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Take care Icebears
Splitbergen - a short movie about the fascination of Spitsbergen
October 2018 | Splitboard Story, Action Video

An independently produced short film documenting the first Polish splitboarding expedition to the remote mountain regions of Spitsbergen in search of new freeride opportunities. A year of planning and preparation on board at the sailing yacht and the journey north along the 80th parallel through the rough waters of the Arctic Ocean.

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The Crew
One more whisky for the road - Taylormade Films
October 2018 | Splitboard Story, Action Video
The latest movie of Taylormade Film is about freedom, a feeling which sweetens life.
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Anne Flore and Aline ascending
a land shaped by women
August 2018 | Splitboard Story, Campaign / Event, News
Anne-Flore Marxer and Aline Bock present « a land shaped by women », a film directed by Anne-Flore Marxer. “Best Film” award at St. Anton Film Festival 2018 and selected for the 10th Annual Ladies Filmmakers Festival in Hollywood. Congrats from our side!!!
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This looks pretty good but packed
Wintercamping in Cortina D'Ampezzo
July 2018 | Splitboard Story
Winter camping means commitment, organisation and improvisation, here an experience at temperatures down to -12°C in a camper without independent heating.
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Snowy Road - Photo: Ben
Roadtrippin’ through Kyrgyzstan
March 2018 | Splitboard Story, Action Video
Bordering Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and China, Kyrgyzstan is a welcoming oasis in a remote, always fascinating, sometimes volatile, and oftentimes misunderstood part of the world. Impressions of a three week splitboarding roadtrip.
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deep insights
Xavier De Le Rue - How to XV
February 2018 | Splitboard Story, News, Safety Tips, Action Video
Xavier De Le Rue wants to share his knowledge of 22 years of snowboarding and splitboarding. Further he wants to inspire us, to push our limits to the next level in a pretty safe way.
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A street sourrounded by mountains
The first day of summer
December 2017 | Splitboard Story, Action Video
The wind is ferocious and I’m having to lean into it to stay upright. To my left the mountain falls away over exposed rocks and patches of ice towards a dark and turbulent sea far below. Splitboarding in Iceland - by and with Pete Coombs.
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No Pinetrees
A couple trip to Japan - it can be wonderful
November 2017 | Splitboard Story

A dream comes true, Andreas and his girlfriend fly over to Japan to splitboard the legendary "Japow", here the little write-up.

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The "Hotel" of 40 Tribes Backcountry
Into the Wild - Splitboarding in Kyrgyzstan
November 2017 | Splitboard Story, Action Video

Great Video inside! Beep-beep-beep. 6:45AM. My watch alarm chimes and it’s time to start the day. My senses start to wake as I can smell and hear the crackle of the hot fire. Splitboarding

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Secret Splitfest Evening
Top 10 Splitboard Setups of the past 5 years - Soul Selection
October 2017 | Splitboard Story

Joy or agony of choice. Imagine your winter would be an endless splitboard testival, every winter a single testival with new and better material. Dream or battle of material?
The pictures reflect moments of our pure splitboard feeling, enjoy!

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The Year of the rooster - Titleimage
The year of the rooster
October 2017 | Splitboard Story, Action Video

The Taylormadefilmz Crew had been active again and produced a great Video including a philosophical character. Enjoy!

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Heard Island - Image courtesy of NASA: ISS015-E-30781
Top Three Remote Islands in the Southern Oceans
June 2017 | Splitboard Story

Splitboard season is over in the northern hemisphere. If you couldn't catch enough snow or are not into surfing, usual locations for splitboarding on the southern hemisphere would be Chile or New Zealand. Here we present three more remote locations for real splitboard explorers.

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The Girls infront Hubird at Navis
Golden Ride Girls Splitboard & Yoga Weekend
June 2017 | Splitboard Story, Campaign / Event

From 9th to 12th of March, the full range of sun, powder and yogi vibes attracted us to beautiful Navis in Tyrol. 13 splitboard enthusiasts spent four sensational days in a cosy hut, in order to deepen their freeride and yoga skills in a relaxed atmosphere. 

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Flyer Longboard Classic Stuben
Peace & Music & Snow - Longboard Classic #18
April 2017 | Splitboard Story, Campaign / Event

Legendary Oldschool - nearly 400 "somewhat crazy" snowboarders celebrated the roots of snowboarding in Stuben am Arlberg and completed a 1001 vertical meters backcountry race of the extra class.

