Martin Seiler about Safety Titel
Martin Seiler about Splitboarding and Risk Management
December 2014 | Safety Tips

Martin (Seili) Seiler is one of the best Freeriders and Splitboarders in Sitzerland. Here he shares his knowledge about Backcountry, Splitboarding and Safety Management.

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Mitch Alaska
Mitch Tölderer about Splitboarding and Risk Management
November 2014 | Safety Tips

Freeride World Tour Champion 2011 Mitch Tölderer talking about Splitboard Touring und Safety at his Missions in the Backcountry. Take the chance, watch the video and learn from the pros.

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mcnab riding
Insights into a splitboard guide`s life
November 2014 | Splitboard Story, Safety Tips

More than 20 years of experience in Backcountry Snowboard Guiding - Chamonix Splitboard Guide Neil McNab gives us deep insights into his daily life and great safety information.

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Pieps Teaser
Pieps 2015 News
November 2014 | News, Safety Tips

It is the 31st of October, the PIEPS Freeride Team comes together at the Stubai Glacier to join the annual Team-Meeting at best weather conditions. Beside the usual Team-Talk there is also AVY-Practice and lots of theorie-input on the program.

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barrett christy splitboarding 2
Barrett Christy about Splitboarding and Risk Management
January 2014 | Safety Tips
Safety is one of the most important issues in splitboarding and backcountry riding, so we have interviewed several pro-rider about that.
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Temple Cummins Splitboarding 2
Temple Cummins about splitboarding and risk-management
January 2014 | Safety Tips
Temple Cummins one of the most respected snowboarders in the USA about Risk-Management and splitboarding. Thanks for the promt support and the will of sharing his knowledge.
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Jeremy Jones enjoying natur
Jeremy Jones about Splitboarding and Risk Management
December 2013 | Safety Tips

Jeremy Jones, maybe the best known snowboarder and splitboarder in the world, founder of the Jones Snowboards Company and initiator of POW, took his time to give us an interview about splitboarding and safety. He talks about his personal safety management and gives some useful advice for this amazing sport.

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Aline big spray
Aline Bock about splitboarding and risk management
November 2013 | Safety Tips | 1

Freeride World Tour Champion 2010 Aline Bock about Splitboard Touring and Safety. Learn from the pros how they reduce their risk and still ride impressive lines in the backcountry. Reflect your own skills and safety strategies.

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Teaser Freeride Survival Guide
Freeride Survival Guide
November 2013 | News, Test & Review, Safety Tips | 3

I want to introduce and recommend the "Freeride Survival Guide" by Melanie Schönthier & Stephan Bernhard to all ambitious freeriders and splitboarders.

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Dave Downing Splitboard Riding
Dave Downing about Splitboarding and Riskmanagement
November 2013 | Safety Tips

This is the first interview from our series "Splitboarding and Risk Management". Worldclass Freerider and Splitboarder like Dave Downing, Jeremy Jones, Aline Bock and more, share their experience with us and wish everybody safe splitboard missions.

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Splitboard Tipps ascending
Splitboard Tips for ascending
September 2013 | Safety Tips

As we see from time to time splitboarders handling the most beautiful climbs with their tongue hanging out, we want to give you some tips for saving energy while skinning.

So you have checked your material the day before, the backpack is packed and we are ready to enjoy the freedom of splitboarding.

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How to evaluate a line
Safety Tipps by Xavier De Le Rue
January 2013 | Safety Tips, Action Video | 1

Regarding the Avalanche incidents in Tyrol we want to provide you with this video from Xavier De Le Rue, 3 times Freeride World Champion.

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