Season: 2014/15
Category: Splitboards
Manufacturer: Splitsticks

Do everything you like with the Splitsticks Slasher Splitboard, this workhorse feels at home in any terrain and conditions.

Splitsticks Slasher 14-15

Review 2014/15  Selected

Board-Profile: Camber

Length: 156cm  162cm  166cm  

Price (SRP) from: 1 500€
Included: Complete Setup including crampons, skins, binding, interface and Board

Testers Statement
Regarding the ascent we havn`t tried anything similar till now.

Riding Style / Field of use

It wants to be ridden at challenging terrain and conditions. Good riders will have lots of fun with it.
Freestyle, 60%
Allmountain, 80%
Powder, 70%
Speed, 90%

Test Results

The Splitstick Slasher got optimized further and is still out of competition due to the unique binding system and it`s performacnce. This Board is recommended for everyone who is able to ride camber boards and looking for a highperformance setup for challenging touring in all conditions. All Splitsticks are produced in Europe as limited edition.


Riding, 85%
Agility, %80
Edgegrip, %90
Uphill, 90%
Traversing, %90
Weight, %90
Features, 70%
Finishing, %80
Sustainability, %60
Congratulations! The Splitsticks Slasher 14-15 is awarded with the Editors Selection .
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Do everything you like with the Splitsticks Slasher Splitboard, this workhorse feels at home in any terrain and conditions.

It is built for all-mountain performance riding at high speeds. Sometimes it reminds you that it wants to be ridden with strength in the legs. After a long hike it comes to life and gives you insane control in any terrain. Powder runs are normally terminated with fat turns at Warp speed, then it continues with massive slashes and fun at windlips or other features on the descent. Sudden ice on a blown out ridge or at a steep colouir may surprise you, but not the Slasher. In fractions of a second, it's ready to switch from float in fresh powder too strong edge control. Then, when you come down to the tight tree runs and your legs are already burning, the slasher splitboard shows it`s gentle side. In surfy-fast turns with precision edge control through heavy slush or treeslalom in waist-deep powder, it makes just as much fun as on Pillowruns.

The carbon version of the slasher is for the ultimate experience. It is almost the same board but it has more camber, more pop, more response and more torsional rigidity and reduced weight. This thing is pure madness. How mad are you?

Slasher: 157cm, 162cm and 166cm Slasher SX (carbon version, lighter and more rigid): 157cm, 162cm and 166cm

The set contains everything what you need your new Backcountry Adventure (board, bindings, skins, interface, crampons) Of course, beep, shovel probe, ... not there.

If you like the challenge or are looking for durability, functionality and top performance, then the Splitsticks Slasher or Slasher SX is right for you.

Splitsticks Splitboard Slasher Design 14-15:

Splitsticks Splitboard Slasher Design 13-14

With this completely new system splitsticks has developed a splitboard that performs excellent in the ascent and the descent. With the traditional camber profile, the smooth taper on the tail, which slightly reduced the sidecut and th floaty nose the splitsticks splitboard is a very versatile backcountry tool. It doesn`t matter if you fly threw powder shred hardpack or if you are on bumpy slopes. You blow away everything what is getting in your way. Assuming your riding skills are accordingly. You have tremendous edge hold on the climb, also supported by the camber and in case the crampons and of course in the downhill, due to the stiffer flex and the top power transmission from the binding to the board.

The Splitstick has less inserts than other splitboards, which has a positive effect on the flex, the durability and the weight. The binding is not pushed on pucks as in other systems, but it is fixed with a "self-cleaning" rotating mechanism on board, thus you get an extremely strong connection between binding and board, which takes effect in direct power transfer, torsional stiffness and response.

Splitsticks Slasher Binding Details:

Splitsticks Splitboard Slasher Details Bindung

And there is more, there are adapter plates that you can ride your splitsticks bindings even on your solid board.


Splitsticks Splitboard Slasher Sizechart:

Splitsticks Splitboard Slasher Sizechart


You can it these boards exclusively at the Splitsticks Onlineshop: Check it out now!

The Slasher Presentation Vid:




The Carbon Slasher Presentation Vid:



Splitsticks Slasher Carbon from SplitSticks on Vimeo.


How it works:



"On the fly" mounting of the crampons:



Product Overview 14-15:




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    13. December 2014 - 18:27 Log in or sign up to post comments.

    Steifes Camber Brett mit ausgereiftem Sway Sytem. Das Sway Sytem lässt sich schnell und präzise ummontieren, wirkt im Vergleich zu anderen Bindungssytemen wenig fehleranfällig und ermöglicht eine optimale Krafteinleitung in Kantennähe. Für mich ist das steife Camber Brett auf Grund meiner geringen Körpergröße etwas zu unwendig in engem Gelände , daher bin ich gespannt auf den Test des Serenity als Flat Camber. In weitem Gelände ohne enge Turns lies sich das Board aber super einsetzen.

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    16. December 2014 - 23:31 Log in or sign up to post comments.

    Split and RELAX 2014 review:

    I had a chance to test one of the SplitSticks split board the SLASHER 164 in Carbon version. I was impressed by the connecting system of this splitboard. My current splitboard is the very first home cuted FROPLE 168 snowboard with non-adjustable Voile system. SplitSticks is completely different level. Robust and precise splitboard binding system perfectly matches together. There are simply no gaps betwen parts when riding or hiking. I felt perfect edge control during hiking on slope and during traversing the terrain due to massive hiking bar. When setting up the board up hill, You need to clean the binding and the connecting system. Binding is made to have full contact with the board, which makes the board incredibly stable (no twisting). It is like to ride regular snowboard. This splitboard is very stiff, which I like a lot. 


    Light, precise, innovative, with minimum parts on the board, simply clever and great.

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    23. December 2014 - 16:50 Log in or sign up to post comments.

    Used my Spltisticks Crampons the first time today and they work perfekt. Seting them in in a 45° Wind packed terrain was quiet easy! 

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    23. January 2015 - 20:40 Log in or sign up to post comments.

    I entered into Carbon-Age this weekend and got a new Splitsticks Slasher Carbon in 162. And it is not only a beauty..... (the Stones and Painted Black should be played now )

    I decided to look for a lighter and stabler board than the ones I have, because I think about a lot of glacier touring and a Big Mountain camp coming up! ..... 2000hm a day coming up this year (maybe I can´t do this whithout wight reduction....;) )..... so I tested the Carbon version of my 157 Slasher. And Whohhhaaa thats what I call a weapon. 

    - Totaly comftable touring whith a light board and enormous traktion on the edges. You can feel the camper pressing the whole length of the edge into the snow/Ice.

    - Turning and turning and turny...... not what I expacted, I was a bit nervouse hiting the first slope because I normaly ride smaler and bords not eaven anything you would call stiff. 

    - Skins improved a lot at Kola too so the Stick is sticky all the way up the hill.

    So I feel prepared for some Big Mountain aktion this season....Black Beauty will be my partner this year!

    Thanks SplitSticks for a Great Board!

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      26. January 2015 - 14:19 Log in or sign up to post comments.

      So I guess you now own a slasher, slasher carbin and a völkl untrack right?

      Seems like you should have the right board for every condition.

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    26. January 2015 - 17:02 Log in or sign up to post comments.

    I have got a Intro Thunder 157 ( Same as slasher 157 ) and a Völkl untrac

    new in Town is my slasher carbon 162