Here comes our full report with many colorful pictures.

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Mini Shredkids
Family Freestyle Weekend - top motivated kids - Betterpark Alpendorf!
March 2017 | Splitboard Story, Campaign / Event

Lots of Splitboarders already have kids. So we want to recommend the Family Freestyle Weekend to all of those. It had been one of the most crazy events of the season, a great possibility to meet likeminded people and to pass on the Freestyle-Stoke to the kids.

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Jones Splitboarding the Rumpler Lap
A Touring Chat with Jeremy Jones
March 2017 | Splitboard Story

Splitboarding with Jeremy and the Jonescrew on the Dachstein loop. A long relaxed hike gave us plenty of time for interesting conversations, so we talked about high-altitude splitboarding, climate change and trends in the splitboard industry sector.

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Spines and bluesky
My Backyard - Splitboarding in Alaska
March 2017 | Splitboard Story

A trip to Ben Reynold's playground - his backyard in Chugach Mountains in southern Alaska. When the weather and snow align, it’s time to move!

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Splitboard Dizin
Splitboarding in Iran
February 2017 | Splitboard Story

Splitboarding in Iran three main questions to be answered - different than expected - maybe not?

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Freeride Expedition to Kazakhstan
January 2017 | Splitboard Story, Campaign / Event

If you draw a line on a world map between Kitzbühel in Austria and Niseko in Japan then Kazakhstan biggest city is located right in the middle. Almaty has a rich history of mountaineering and alpine skiing. Sebastian from roninsnowboards.com was exploring the Tian Shan Mountains in the Ile-Alatau National Park near Almaty last spring. Here is his report.

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Grundlsee in Gössl
Splitboard Touring at the Totes Gebirge
January 2017 | Splitboard Story

Unique terrain, new perceptions and finest powder in the Toten Gebirge in Styria.

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At the holly halls of Spark
A Decade Deep - exclusive interview
December 2016 | Splitboard Story | 1

Hanging out ist "State of the Art", here you get our online interview with Becca and Will from Spark R&D. 10 Years of research and development paired with sparking moments - enjoy!

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Georgian Military Road. Photo: Bogdan Skaskiv
Georgia On My Mind - Powder Surfing in Gudauri
October 2016 | Splitboard Story | 1

Suppose you have one or two weeks of vacation and want to go on a splitboarding and freeride trip. Your friends can not make it so you are forced with two options: 

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Ascent to Hochvogel
Hochvogel - A challenging splitboard winter ascent
October 2016 | Splitboard Story

In February 2016 the conditions are suitable for a Splitboard winter ascent of the impressive Hochvogel. In summer it's a popular destination, however in winter summited only rarely. Impressions of a lonesome tour in the Allgäu Alps:

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Aiguille du Fruit Summit
Aiguille du Fruit - a childhood dream becomes reality
October 2016 | Splitboard Story, Action Video

The Aiguille du Fruit is one of the most impressive mountains in Courchevel. You can see it from all over the ski-resort and here you can watch a video how it is summited at perfect conditions with a splitboard.

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Splitboard Expeditions at the Arctic Circle, Nothern Lights
Splitboard Expedition at the Arctic Circle
October 2016 | Splitboard Story, Campaign / Event

Have you ever dreamt about riding in terrain, where you leave civilization completely behind you? Waking up every morning in a warm cabin with nothing but snow covered mountains around? Being surrounded by surreal glacial views? That is exactly what you find at the Highlands of Iceland. 

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Davide climbing the face of Aiguille Verte
1st Splitboard descent - Aiguille Verte “Les Z”
September 2016 | Splitboard Story

In March 2016 Davide Capozzi did some impressive Snowboard first descents in the Mont Blanc massif. Only days after the descent of Grande Rocheuse, he was out on Aiguille Verte with Julien and Lambert.

