Season: 2015/16
Category: Splitboards
Manufacturer: Völkl Snowboards

Völkl XSight Split for your Powder Playground

Drops, butters and roosters – make the backcountry your playground with the Xsight!

Völkl XSight 15-16

Review 2015/16  Selected

Board-Profile: Hybrid

Length: 155cm  163cm  168cm  

Weight: 3.200g  3.400g  3.600g  

Price (SRP) from: 690€
Included: Hooks, Clips and Skins

Riding Style / Field of use

The XSight Split is the playful allrounder
Freestyle, 80%
Allmountain, 80%
Powder, 80%
Speed, 70%

Test Results

The Völkl Xsight is even if it has a shorter effective edge, unimaginable good at hard traverses, thanks to the camber between the bindings. It has excellent traction and is well balanced, so the kickturns are really easy.

Riding it is just amazing. Freestyler as well as Powderfriends will love it. Stable on the edge you can ride it aggressive as well as surf it smoothly. A real Fun-Split.

Riding, 75%
Agility, %80
Edgegrip, %70
Uphill, 65%
Traversing, %70
Weight, %60
Features, 80%
Finishing, %90
Sustainability, %70
Congratulations! The Völkl XSight 15-16 is awarded with the Editors Selection .
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Völkl XSight Split for your Powder Playground

Drops, butters and roosters – make the backcountry your playground with the Xsight! Thanks to the combination of Freeride Hybid Shape and Tapered Nose the splitboard version of the Alright is super playful: The shorter effective edge makes the board very agile and more fun to ride. The specific nose construction, with its square shape, not only floats in the powder but also cuts effortlessly through crust or wind-blown snow.

Völkl XSight Top

At the same time, the Premium Carbon beam and the softer flex allow easy handling. On the climb and in icy traverses you can always count on the camber between the bindings, which provides perfect grip. The custom-fit Vacuum Base Skins can be mounted and taken off blindfolded, even in strong wind and bad weather. When not needed, you can glue them together without using a separating foil. Despite the easy handling: Respect the nature and your limits.

Völkl XSight Base

The XSight Freeride Shape:

Especially developed for freeriding, the widest bits of the nose and tail are shifted towards the middle, shortening the effective edge length. A gentle camber between the bindings still ensures great grip on the edges, even in icy traverses and at high speeds. Rocker in the nose and tail adds great floatation and turning characteristics, making switch riding and freestyle tricks playfully easy. The right shape for everyone taking to the backcountry and appreciating the combination of edge hold, maneuverability and maximized lift in powder.

Völkl XSight Specs:

XSight Split Specs


Völkl XSight Split Profil:

Völkl XSight Split Profil

  • perfect float & extra grip - Freeride Hybrid Shape
  • playful & forgiving - Playful Freeride Sidecut with Tapered Nose
  • easy handling - Vacuum Base Skins with Völkl Skin Pin System & pre-mounted Voilé Split Kit
  • light weight - Völkl Premium Carbon / POP4.0
  • shock absorbing - Shock Absorber & TPU dampening


Völkl XSight Video:

Völkl Video:



  • Back-screened topsheet
  • Ultra-light topsheet
  • Matte topsheet
  • Tip-to-Tail Supreme Woodcore
  • Slim-Tip construction
  • Shock Absorber
  • Playful Freeride Sidecut with Tapered Nose
  • Tapered Nose Geometry
  • Freeride Hybrid Shape / Xsight
  • 6x2 Insert System for Voilé Split Kit bindings
  • Voilé Split Kit with dual height climbing heels
  • Sidewall reinforcement with TPU dampening
  • Sandwich construction
  • Aluminum protector
  • Triaxial fiberglass weave in upper and lower beam
  • V-Flex fiberglass weave
  • Völkl Premium Carbon weave / POP4.0
  • Sintered base
  • Back-screening and Die-Cut
  • Fine stone finish
  • Völkl Skin Pin system
  • Custom-fit vacuum base climbing skins & skin bag with micro fleece
  • Diamond finish
  • Wax finish
  • Crampons Voilé Interface (optional)
  • Crampons Völkl Fastec Splitec Alu bindings (optional)
  • Touristick Vario telescope sticks (optional)


  • Avatar
    1. November 2015 - 19:07

    Ist der stabilizer erhältlich den Thomas Hellgermann hier präsentiert?

  • Avatar
    30. December 2015 - 22:31

    Ich kann ihn mit "völkl split stabilizer" über Google etwas teurer bei mehreren Anbietern finden, bei SP United heisst es demnächst.