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We are continously testing new splitboarding products. The latest reviews and reports are summarized in the following articles.

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Vanlife is sooo beautiful
First Impression Splitboard Review 21-22
March 2021 | News, Test & Review

This year our annual First Impression Splitboard Test 21-22 was different than expected. Due to Corona we were not able to test the boards at the Shops First Try. So another solution had to be found. Flexibility is needed - what can we do? We have the splitboards sent to us and try to get a work permit in Austria. No sooner said than done.

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Splitboarding Selection Test 9
Splitboard Test 20-21 - Splitboarding Selection
November 2020 | News, Test & Review | 1

Splitboard Test and Splitboarding Editors Selection 2020/21: We have taken the most interesting innovations of the 20-21 season and tested them for you on downhill and uphill performance. Due to the pandemic we were not able to test all splitboards the way we normally do, namely the whole season until spring.

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Surf Strength Coach for splitboarding
The best fitness App for splitboarding, surfing and MTB - Surf Strength Coach
October 2020 | News, Test & Review

Always the same question how do I stay fit for the winter in summer and vice versa. Surf Strength Coach gives the answer. Find out more now and stay fit!

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Interview Situation
First Impression Review 2020 - 21
May 2020 | News, Test & Review

We were again in the beautiful Alpbachtal at Shops First Try 2020 and tested the newest splitboard material for you.

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Wintersafari Splitboardbinding diagonal front
Wintersafari Splitboard Binding
February 2020 | News, Test & Review

This year, two new bindings will be presented. Since we could not meet the guys from Wintersafari Bindings we have asked them a few questions which might be of interest to you by mail, here the answers. 

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Splitboard Binding Enfuse - El Stylo
Splitboard Binding El Stylo by Enfuse
February 2020 | News, Test & Review, Product Video

After many years there is a new splitboard binding in development. This year after ISPO we had the chance to get this binding under our feet. At the moment we can only say that it is a serious binding, which can play a leading role in the splitboard binding market.

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Splitboarding Selection 19-20 - The best splitboards of the season
November 2019 | News, Test & Review

Splitboard Test and Splitboarding Editors Selection 2019-20 - We have thoroughly tested the most interesting novelties for you. Which boards won the race?

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Small wave
First Impression Splitboard Review 2019-20
February 2019 | News, Test & Review

In our splitboard test we have again taken the newest and most important splitboard material of the coming season 2019-20 under our feet. Here are our first impressions from the snow:

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Splitboarding Selection
Splitboarding Selection 2018-19 - the top 5 Splitboards
October 2018 | News, Test & Review

Splitboard Test - the Splitboarding Selection 2018-19 is here. The 5 best splitboards of the season at a glance. Now with the objective weight-price index!

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First Impression
First Impression Splitboard Review 18-19
February 2018 | News, Test & Review

The newest Splitboard gear for winter 2018-19! We have already tested the latest stuff, hoping to give you a likely good overview and informative insights!

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Splitboard Test 2017-18 Editors Selection
October 2017 | News, Test & Review
The Splitboarding.eu Editors Selection and more than 30 other current splitboards and splitboard bindings of the season 2018 in review. All results of the Splitboard Test 17/18 are summarized here for you:
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Summit Fun with Amplid and Capita
First Impression Splitboard Review 17-18
January 2017 | News, Test & Review | 1

The new Splitboard Gear for Season 17/18. We have reviewed everything and would like to give you a first overview of the most important products.

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