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Splitboard Test 21-22 deeeeep
Splitboarding Selection - Splitboard Test 21-22
December 2021 | Splitboard Story, News

It's done - here you have our splitboard test - Splitboarding Editors Selection 21-22. This year we were again creative to provide you with a comprehensive test of the latest splitboard models 21-22. How did we do it?

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Could also be due to the lack of gloves.
A woman's view on splitboarding
January 2021 | Splitboard Story

For several winters now, I've been toying with the idea of getting myself a splitboard - in the hope that I'd still be able to get my slice of the untracked powder cake days after the last snowfall, or at least escape the crowds of tourists increasingly flooding the ski resorts. Time and again I've furtively glanced over to the "other side" - that of those who call a splitboard their own and use it to conquer untouched terrain in seemingly limitless freedom, climbing impressive peaks, followed, of course, by even more impressive descents with face shots guaranteed. Why I have not done it for so long?

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SESOGN - A season in Sogn, Norway
December 2020 | Splitboard Story, Action Video

When you think about splitboarding in Norway, popular destinations like Lyngen Alps and Lofoten come to mind. A less known area is the Sogndal valley, about 250 kilometers northeast of Bergen.

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First steps up
Splitboarding / Ski touring with Kids
December 2020 | Splitboard Story, News

What could be better than going splitboarding or ski touring with your kids? But what is the best way to start without overtaxing the little ones or spoiling their fun on the first tour? When is the optimal age to start touring?

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Kamtchatka by splitboard 1
Kamchatka by splitboard - no heliskiing
June 2020 | Splitboard Story, News

Kamchatka Heliskiing - everybody has heard about it but what about splitbard touring or splitboarding in Kamchatka. Here you get the info from our local frineds. Thanks to Splitboard Russia.


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One Drop East - Happy Crew
One drop East by Taylormade Film
March 2020 | Splitboard Story, News, Action Video

The new movie by Taylormade Film "One Drop East" is about the Japanese culture, the beauty of the landscape and the special feeling beeing in the maritime region of Hakuba. Take your time and enjoy!!

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4 Splitboarder skinning
Freeride Holy Mountain - Pilsko - splitboarding in Poland
January 2020 | Splitboard Story

We are happy to publish this article from Splitboard Girls Poland - a presentation of their area!

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Up the boards
Stuben rocks - 20 Years Of Longboard Classic
April 2019 | Splitboard Story, Campaign / Event

If anyone should claim "Snowboarding is dead", send them to Stuben for the Longboard Classic!
More than 560 riders took part in a fantastic race on the legendary Albona direttissima and did everything to make it a great snowboard party.

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Mamay - On the Search for Japow in Siberia
April 2019 | Splitboard Story | 1

When we met Sergey from Bear Powder Surfs at ISPO he told us about his recent splitboarding and powder surfing trip to Siberia. Of course our powder department had a some questions..

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Exploring a new winter playground
Splitboarding - exploring new areas
April 2019 | Splitboard Story, News

The most important things to keep in mind when exploring new areas with the splitboard, including material checklist and video.

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pic by Russ Shea dopeshots
#UPBATTLE 2019 - A Scottish splitboarding demo weekender
April 2019 | Splitboard Story, Campaign / Event

After the hottest February on record, and temperatures hitting 17° it was on the cards to cancel the event. But with a small blip in the chart it was time to cross fingers and hold out. It was a good call, storms came in and plastered the Cairngorms with 5 days of snow and wind. It was on!

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Jotunheimen map for tour planning
Splitboarding at Jotunheimen
March 2019 | Splitboard Story

Jotunheimen is the highest mountain region in Norway and Scandinavia. It offers many possibilities for Splitboarding and Splitboard Touring. Here you get an insight and maybe ideas for your next splitboard holiday.

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