To give you an idea of the different Splitboard characteristics, the test is divided into different categories. This way it is easier to find the perfect board for your projects.

  • WP-Score: Two important factors when buying a split are its weight and price. Both together result in our weight-price score. This ranges from 1.0 - weak ratio between weight and price up to 10.0 - board is absolutely worth the price in relation to its weight. So you can easily determine how much "bang" - low weight of the split - you get for your buck.

    The price is based on the recommended retail price of the manufacturer. Exceptions to this are splitboards, which are only available as a set, where the price of the additional items has been deducted to ensure comparability.
    Other parameters that are included in our calculation are the length of a board and its surface. In order not to discriminate against wide Powsurfers in our score, the entire surface of the split is decisive. This allows a comparability of boards of different widths.

  • Riding Style/Flex:  Describes the orientation of the splitboards, whether they are more Powder, Allmountain, Speed or Freestyle oriented. The Flex description is a "felt" Flex so it is a subjective value.
  • Riding Performance:  Here we reflect the most important factors for a Splitboard, agility and edgegrip all other parameters belong to personal habits.
  • Uphill Performance: The most important thing at the ascent is a good skin, what we haven`t tested at this point. Good edgegrip, traction (in our test it is a part of traversing, so if the board turns around as the needle of a compass or if it is stable and pulls forward exactly) and little weight. If the board is a bit heavier you can compensate it easily with a lighter backpack or clothing.
  • Features: Regarding the fact that the investment for a splitboard is a bit bigger, the finishing is also very important to us. Also the sustainability should be kept in mind as we have fun in the nature. So nature should be protected and the companies should put their grain to invironmental friendly production.
  • Statement:  Every tester describes the board with his personal statement, when more than one person had been testing the board the statement is a conjunction between the testers opinions.