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Splitboard brands show their new stuff and explain the main features of their products. See here some of our trade fair and presentation videos.

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Korua Splitboard Lineup 2020/21
April 2020 | Product Video

Everything about the Korua Shapes Splitboard line for the winter 2020/21, presented by founder and mastermind Nicholas Wolken himself.

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Nitro Splitboards
Nitro Splitboard Lineup 2020/21
April 2020 | Product Video

We had the opportunity to talk to Tommy Delago, the founder of Nitro Snowboards, about the splitboards Volta, Nomad (for beginners), Squash (for powder) and Doppelgänger (for the advanced).

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Stranda Descender Split Presentation
March 2020 | Product Video

Mats from Stranda Snowboards talks in detail about his latest creation - the Stranda Descender Splitboard.

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Splitboard Binding Enfuse - El Stylo
Splitboard Binding El Stylo by Enfuse
February 2020 | News, Test & Review, Product Video

After many years there is a new splitboard binding in development. This year after ISPO we had the chance to get this binding under our feet. At the moment we can only say that it is a serious binding, which can play a leading role in the splitboard binding market.

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Weston Splitboard Lineup 2020/21
February 2020 | Product Video

Cole from Weston Snowboards presents the new splitboard lineup for the winter 2020/21.

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Telos Splitboard Line
Brandnew brand: Telos Snowboards
March 2019 | News, Product Video

By now lists incredible 51 splitboard manufacturers with nearly 400 different splitboard models. One of the new additions is Telos Snowboards, featuring their Splitboard Line for 2019/20 in this video.

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Splitboard Binding
Karakoram Bindings - Season 2019-20
February 2019 | News, Product Video

Still puzzled by the huge amount of Karakoram splitboard binding models? Kyle from Karakoram sheds some light on the different variants and shows the Prime-X and Nomad in detail.

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Splitboard Binding
Spark R&D Updates - Winter 2019-20
February 2019 | News, Product Video

Will, the mastermind of Spark R&D, shows the updates for the upcoming season 2019-20.

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Furberg Freeride Split
Furberg Seam Sealer Tech 2019/20
January 2019 | News, Product Video

Hampus from Furberg Snowboards presents an interesting upgrade of the Freeride split. While profile, shape and design remain the same, from next season the board will be equipped with a new tongue and groove system that effectively connects the board halves. But see for yourself:

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Xavier de Le Rue
Xavier de Le Rue showing his Splitboard Setup
February 2015 | Product Video

We met Xavier in Munich at Ispo 2015 and he presented us his new splitboard setup, theDeeluxe XV Expedition Boot and the Rossignol XV Mag Tec Split with Plum-Rossignol binding.

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Jones Splitboards 2015/16
Jones Splitboards Season 2015-16
January 2015 | Product Video

Here you get our Jones splitboards presentation for winter 2015/16 on video. All three presented boards, the Aviator, the Solution and the Explorer got already tested by

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Smokin Splitboard Video
PowWow - Smokin enters the split game
September 2014 | Product Video, News

All the fans of the US brand Smokin Snowboards can now conquer the backcountry jauntily. Smokin presents for the upcoming season 2014/15 the PowWow Split, a camber board with Earyl Rise Rocker and Magne Traction on all edges. Take a look:

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