the "normal" bindings. The SP splitboard binding is also available as SLR (ratchet version).

Handling : The SP Split is also on the Voile interface. It has to be fixed with the classic pin (splint) through the two holes at the front of the integrated slider plate. If you get used to the Fastec System, there is no easier and faster way to get ready to ride.

SP Splitboard Bindung 13-14

  • Power transmission: +
  • Weight: +
  • Look and Feel: functional and simple
  • Price/Performance: ++


Splitsticks Sway:

The split sticks Sway is the latest splitboard binding on the market and has won the 2013 ISPO Brand New Award. With its own interface and the strong connection with the board you have extremely good power transfer, on the ascent as well as on the descent. Also you get much more torsional stiffness as with other splitboard bindings. It is very easy to handle and the classic game, what the Voile interface has due to production is greatly reduced. To use the binding on all splitboards there is an adapter plate for the voile hole pattern. Using a different adapter plate you can use the Sway on solid boards as well. So you can use one binding for all your boards, the exchange is super fast. The adapter solution a bit heavier but it boosts your performance to a different level.

Handling : The binding is fixed by a rotation on the interface, it frees automatically from ice and snow. Then it is secured with a centered pin. The crampons are mountable "on the fly" with a twisting motion at the binding, simple and stable. There is a climbing aid (medium height), which goes across the entire width of the binding. Thus you get more pressure on the edge and you get a better grip on steep climbs and traverses.

Splitsticks details

  • Power transmission ++
  • Weight: A bit more heavy with the adapter solution
  • Look and Feel: The restriction free Apple at the Splitboard Market
  • Features: One Binding fits all your boards
  • Price/Performance: High Price/Excellent performacne


Karakoram SL 30:


The Karakoram SL 30 was just tested a few days in different conditions. It is the most technical splitboard binding on the market. Through the 5 contact points and the board connector you have a direct power transmission and high torsional stiffness. It is a bit reduced because the main power transmission takes place through the binding and the baseplate. At Karakoram it is mainly transfered to the heel cup because you do not have a one piece base plate.

Handling: If you have managed to set up the binding correctly, it can last even a good half an hour, it works quite well. At the mountain it happened several times, that the lever could not be fixed because the pins did not enter in the corresponding holes. The reason for this is usually too much snow on the interface. So when it is firmly cleaned it works fine.

Karakoram SL 30

  • Power transmission: +
  • Weight: +
  • Look and Feel: Looks nice
  • Price/Performance: average


You want a splitboard binding from the first series splitboard manufacturers in the world: Voile is the right one for you, but with  crampons from a different brand.

You want a splitboard binding, which extremely increases the total setup performance and which is super durable? The SplitSticks Sway is the right one for you.

You want the lightest splitboard binding on the market? Spark R&D Magneto is right .

You want a splitboard binding with rear entry? SP Fastec is right for you.

You want a very high-priced splitboard binding ? Karakoram is right for you.

You want a hard boot binding ? Phantom is your choice.