View from above the Anton Renk Hut
Splitboard Touring at Anton Renk hut
April 2013 | Splitboard Story, Action Video

Easter 2013, the weather forecast is moderate, but we are in a very good mood to enjoy a slightly different splitboard / skitouring weekend at Ötztaler Alps / Austria. Steep descents and a beautiful scenery awaits us at the 2261 m high Anton Renk hut near Ried at Oberinntal.

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Beautiful Lines around in the Tatra Mountains
Splitboarding at Tatra Mountains
March 2013 | Splitboard Story, Action Video

A beautiful video and nice pictures from a splitboard adventure at the Tatra Mountains.

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Mitch Tölderer und Max Zipser spotting die Praxmarerkarspitze
Splitboard Extreme, Mitch Toelderer and Max Zipser at Praxmarerkarspitze
March 2013 | Splitboard Story, Action Video

Check out this splitboard mission by worldclass freeriders Bibi Pekarek Tölderer, Mitch Tölderer and Max Zipser. It`s worth it!

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DolomityFreeride Morning Light
Freeride Dolomites, Splitboard - Pizza with gullies
March 2013 | Splitboard Story, Action Video

Steep and tasty, only with the best ingredients: Splitboards, Couloirs, Powder, Sun. A Freeride Weekend at Sella Massif in the Dolomites.

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Splitters and Touring-Skiers are on a similar wave
First Impression Freebird 2014, Spark R&D Magneto Binding
February 2013 | News, Action Video, Product Video | 5

We have tried the Burton Freebird Splitboard 2014 with the new channel system and the Spark Magneto Bindings.

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Jeremy baut sein Ultracraft Splitboard um.
After ISPO Split-Together, Splitboard Fun with Jones and Karakoram
February 2013 | Splitboard Story, News, Action Video

Directly from the ISPO to the Split-Together with Jeremy Jones and friends. Boombastic snow conditions, untracked powder, many funny lines, exciting treeruns and a first impression of the Jones Ultracraft Splitboard.

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Splitboarding in Alaska
Splitboard fun in Alaska
January 2013 | Splitboard Story, Action Video | 1

Life doesn`t end when you get married. This is proved by Zach und Cindi, who made a dream come true. They choose the best time for riding in Alaska, got their Stuff ready and explored the legendary Pow-Country on the splitboards.

They got equiped by Voile and The Levitation Project. Watch it and feel it. Thanks for the video edit.

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How to evaluate a line
Safety Tipps by Xavier De Le Rue
January 2013 | Safety Tips, Action Video | 1

Regarding the Avalanche incidents in Tyrol we want to provide you with this video from Xavier De Le Rue, 3 times Freeride World Champion.

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Splitboard vom Rastkogel bis Hochfügen
Pre X-mas splitboard action
December 2012 | Splitboard Story, Action Video

We met the guys from Backyard Austria and enjoyed some fresh untracked pow, crossing a valley.

Here you get some impressions.

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playgravity speedriding trilogy
beyond splitboard riding
December 2012 | Action Video

Our main focus is on splitboarding but we are open minded. So we want to show you this amazing video, because somehow it is related to moutaineering and the feeling of freedom in the mountains. Massive lines and unreal perspectives are guaranteed in speedriding. See Ueli Kestenholz riding the Doldenhorn.

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Splitboarding, enjoy the BC
Deep & White, Splitboard vid quick edit
December 2012 | Splitboard Story, Action Video

It is the 12.12.12. a dreamday in the bavarian foothills of the Alps.

Weather check, avalanche check, tour planning, material check. Than we took our Splitboards and went out into the nature.

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Split on the back for a beautiful descent
Splitboard meets Mountaineering
December 2012 | Splitboard Story, Action Video

What to do on a clowdy day? We decided to do a short and challenging splitboard tour. So we climbed up a pretty steep face, rappeled a few meters to ride a beautiful bowl with a short couloir at the finishing. We had good fun and I hope you enjoy.

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