Season: 2012/13
Category: Splitboards
Manufacturer: Völkl Snowboards

Völkl has expanded its productrange to include an ultralight, high per

Splitboard Völkl Cashew 167w 12/13

Review 2012/13 

Length: 162cm  167cm  

Weight: 3.400g  3.550g  

Price (SRP) from: 849€
Included: Voilé Kit & Völkl Skin Pin Kohla Skins

Testers Statement

A good friend with whom you conquer the backcountry and can push your limits. Madness in Powder, it requires a little practice using the edges effectively in hard traverses.

Test Results

Riding Style Völkl CashewRiding Style Völkl Cashew Split 162:

We rate the Völkl Cashew Split 162 as an all-mountain powder splitboard.

Designed for deep powder and allmountain riding the Cashew is produced with a convex powder base to achiev massive float. Neverthless it can be used for highspeed-runs as well as for some freestyle action.

The Cashew Split feels at home when you find untouched powder and / or challenging terrain.




Testdetails Völkl Cashew

Test results

Riding Performance: Here we evaluate the handling characteristics of the splitboard models based on the most important factors in splitboarding.

Agility: The convex Powder Base and the rocker shape of this board makes it extremely playful to ride and very lively.

Flex: The flex of the Cashew Split is a bit harder for higher stability on the edge and more safety is achieved in changing conditions.

Edge grip: The behavior of the edge of a convex Powder Base is somewhat different than conventional bases. Carving, it takes longer for the edges to enter the snow but once they are in, it is stable and makes the cashew also good for rides in technical terrain.

All Conditions Riding: In powder the Cashew Splitboard makes you mad. Massive flotation and a feeling of surfing on snow. If you get used to the edge behavior it keeps stable in tough conditions. In wet snow the convex base comes into play and the Cashew can also hook up there easily.

Hiking Performance: The most important thing in ascending with a splitboard are a good skins (which we have not tested here), good edge grip on crossings and light weight. Anyway the weight of a bit heavier board can be reduced e.g. in excellent packing of your backpack.

Edge grip traversing: The ascent with the Cashew Split is good due to its light weight construction and custom skins. It requires some practice to use the edges effectively at hard traverses.

Weight: With 3.4 kg  the Völkl Cashew Split is rather light. Performance and durability are excellent despite light weight.

Features: Since Splitboards are a slightly larger investment, we also consider the finishing as important. Besides, if we are having fun in nature we should also contribute to environmental protection. Thus, the sustainability is a criterion.

Finishing: The finishing of the Völkl Cashew Split is great! Aluprotectors at the tip and tail, screwed clips, no base perforations of the interface and the "easy to use" skin-pin system for attaching the custom skins.

Sustainability: The Cashew Split from Völkl is mainly produced from renewable resources and recycled materials. Environmental protection is a priority for Völkl. Thumbs up!

Riders Statement (72kg):

"A good friend with whom you conquer the backcountry and can push your limits. Madness in Powder, it requires a little practice using the edges effectively in hard traverses."


Völkl has expanded its productrange to include an ultralight, high performance splitboard. The cashew 167W is the perfect board for every backcountry adventure and also the right choice for freestyle oriented splitboarders. You have massive floatation in fresh Powder, due to its convex powder base, the rocker shape and the set back inserts. Weightsaving and schockabsorbing wooden sidewalls with TPU dampening and the environmental friendly no-topsheet design are more cool features. That's not all. Instead of the "normal" wood, reinforcing carbon was used, which saves even more weight. So skinning up you will save your energy, gaining power for your descent. The flex is a little stiffer than of the cashew solid board, thus you get more stability in the ascent (e.g.traversing) and high-speed runs. "With the unique Völkl Skin Pin System you can set up the custom-fit skins within the blink of an eye, after you have cleaned the base with the skin bag's micro fleece part. Only a few movements and you convert your board into two wide touring skis or the other way around. Without any tools at all! No question that you as well as the environment will profit from the eco-friendly Cashew Split!"* Ultralight, eco-friendly and high-performance.

Summary: "Both Völkl splitboards, cashew 167W (also suitable for big-feeted riders) and the 162, open up new tracks and even more fun in the backcountry.
Go for it, the Backcountry is yours!

The Völkl Splitboards come with skins and Interface.

*seen on the Völkl-Snowboards Homepage


  • maximum floatation - Convex Powder Base with Rocker Shape
  • easy handling - Völkl Skin Pin-System, custom skins and Voile interface
  • durable - Shock Absorber with POP 4.0 Construction
  • environmental friendly - sustainable raw materials instead of plastic and fiberglas


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    HELLO ,I would like to give my contribution to reviewing this magnificent set upperfect board for me as before SPLITBOARDsia for ease of use ( about the wonderful method of attachment of the skin ), and for the price.I found it at half price last March , and so far I have never cheated ,I state that it is my first splitboard , after four years of first outing was heavy , as it used to snowshoes, get used toSKI movement of the beginning is not easy, though much less tiring.on the boards against a small , is THE ESTATE OF CORNER ON ICE IN ASCENT , an excellent pro instead is given by the very low weight , and the fact that having the pin connections for the climb quite arrears, do not you upload gets a lot of snow in the back of the ski. then at the top, and put in ski mode , and a large table, with beautiful galleggiamentoin powdery snow, nice edge grip on icy snow.and with the right set back is also a great help to the calf back summary , in my humble Perere the CASHEW SPLIT is a great first table , given the low price calculating that you need to add only attacks ......  greet fregnilla78