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Western Alps Roadtrip 2016
Splitboard Roadtrip to the limits
August 2016 | Splitboard Story
Pogo team rider Sophia reports on her roadtrip from A to Z, Andermatt, Aostatal, Wallis, Zinal and the limits they experienced.
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Where to go? Niseko Japan
Hokkaido Samurai Pow Safari
August 2016 | Splitboard Story

Anyone who goes travelling has stories to tell. Our Splitboard friend Sost was in Japan and has checked what's up with the legendary Samurai Powder. More about hugging birches and what Onsens are, you'll read here in his Hokkaido Pow Travel report.

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Way East
Way East Konichiwa Japan - Waves & Snow on Hokkaido
July 2016 | Splitboard Story

When passionate wanderlust becomes reality, when horizons widen, engaging all the senses with excited anticipation, also the hearts of two adventure women beat the hardest.

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At the summit of Grivola
The lightness of beeing at the Grivola - Ettore and Shanty
June 2016 | Splitboard Story

Lightness like the verses with which the poet Carducci described it: "the arduous beautiful Grivola". Regarding the long and challenging accessibility of this amazing mountain, it is rarely visited. Anyway, Ettore and Shanty from the Italian Team Mammut visited this amazing mountain - respect!

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The Rome Lodge
Splitboarding @ The Rome Lodge
May 2016 | Splitboard Story, Test & Review

While others are cooling their heels in half-empty trade show halls, the Rome Snowboard Syndicate is having a holiday with its customers, employees and partners at the lodge.

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On top
Secret Splitfest 2016
May 2016 | Splitboard Story, Action Video

Here you get the little recap of our Secret Splitfest 2016 - video included.

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Aiduille Du Dru 29.1.2016
A complete Season in Chamonix – Jussi Taka
May 2016 | Splitboard Story

Jussi Taka, a former member of the finnish national team of snowboarding shares his impressions of a complete season in Chamonix (video and story).

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Cabana Valea Sambetei
Splitboard Memories from the Carpathians
May 2016 | Splitboard Story, Action Video

As manifold as the Romanian mountains are, are the impressions that reach us from there. Lonely adventures of hardship and easy going sessions, the film "Follow your path" of our Polish splitboard friends captures these moods.

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Two of the Crew
White Smoke and Smiles
April 2016 | Splitboard Story, Action Video

This article is about pure pleasure and heavy pain with which everyone of us can be confronted within minutes or even a second. Thanks to TaylorMadeFilmz for sharing this story and remember that life is precious, so embrace the good times with good friends and maximise the mind blowing feelings.  

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At the Rognons Glacier
Splitboarding in Chamonix - one week of pure mountain pleasure
April 2016 | Splitboard Story, Action Video

Chamonix: Red wine, huts and inspiring landscapes had been the essence of this unforgettable splitboard touring week at the maybe best known skiing resort of France.

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Ascent  Grande Rocheuse Chamonix
First descent from Grande Rocheuse 4102m
March 2016 | Splitboard Story

To find a never ridden face down a 4000m peak in the Mont Blanc massif, where pretty much everything has already been skied, is not an easy task. But Julien Pica Herry still kept an eye on a line and last week, together with Davide Capozzi and friends, they headed out to realize their dream.

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Davide and Michelle on top
First Descent at the Miage Glacier - Davide Capozzi
March 2016 | Splitboard Story

Steeps-Expert Davide Capozzi scored again, this time with his girlfriend Michelle at the Miage Glacier. Together they did another spectacular first descent.

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Road to mountain
Splitboard-Freeriding Kirgistan / Tajikistan
March 2016 | Splitboard Story

The adventures between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan - a report about the fascinating freeride splitboarding trip from the Bootsjungen Hans, Timo, and Chris.

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Pizza beim Blank Plank Weekender
Shape your dreamsplit out of a Blank Plank
February 2016 | Splitboard Story, Campaign / Event

Who dosn`t have the dream to build his own splitboard? Not just splitting a board, but designing the whole shape. That`s not all, the shape is changeable until it is the perfect powder weapon.

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Descent Sulzenauferner 3
3 days, 3 huts and 3 cm of fresh snow
January 2016 | Splitboard Story

About the possibilities to satisfy your lust for splitboarding in times of snow shortness. Three motivated Splitboarders who have never been touring together.

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Eiger Westface
Eiger west face with Davide Capozzi
December 2015 | Splitboard Story

Though or because so far hardly snow has fallen, on 23 December Davide Capozzi and his friends succeeded in a great line at the Eiger west face.

