1000 Islands – 5 Tours – One Trip: Lofoten in April
April 2015 | Splitboard Story | 1

The Lofoten are getting more and more popular for Splitboard- and ski touring. Even if the summits are just little beyond the 1000 meter mark, so the terrain is demanding and beautiful above all. Since the touring usually starts at sea level and countless peaks are close to each other, respectable vertical meters sum up.

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Ascent Mount Emilius
First Descent Mount Emilius / Aosta
April 2015 | Splitboard Story

Furberg Pro Davide Capozzi has been out to do another challenging first descent. The Mount Emilius with a stunning view down to the beautiful city of Aosta.

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Trapped by an avalanche
April 2015 | Splitboard Story, Safety Tips

Furberg Pro Rider Lars Andreas Nielssen, got trapped by an avalanche, read about this terrifying experience and stay safe out there.

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Axamer Lizum Widdersberg
Splitboard Camp at Axamer Lizum
March 2015 | Splitboard Story, Campaign / Event

First steps on a Splitboard - On the eve of our Beginners camp we started with a presentation of the current Splitboard systems. From Voilé to SP, Spark R&D, Plum, Karakoram, K2 Kwicker and Splitsticks, we had the whole who's who present. Take a look at the pictures and see how it went on with freeriding and the first splitboard tour.

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Sun mountains and good mood
Splitboard Transalp, Lyngen from South to North
January 2015 | Splitboard Story

Lyngen has become a kind of touring eldorado due to the great snow conditions and proximity to the sea. In this Video Trip Report you get great impressions of the area and the ten day touring action.

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Fagaras scenery
Romania Splitboard Touring at Balea - Fagaras
January 2015 | Splitboard Story

Romania is blessed with snow and our friends from Splitboard Romania were splitboarding there. A big thank you for the vivid description, the beautiful video and touring tips for this little known area.

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Vulkan Caviahue at night
A letter from the wilderness, splitboarding in South America
January 2015 | Splitboard Story

Aurelien Routens, Snow- and Splitboard Pro talks about his love to South America and gives us great hints for splitboard holidays over there.

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mcnab riding
Insights into a splitboard guide`s life
November 2014 | Splitboard Story, Safety Tips

More than 20 years of experience in Backcountry Snowboard Guiding - Chamonix Splitboard Guide Neil McNab gives us deep insights into his daily life and great safety information.

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Svaneti with Pogo
Splitboard Trip to Svaneti - getting ready
November 2014 | Splitboard Story

Well prepared is half of the game. The idea of Pogo to discover the caucasian mountains by splitboard, was born in 2010 and the next winter they started to make it happen.

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Splitboard Tour Chile Blue Moon
Blue Moon Splitboarding in Chile
July 2014 | Splitboard Story
"Blue Moon" and the death of Neil Armstrong - made this "Splitboard-Mission" an unforgettable and spectacular experience.
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Maladeta Gipfel mit Aneto im Hintergrund
Summer Splitboarding in Spain
June 2014 | Splitboard Story

Maladeta, a splitboard mission in the spanish Pyrenees. Great Landscape, warm hearted people and fun corn to ride. Spanish version below the article!

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Impressive mountains in Romania
Romania, an insider tip for Splitboard explorers
May 2014 | Splitboard Story | 2

The romanian Carpathians, with mountains up to 2544 meters, are still a largely unspoilt terrain. Marius of SplitboardingRomania presents the most interesting touring areas and gives first hints to all prying explorers.

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