Jeremy Jones, maybe the best known snowboarder and splitboarder worldwide, founder of the Jones Snowboards Company and initiator of POW (Protect our Winters).

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Jeremy Jones - Splitboarding Life and Risk Management

Here now the second part of our little interview series about splitboarding life and risk management. In this episode, we talk with Jeremy Jones about his most memorable moments while touring last season. Also he shares some thoughts on how to approach the mountains in a safe manner, and how to work with guides and other big riders during film projects.

A Touring Chat with Jeremy Jones

Splitboarding with Jeremy and the Jonescrew on the Dachstein loop. A long relaxed hike gave us plenty of time for interesting conversations, so we talked about high-altitude splitboarding, climate change and trends in the splitboard industry sector.

Jones Splitboarding the Rumpler Lap

Cover Jeremy Jones No Words for the way down

Book - Jeremy Jones no words for the way down

A very inspiring book that gives great insights to the making of Deeper, Further and Higher.

Jeremy Jones about Splitboarding and Risk Management

Jeremy Jones, maybe the best known snowboarder and splitboarder in the world, founder of the Jones Snowboards Company and initiator of POW, took his time to give us an interview about splitboarding and safety. He talks about his personal safety management and gives some useful advice for this amazing sport.

Jeremy Jones enjoying natur

Ultracraft Split Topsheet

ISPO 2013 Jeremy Jones presents the Ultracraft Split

At ISPO Jeremy Jones himself presented the Ultracraft Splitboard. It is much lighter than other split boards, though Jones have placed on durability while optimizing the performance and the weight. So they still use the proven edge technology such as in the Solution or Flagship.

After ISPO Split-Together, Splitboard Fun with Jones and Karakoram

Directly from the ISPO to the Split-Together with Jeremy Jones and friends. Boombastic snow conditions, untracked powder, many funny lines, exciting treeruns and a first impression of the Jones Ultracraft Splitboard.

Jeremy baut sein Ultracraft Splitboard um.