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Splitboard Trip to Norway - Next day
December 2015 | Splitboard Story

A story and trip report of the Slovakian snowboarder and splitboarder Marek Gazda and his friends about their journey to Norway in May 2015. Take a seat and enjoy the movie too.

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Pogo Splitboarding in Svanetien
Splitboard Trip to Svaneti – 5 weeks of powder
October 2015 | Splitboard Story

Well prepared by their discovery expedition in fall, the splitboard friends of Pogo return to Ushguli in Georgia in February 2014. There's a thin line between fortune and misfortune and unfortunately the wonderdful powder weeks came to a tragic end .

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pic: Terje Valen Høihjelle
Norway - a never ending splitboard season
September 2015 | Splitboard Story, Action Video

First turns of the winter! Shortly a week before the season starts in the Eastern Alps, in Norway it never ended.

Never ended? Watch the video!

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Splitboard Mission France
Find Snowboarding - FRENCH ALPS
September 2015 | Splitboard Story, Action Video

Passion and the thirst for adventure gave Thomas and Bjorn the drive to discover the loneliness and great landscape of the high alpine French Alps, sure the only way to access is the splitboard.

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Remarkables backcountry. Me in the white room.
New Zealand - The Island of gnar
June 2015 | Splitboard Story

Splitboarding in the Southern Alps. Mike Wigley reports about Club Fields, nutcrackers, why New Zealand has the best hut system of the world and where you could spend the rest of your life riding. Here you learn how to escape from the summer heat of the Northern Hemisphere.

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Davide Capozzi first descent splitboard Grand Combin
Grand Combin de Grafenière ( 4314 m.) Snowboarding trilogy
June 2015 | Splitboard Story

We already know Davide Capozzi, the guy who makes the seeming impossible possible with his Furberg Freeride Split. Recently he made a great session of three challenging first-descents in two days.

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Inside the Y-Couloir
The Upsilon at Mont Vélan
May 2015 | Splitboard Story

After years of waiting, the Mont Vélan allowed Ettore and Alfredo to get on top and ride the amazing Y-Couloir of their "Backyard-Mountain".

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Etna splitboarding
ETNA - Splitboarding on the highest active volcano in Europe
May 2015 | Splitboard Story

This season, Sicily was the place to be with the best splitboard touring conditions ever in this region. Michele and Matteo had been there and they sent us a great trip report.

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First descent of Voie Originale Pain de Sucre - Mont Blanc
May 2015 | Splitboard Story

Last Sunday, 10th of May 2015, Davide Capozzi and Julien "Pica" Herry on Splitboards and Francesco Civra Dano with Ski, opened a new beautiful 50° line down the North Face of Pain de Sucre at Mont Blanc massif, the Voie Originale.

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Spring Split Riding Fun
Splitboarding Spring Fest 2015 Edition One
May 2015 | Splitboard Story, Campaign / Event

As we all know, spring is the best season for Splitboard Touring. This was proven to us again at the Splitboarding Spring Festival 2015 where our guests were able to celebrate a successful end of the season together with the representatives of more than 20 Splitboard brands.

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1000 Islands – 5 Tours – One Trip: Lofoten in April
April 2015 | Splitboard Story | 1

The Lofoten are getting more and more popular for Splitboard- and ski touring. Even if the summits are just little beyond the 1000 meter mark, so the terrain is demanding and beautiful above all. Since the touring usually starts at sea level and countless peaks are close to each other, respectable vertical meters sum up.

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Ascent Mount Emilius
First Descent Mount Emilius / Aosta
April 2015 | Splitboard Story

Furberg Pro Davide Capozzi has been out to do another challenging first descent. The Mount Emilius with a stunning view down to the beautiful city of Aosta.

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Trapped by an avalanche
April 2015 | Splitboard Story, Safety Tips

Furberg Pro Rider Lars Andreas Nielssen, got trapped by an avalanche, read about this terrifying experience and stay safe out there.

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Axamer Lizum Widdersberg
Splitboard Camp at Axamer Lizum
March 2015 | Splitboard Story, Campaign / Event

First steps on a Splitboard - On the eve of our Beginners camp we started with a presentation of the current Splitboard systems. From Voilé to SP, Spark R&D, Plum, Karakoram, K2 Kwicker and Splitsticks, we had the whole who's who present. Take a look at the pictures and see how it went on with freeriding and the first splitboard tour.

