The Big Mountain Snowboarder Xavier De Le Rue, triple winner of the Freeride World Tour and one of the most famous snowboarders of our time, discovers the most remote spots of the world with his splitboard and inspires us with his adventures

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Xavier de Le Rue

Xavier de Le Rue showing his Splitboard Setup

We met Xavier in Munich at Ispo 2015 and he presented us his new splitboard setup, theDeeluxe XV Expedition Boot and the Rossignol XV Mag Tec Split with Plum-Rossignol binding.

Xavier De Le Rue about Splitboarding and Risk Management

Xavier De Le Rue, anyone who doesn`t know him? He is an outstanding Snowboarder, three times winner of the Freeride World Tour, Olympia Athlete, Athlete of the Year,... To make it short he is one of the best and most known snowboarders and Splitboard Mountaineers in the world.

Xavier de Le Rue Iceriding

How to evaluate a line

Safety Tipps by Xavier De Le Rue

Regarding the Avalanche incidents in Tyrol we want to provide you with this video from Xavier De Le Rue, 3 times Freeride World Champion.