Season: 2015/16
Category: Splitboards
Manufacturer: Splitsticks

The Splitsticks Slasher Splitboard is the ultimate machine for challenging Splitboard touring. This workhorse feels comfortable at any terrain and conditions.

Splitsticks Slasher 15-16

Review 2015/16  Selected

Board-Profile: Camber

Length: 156cm  162cm  166cm  

Weight: 2.800g  3.000g  3.200g  

Price (SRP) from: 1 550€
Included: Board, Bindung, Clips, Hooks, Felle, Harscheisen

Riding Style / Field of use

The Splitsticks Slasher is your partner in all kinds of Backcountry crime even when it is optimized for challenging allmountain riding
Freestyle, 60%
Allmountain, 80%
Powder, 70%
Speed, 90%

Test Results

The Splitstick Slasher stays the third year out of competition due to the unique binding system and it`s performacnce. This Board is recommended for everyone who is able to ride camber boards and looking for a highperformance setup for challenging touring in all conditions. All Splitsticks are produced in Europe as limited edition.

Riding, 85%
Agility, %80
Edgegrip, %90
Uphill, 90%
Traversing, %90
Weight, %90
Features, 80%
Finishing, %80
Sustainability, %80
Congratulations! The Splitsticks Slasher 15-16 is awarded with the Editors Selection .
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The Splitsticks Slasher Splitboard is the ultimate machine for challenging Splitboard touring. This workhorse feels comfortable at any terrain and conditions.

It is built for all-mountain performance riding at high speeds. Sometimes it reminds you that it wants to be ridden with strength in the legs. After a long hike it comes to life and gives you insane control in any terrain. Powder runs are normally terminated with fat turns at Warp speed, then it continues with massive slashes and fun at windlips or other features on the descent. Sudden ice on a blown out ridge or at a steep colouir may surprise you, but not the Slasher. In fractions of a second, it's ready to switch from float in fresh powder too strong edge control. Then, when you come down to the tight tree runs and your legs are already burning, the slasher splitboard shows it`s gentle side. In surfy-fast turns with precision edge control through heavy slush or treeslalom in waist-deep powder, it makes just as much fun as on Pillowruns.

The carbon version of the slasher is for the ultimate experience. It is almost the same board but it has more camber, more pop, more response and more torsional rigidity and reduced weight. This thing is pure madness. How mad are you?

Slasher: 157cm, 162cm and 166cm Slasher SX (carbon version, lighter and more rigid): 157cm, 162cm and 166cm

The set contains everything what you need your new Backcountry Adventure (board, bindings, skins, interface, crampons) Of course, beep, shovel probe, ... not there.

If you like the challenge or are looking for durability, functionality and top performance, then the Splitsticks Slasher or Slasher SX is right for you.


Splitsticks Design 15-16

Splitsticks Slasher

Mit Ihrem komplett neuen System haben die Jungs von Splitsticks es geschafft ein Board zu entwickeln, dass sowohl im Aufstieg als auch in der Abfahrt beste Performance zeigt. Mit dem traditionellen Camber-Shape, einem smoothen Taper am Tail, leicht reduziertem Sidecut und der floaty Nose, ist das Splitsticks Splitboard ein Gerät mit großem Einsatzspektrum. Von Pulver bis zu windverblasenem Hardpack und selbst auf buckeligen Pisten durchpflügst Du spielend alles was Dir in die Quere kommt. Vorausgesetzt Deine Riding-Skills sind dementsprechend.  Im Aufstieg hast Du enormen Kantenhalt, unterstützt auch durch die breite Steighilfe. Und in der Abfahrt genauso, dank dem steiferen Flex und der Top-Kraftübertragung der Bindung auf das Board.

Das Splitsticks hat weniger Inserts als andere Splitboards, was sich positiv auf das Flexverhalten, die Haltbarkeit und das Gewicht auswirkt.

Die Bindung wird nicht wie bei anderen Systemen auf Pucks geschoben, sondern mit einem "sich selbst vom Schnee befreienden" Drehmechanismus am Board befestigt. Dadurch bekommst Du eine extrem feste Verbindung zwischen Bindung und Board, was sich in direkter Kraftübertragung, Torsionssteifigkeit und Responseverhalten beim Fahren auswirkt.

Splitsticks Slasher Details Bindung:

Splitsticks Bindung

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Splitsticks Size Chart


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