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Sun mountains and good mood
Splitboard Transalp, Lyngen from South to North
January 2015 | Splitboard Story

Lyngen has become a kind of touring eldorado due to the great snow conditions and proximity to the sea. In this Video Trip Report you get great impressions of the area and the ten day touring action.

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Fagaras scenery
Romania Splitboard Touring at Balea - Fagaras
January 2015 | Splitboard Story

Romania is blessed with snow and our friends from Splitboard Romania were splitboarding there. A big thank you for the vivid description, the beautiful video and touring tips for this little known area.

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Vulkan Caviahue at night
A letter from the wilderness, splitboarding in South America
January 2015 | Splitboard Story

Aurelien Routens, Snow- and Splitboard Pro talks about his love to South America and gives us great hints for splitboard holidays over there.

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mcnab riding
Insights into a splitboard guide`s life
November 2014 | Splitboard Story, Safety Tips

More than 20 years of experience in Backcountry Snowboard Guiding - Chamonix Splitboard Guide Neil McNab gives us deep insights into his daily life and great safety information.

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Svaneti with Pogo
Splitboard Trip to Svaneti - getting ready
November 2014 | Splitboard Story

Well prepared is half of the game. The idea of Pogo to discover the caucasian mountains by splitboard, was born in 2010 and the next winter they started to make it happen.

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Splitboard Tour Chile Blue Moon
Blue Moon Splitboarding in Chile
July 2014 | Splitboard Story
"Blue Moon" and the death of Neil Armstrong - made this "Splitboard-Mission" an unforgettable and spectacular experience.
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Maladeta Gipfel mit Aneto im Hintergrund
Summer Splitboarding in Spain
June 2014 | Splitboard Story

Maladeta, a splitboard mission in the spanish Pyrenees. Great Landscape, warm hearted people and fun corn to ride. Spanish version below the article!

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Impressive mountains in Romania
Romania, an insider tip for Splitboard explorers
May 2014 | Splitboard Story | 2

The romanian Carpathians, with mountains up to 2544 meters, are still a largely unspoilt terrain. Marius of SplitboardingRomania presents the most interesting touring areas and gives first hints to all prying explorers.

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fog at Col de Becca di Moncorvé
From Monte Rosa to Gran Paradiso
May 2014 | Splitboard Story

Monte Rosa was our plan, Gran Paradiso under best conditions the experience. Once again, the weather conditions showed us how important proper tour planning and alternative destinations are and how the microclimate can vary in the mountains.

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Splitboard Freeride Mission Nallo
Splitboarding at Nallo - North Sweden
May 2014 | Splitboard Story, Action Video

It`s February in North Sweden, the weather is stabil and Daniel Furberg, founder and CEO of Furberg Snowboards and to other "Snow Pros" do some touring in the beautiful area of Kebnekaise. Check out the Video "Nallo - A Freeride Mission".

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Solitude while Splitboarding at Vogel
Splitboarding in Slowenia
April 2014 | Splitboard Story | 1

Our "Family Split Easter Trip" to Slovenia turned out getting to know a new area with great touring opportunities a beautiful scenery and relaxed new splitboarding friends.

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Touring Area Dolomitenhütte – Lienzer Dolomiten
April 2014 | Splitboard Story

The touring area with uncountable posssibilities, whether you are searching for steep chutes, or relaxed descents, here you can find something for anybody. Even the romantic can find something, maybe the hut is the ultimate place to stay and experience a great romantic time.

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View in the Domenech Couloire ridden with a Splitboard
The passion of riding steeps
March 2014 | Splitboard Story

Steeps expert Davide Capozzi, makes an incredible descent in the french Alpes, the Domenech Couloire at Aiguille Aigle in the Mont Blanc area. Here he is giving some insides about his passion and this beautiful line.

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patagonien mountains of wilderness
Patagonia, the wild beauty
March 2014 | Splitboard Story

Patagonien, rough, wild and pristine. It offers great opportunities to draw your lines into untracked faces in stunning nature, getting to know warm hearted people and enjoy the best meet in the world.

