The crew is ready
Lyngen Special
December 2013 | Splitboard Story

Lyngen, with boat and splitboard in the paradise of touring. A trail of adventure, a touch of wildness, the variaty of the landscapes and a great crew made this trip a one of a kind experience.

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Summit Fun
Split & Relax 2013 - Snow, Sun and Touring
December 2013 | Splitboard Story, Campaign / Event | 2

The first Split & Relax Splitboard Testival is over and we got nice memories,... Lots of cool people, sun, crust, powder, firn, boards mounting, size adjustments, talking and touring.

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Anne Flore Marxer Slashing, pic by Lucas Swieykowski
RISE Patagonia
December 2013 | Splitboard Story

Anne Flore Marxer, World Freeride Tour Champion 2011 has been in Patagonia with her splitboard. She has made a nice writeup, covering lots of feelings and impressions, thanks

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Group of four is good for splitboarding
Bavarian Split with Marco Smolla
December 2013 | Splitboard Story | 3
Splitboarding with Snowboard Pro Marco Smolla in the Bavarian Alpes - Four generations fo German Snowboarding out to explore. It dosn`t have to be Canada. BC Freestyle and Freeride, new worlds are opened up.
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Splitboarding Stoke Dave Downing and Craig Kelly mid 90th
Dave Downing about Splitboarding with Craig Kelly
October 2013 | Splitboard Story, Action Video

Dave Downing had already been splitboarding with Craig Kelly in the middle of the 90th. A big Thank You for Dave to share this experience with us.

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Knight Rider
Pow Search in Canada
September 2013 | Splitboard Story

5 guys a motor home and some splitboards in the luggage, a snowboard trip through Canada.

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Splitboard Großglockner, 20.00 o`clock the summit is free, overview pic
Splitboard Summer Session, Großglockner
June 2013 | Splitboard Story
Amazing Splitboard summer route to the Großglockner (highest peak of the Austrian Alps), 2000 vertical meters and perfect snow conditions. It`s worth a look.
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Splitboard-Whiterooming in Spring
Splitboarding back to the future 2013
May 2013 | Splitboard Story

Thank you very much to our audience for your big interest at splitboarding!!! An endless winter with great tours and many new splitboard adventures is behind us, time again to let the highlights of the season 12/13 reminisce and to venture a preview of the upcoming season 13 / 14.

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pic by Christian Weiermann
Breathtaking Splitboard Adventure in Iceland
May 2013 | Splitboard Story

Alex Hoffmann is back from his Marmot Rides Icleand Trip and tells us about splitboarding in Iceland.

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Goodboards Splitboard Check at BackYard Austria
Splitboard Touring with Goodboards
April 2013 | Splitboard Story

With the Goodboards Team at Backyard Austria. Doing avalanche training and some good rides with the upcoming splitboards.

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Splitboard, boot-pack to abseil place
Splitboard-Spring-Session with Völkl 2013
April 2013 | Splitboard Story
On Splitboard tour with the Völkl International Team. Gorgeous weather with Abseiling for the first lines.
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View from above the Anton Renk Hut
Splitboard Touring at Anton Renk hut
April 2013 | Splitboard Story, Action Video

Easter 2013, the weather forecast is moderate, but we are in a very good mood to enjoy a slightly different splitboard / skitouring weekend at Ötztaler Alps / Austria. Steep descents and a beautiful scenery awaits us at the 2261 m high Anton Renk hut near Ried at Oberinntal.

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