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In this part of our splitboard magazine, you`ll find news about splitboards novelties, trade fair reports and of course our own experiences and test results.

Romantic Mood while Splitboard Touring
Split & Relax 2020 Splitboard Festival & Test
July 2019 | Campaign / Event, News

SPLIT & RELAX #7 - can it be even better than 2019? We hope so and do our best! The international Splitboard Festival (Testival) will take place in 2020 from 7th to 9th February, as always at the LIVINGROOM HOCHKÖNIG in Salzburger Land.  At 3 days you can get to know the best brands of the splitboard scene and test the latest material. Of course it is also about safety on the mountains and about fun and joy in the legendary surroundings of the majestic Hochkönig.

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Early times with snow shoes
Splitboard Exploration Camp powered by Konvoi and Mountain Goat
November 2019 | Campaign / Event, News

Matching the win of the Splitboarding Selection this year there will be the first Splitboard Exploration Camp by Konvoi with the already legendary Mountain Goat alias Daniel Micheli.

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Splitboarding Selection 19-20 - The best splitboards of the season
November 2019 | News, Test & Review

Splitboard Test and Splitboarding Editors Selection 2019-20 - We have thoroughly tested the most interesting novelties for you. Which boards won the race?

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Exploring a new winter playground
Splitboarding - exploring new areas
April 2019 | Splitboard Story, News

The most important things to keep in mind when exploring new areas with the splitboard, including material checklist and video.

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Telos Splitboard Line
Brandnew brand: Telos Snowboards
March 2019 | News, Product Video

By now lists incredible 51 splitboard manufacturers with nearly 400 different splitboard models. One of the new additions is Telos Snowboards, featuring their Splitboard Line for 2019/20 in this video.

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Splitboard Binding
Karakoram Bindings - Season 2019-20
February 2019 | News, Product Video

Still puzzled by the huge amount of Karakoram splitboard binding models? Kyle from Karakoram sheds some light on the different variants and shows the Prime-X and Nomad in detail.

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New highly interesting brand
Recap SPLIT & RELAX 2019
February 2019 | Campaign / Event, News

Thanks to all of you. From Sweden to Switzerland, Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, the USA and Russia, everyone was there who loves splitboarding or wants to start an affair! Here is the gleaning. Sparkling eyes, wide grins and best test conditions for 100 participants. This time even 16 women - awesome!

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Splitboard Binding
Spark R&D Updates - Winter 2019-20
February 2019 | News, Product Video

Will, the mastermind of Spark R&D, shows the updates for the upcoming season 2019-20.

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Small wave
First Impression Splitboard Review 2019-20
February 2019 | News, Test & Review

In our splitboard test we have again taken the newest and most important splitboard material of the coming season 2019-20 under our feet. Here are our first impressions from the snow:

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Furberg Freeride Split
Furberg Seam Sealer Tech 2019/20
January 2019 | News, Product Video

Hampus from Furberg Snowboards presents an interesting upgrade of the Freeride split. While profile, shape and design remain the same, from next season the board will be equipped with a new tongue and groove system that effectively connects the board halves. But see for yourself:

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(C) Euregio-Lawinenlagebericht (ALBINA)
The new avalanche bulletin Tyrol - South Tyrol - Trentino
December 2018 | News, Safety Tips

It is well known that avalanches are not interested in political boundaries. Freeriders and splitboard/ski tourers nowadays travel behind the good powder. These two facts have prompted the avalanche warning services Tyrol, South Tyrol and Trentino to bundle their activities in the joint project ALBINA. The aim of the whole project is to offer a cross-border, uniform and multilingual avalanche forecast.

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Splitboarding Selection
Splitboarding Selection 2018-19 - the top 5 Splitboards
October 2018 | News, Test & Review

Splitboard Test - the Splitboarding Selection 2018-19 is here. The 5 best splitboards of the season at a glance. Now with the objective weight-price index!

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