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Wolves, Bison & Elk: Accessing Yellowstone National Park
December 2018 | Splitboard Story

Yellowstone, located northeast of the Tetons and Jackson Hole, is one of the last remaining intact ecosystem in the northern temperates. Wolves, foxes, free-ranging herds of bison and elk live there. During winter season the park remains inaccessible, in early May however, the National Park Service plow the roads and you can access some mountains near the roads much more easily.

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Take care Icebears
Splitbergen - a short movie about the fascination of Spitsbergen
October 2018 | Splitboard Story, Action Video

An independently produced short film documenting the first Polish splitboarding expedition to the remote mountain regions of Spitsbergen in search of new freeride opportunities. A year of planning and preparation on board at the sailing yacht and the journey north along the 80th parallel through the rough waters of the Arctic Ocean.

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The Crew
One more whisky for the road - Taylormade Films
October 2018 | Splitboard Story, Action Video
The latest movie of Taylormade Film is about freedom, a feeling which sweetens life.
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Anne Flore and Aline ascending
a land shaped by women
August 2018 | Splitboard Story, Campaign / Event, News
Anne-Flore Marxer and Aline Bock present « a land shaped by women », a film directed by Anne-Flore Marxer. “Best Film” award at St. Anton Film Festival 2018 and selected for the 10th Annual Ladies Filmmakers Festival in Hollywood. Congrats from our side!!!
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This looks pretty good but packed
Wintercamping in Cortina D'Ampezzo
July 2018 | Splitboard Story
Winter camping means commitment, organisation and improvisation, here an experience at temperatures down to -12°C in a camper without independent heating.
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Snowy Road - Photo: Ben
Roadtrippin’ through Kyrgyzstan
March 2018 | Splitboard Story, Action Video
Bordering Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and China, Kyrgyzstan is a welcoming oasis in a remote, always fascinating, sometimes volatile, and oftentimes misunderstood part of the world. Impressions of a three week splitboarding roadtrip.
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deep insights
Xavier De Le Rue - How to XV
February 2018 | Splitboard Story, News, Safety Tips, Action Video
Xavier De Le Rue wants to share his knowledge of 22 years of snowboarding and splitboarding. Further he wants to inspire us, to push our limits to the next level in a pretty safe way.
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A street sourrounded by mountains
The first day of summer
December 2017 | Splitboard Story, Action Video
The wind is ferocious and I’m having to lean into it to stay upright. To my left the mountain falls away over exposed rocks and patches of ice towards a dark and turbulent sea far below. Splitboarding in Iceland - by and with Pete Coombs.
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No Pinetrees
A couple trip to Japan - it can be wonderful
November 2017 | Splitboard Story

A dream comes true, Andreas and his girlfriend fly over to Japan to splitboard the legendary "Japow", here the little write-up.

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The "Hotel" of 40 Tribes Backcountry
Into the Wild - Splitboarding in Kyrgyzstan
November 2017 | Splitboard Story, Action Video

Great Video inside! Beep-beep-beep. 6:45AM. My watch alarm chimes and it’s time to start the day. My senses start to wake as I can smell and hear the crackle of the hot fire. Splitboarding

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Secret Splitfest Evening
Top 10 Splitboard Setups of the past 5 years - Soul Selection
October 2017 | Splitboard Story

Joy or agony of choice. Imagine your winter would be an endless splitboard testival, every winter a single testival with new and better material. Dream or battle of material?
The pictures reflect moments of our pure splitboard feeling, enjoy!

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The Year of the rooster - Titleimage
The year of the rooster
October 2017 | Splitboard Story, Action Video

The Taylormadefilmz Crew had been active again and produced a great Video including a philosophical character. Enjoy!

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