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Midnight Splitboarding
Norway, Splitboarders Heaven
January 2014 | Splitboard Story | 3

Norway is an indescribable beautiful country, With it`s fjords, mountains and nothern lights, it is a fascinating place to do splitboarding in untouched nature. Experience more about this country and it`s unlimited possibilities. When to go? Where to go? Where to stay?...

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The crew is ready
Lyngen Special
December 2013 | Splitboard Story

Lyngen, with boat and splitboard in the paradise of touring. A trail of adventure, a touch of wildness, the variaty of the landscapes and a great crew made this trip a one of a kind experience.

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Summit Fun
Split & Relax 2013 - Snow, Sun and Touring
December 2013 | Splitboard Story, Campaign / Event | 2

The first Split & Relax Splitboard Testival is over and we got nice memories,... Lots of cool people, sun, crust, powder, firn, boards mounting, size adjustments, talking and touring.

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Anne Flore Marxer Slashing, pic by Lucas Swieykowski
RISE Patagonia
December 2013 | Splitboard Story

Anne Flore Marxer, World Freeride Tour Champion 2011 has been in Patagonia with her splitboard. She has made a nice writeup, covering lots of feelings and impressions, thanks

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Group of four is good for splitboarding
Bavarian Split with Marco Smolla
December 2013 | Splitboard Story | 3
Splitboarding with Snowboard Pro Marco Smolla in the Bavarian Alpes - Four generations fo German Snowboarding out to explore. It dosn`t have to be Canada. BC Freestyle and Freeride, new worlds are opened up.
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Splitboarding Stoke Dave Downing and Craig Kelly mid 90th
Dave Downing about Splitboarding with Craig Kelly
October 2013 | Splitboard Story, Action Video

Dave Downing had already been splitboarding with Craig Kelly in the middle of the 90th. A big Thank You for Dave to share this experience with us.

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Knight Rider
Pow Search in Canada
September 2013 | Splitboard Story

5 guys a motor home and some splitboards in the luggage, a snowboard trip through Canada.

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Splitboard Großglockner, 20.00 o`clock the summit is free, overview pic
Splitboard Summer Session, Großglockner
June 2013 | Splitboard Story
Amazing Splitboard summer route to the Großglockner (highest peak of the Austrian Alps), 2000 vertical meters and perfect snow conditions. It`s worth a look.
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Splitboard-Whiterooming in Spring
Splitboarding back to the future 2013
May 2013 | Splitboard Story

Thank you very much to our audience for your big interest at splitboarding!!! An endless winter with great tours and many new splitboard adventures is behind us, time again to let the highlights of the season 12/13 reminisce and to venture a preview of the upcoming season 13 / 14.

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pic by Christian Weiermann
Breathtaking Splitboard Adventure in Iceland
May 2013 | Splitboard Story

Alex Hoffmann is back from his Marmot Rides Icleand Trip and tells us about splitboarding in Iceland.

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Goodboards Splitboard Check at BackYard Austria
Splitboard Touring with Goodboards
April 2013 | Splitboard Story

With the Goodboards Team at Backyard Austria. Doing avalanche training and some good rides with the upcoming splitboards.

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Splitboard, boot-pack to abseil place
Splitboard-Spring-Session with Völkl 2013
April 2013 | Splitboard Story
On Splitboard tour with the Völkl International Team. Gorgeous weather with Abseiling for the first lines.
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View from above the Anton Renk Hut
Splitboard Touring at Anton Renk hut
April 2013 | Splitboard Story, Action Video

Easter 2013, the weather forecast is moderate, but we are in a very good mood to enjoy a slightly different splitboard / skitouring weekend at Ötztaler Alps / Austria. Steep descents and a beautiful scenery awaits us at the 2261 m high Anton Renk hut near Ried at Oberinntal.

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Beautiful Lines around in the Tatra Mountains
Splitboarding at Tatra Mountains
March 2013 | Splitboard Story, Action Video

A beautiful video and nice pictures from a splitboard adventure at the Tatra Mountains.

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Mitch Tölderer und Max Zipser spotting die Praxmarerkarspitze
Splitboard Extreme, Mitch Toelderer and Max Zipser at Praxmarerkarspitze
March 2013 | Splitboard Story, Action Video

Check out this splitboard mission by worldclass freeriders Bibi Pekarek Tölderer, Mitch Tölderer and Max Zipser. It`s worth it!

