Splitboarding Editors Selection 16-17 Review
Splitboarding Editors Selection Test 2016-17
October 2016 | News, Test & Review

In the past season we have tested again lots of new splitboards for you. Now we are happy to announce the winners of the independent "Splitboarding Editors Selection 2016-17".

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Steep climb with Casco
Casco Helmets Gams and Speedgams
May 2016 | News, Test & Review

We have tested two great helmets, Gams and Speedgams made by Casco.

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The Rome Lodge
Splitboarding @ The Rome Lodge
May 2016 | Splitboard Story, Test & Review

While others are cooling their heels in half-empty trade show halls, the Rome Snowboard Syndicate is having a holiday with its customers, employees and partners at the lodge.

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Stimmung First Try
First Impression Splitboard Testing 2016-17
January 2016 | News, Test & Review

Just before the ISPO 2016 we had been out to get the latest splitboard material under our feet and provide you with objective reviews, as objective as possible. Splitboards, Boots and a new Splitboard Binding are the Highlights of the next Season.

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Splitboard Boot Comparison Test 2015-16
December 2015 | Test & Review | 4
We had been testing the new Splitboard Boots of Deeluxe and Fitwell for you. The test parameters are comfort, power transfer, heel support and production quality.
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BC Link im Test
BCA BC-Link Review
November 2015 | News, Test & Review

We have tested the BC-Link in lots of different situation in winter as well as in summer.

Here you get the review.

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Spark R&D 2015-16 test on snow
Spark R&D 2015-16 test on snow
March 2015 | News, Test & Review

We have already tested the new Spark R&D Stuff in the backcountry. They have some major changes in their binding quiver. Check out our video and read the explanations!

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Shops First Try Test area
Splitboard Test First Impression 2015-16
January 2015 | News, Test & Review | 2

New location, new splitboards for winter 2016 and our annual First Impression Splitboard Test. It's time again for a preview. We had been out to test the latest splitboarding gear on snow. Our video interviews will give you more details about the stuff.

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Splitboard Review 2014-15
Splitboard Test / Review 14-15
August 2014 | Test & Review

Splitboard Test 2014-15, Uphill and downhill performance properly tested. We are happy to present you the results of 13 brands and 17 Splitboards.

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First Impression Splitboard Test 2014-15
First Impression Splitboard Testing 2014-15
January 2014 | News, Test & Review

As in previous years, shortly before the ISPO we visited the excellent Shops 1st Try test event at Venet/Tyrol, to come up to you with the latest splitboard news and first on snow impressions of next seasons novelties. There are new splitboards by Völkl, Salomon, Arbor, Lib Tech, Gnu and Jones. Goodboards keeps the proven shape and the solid wood design of the Legends, a bit darker now and in a matte natural look.

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Splitboard Bindings Tested
5 Splitboard Bindings tested
January 2014 | Test & Review

In our binding test session, we have tested 5 splitboard bindings on the same board and with the same boot, over the period from March to June in different conditions.

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Splitboard Test 2014
Splitboard Review 2013/14
January 2014 | Test & Review

We have changed the presentation style of our anual Splitboard Test to rise the user experience at our homepage. For all who didn`t see the eleven tested boards, here you get the overview again.

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