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DolomityFreeride Morning Light
Freeride Dolomites, Splitboard - Pizza with gullies
March 2013 | Splitboard Story, Action Video

Steep and tasty, only with the best ingredients: Splitboards, Couloirs, Powder, Sun. A Freeride Weekend at Sella Massif in the Dolomites.

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Jeremy baut sein Ultracraft Splitboard um.
After ISPO Split-Together, Splitboard Fun with Jones and Karakoram
February 2013 | Splitboard Story, News, Action Video

Directly from the ISPO to the Split-Together with Jeremy Jones and friends. Boombastic snow conditions, untracked powder, many funny lines, exciting treeruns and a first impression of the Jones Ultracraft Splitboard.

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Splitboarding in Alaska
Splitboard fun in Alaska
January 2013 | Splitboard Story, Action Video | 1

Life doesn`t end when you get married. This is proved by Zach und Cindi, who made a dream come true. They choose the best time for riding in Alaska, got their Stuff ready and explored the legendary Pow-Country on the splitboards.

They got equiped by Voile and The Levitation Project. Watch it and feel it. Thanks for the video edit.

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Burton Girls entdecken splitboarding
Burton motivates girls for splitboarding.
January 2013 | Splitboard Story

3 Burton Girls discovered the joy of splitboarding. When they got to know the material they hiked up some beautiful tracks and recognized that splitboarding is lots of fun. They even talked about life-changing experience and big enrichment.

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Splitboard vom Rastkogel bis Hochfügen
Pre X-mas splitboard action
December 2012 | Splitboard Story, Action Video

We met the guys from Backyard Austria and enjoyed some fresh untracked pow, crossing a valley.

Here you get some impressions.

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Splitboarding, enjoy the BC
Deep & White, Splitboard vid quick edit
December 2012 | Splitboard Story, Action Video

It is the 12.12.12. a dreamday in the bavarian foothills of the Alps.

Weather check, avalanche check, tour planning, material check. Than we took our Splitboards and went out into the nature.

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Split on the back for a beautiful descent
Splitboard meets Mountaineering
December 2012 | Splitboard Story, Action Video

What to do on a clowdy day? We decided to do a short and challenging splitboard tour. So we climbed up a pretty steep face, rappeled a few meters to ride a beautiful bowl with a short couloir at the finishing. We had good fun and I hope you enjoy.

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Splitboard vid from the Pyrenees
Splitboard vid, Spain
December 2012 | Splitboard Story, Action Video | 1

Also in Spain there are every year more splitboard enthusiasts. Here you get a vid from Valle de Aran. Seems like our friends from Spain already have some Powder. A foretaste for the upcomming season. Saludos a los amigos de Espana.

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Making of by Martin Zarfl
Freeride Deluxe - Freeriding Austria
November 2012 | Splitboard Story, Action Video

On the next weekends in Advent we present you four episodes of Freeride Deluxe, a documentary about skiing or snowboarding off-piste. The most successful riders from the German-speaking world bring you closer to the fascination of deep snow.

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Splitboard Gletscherkurs Hintertux 2012 - ice
Stormy Ice - Splitboard/Freeride Glacier course
November 2012 | Splitboard Story, Campaign / Event

Fantastic impressions, exciting situations, a lot of fun and many vital information. The last weekend was all about our splitboard / freeride glaciar course.

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Flo Bauer rides the Abacus Split
Splitboard Arbor Abacus
October 2012 | Splitboard Story, Action Video

Check out the small video from Arbor Teamrider Flo Bauer riding the Arbor Abacus Splitboard.

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Arbor Office
Splitboard Check with Arbor
October 2012 | Splitboard Story

Arbor Europe invited us to their opening party of the new headquarter and so the last Saturday we cruised into the beautiful Chiemgau through the first dense snowfall. Here are our impressions and the latest news about the Arbor Snow- and Splitboards.

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splitboarding in the backcountry one of most impressive experiences
splitboard vid: splitboarding, enjoy the backcountry
July 2012 | Splitboard Story, Action Video

This video was made at an excellent splitboard day in 2012. Hiking up to a beautiful couloir and find a really nice splitboard descent was our goal. We found the entry mounted our splitboards and enjoyed the ride. Enjoy and share this splitboarding adventure if you like.

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