Season: 2012/13
Category: Splitboards
Manufacturer: Gnu Snowboards

Next to the famous BillyGoat Gnu is comming up with a splitboard for the ladies, the B-Pro.

Splitboard Gnu B-Pro / Billy Goat 12/13

Review 2012/13 

Length: 155cm  159cm  162cm  

Price (SRP) from: 850€

Test Results

To give you an idea of the different Splitboard characteristics, the test is divided into different categories. This way it is easier to find the perfect board for your projects.

  • Riding Style: Describes the orientation of the Splitboard, whether it is rather powder, all-mountain, speed or freestyle oriented.
  • Riding Performance: Agility, flex, edge grip, all conditions riding
  • Uphill Performance: edge hold at crossings, weight
  • Features: Finishing, Sustainability
  • Riders Statement

Riding Style Gnu Billy Goat

Riding Style Gnu Billy Goat Split:

We evaluate the Billy Goat 159 Splitboard of Gnu as an "almost allrounder", by Magnet Traction and "ultra" hybrid rocker shape it looks a bit strange, but for most of the rated styles (allmountain, powder, speed) it is well suited.



Testdetails Gnu Billy Goat

Test results

Riding Performance: Here we evaluate the handling characteristics of the splitboard models based on the most important factors in splitboarding.

Agility:  With its relatively short length and the hybrid-rocker shape, it is very lively and can be riden off-pist as well as on the slopes.

Flex: The quite stiff flex gives the Billy Goat splitboard even at high speeds or in challenging terrain enough power and response to deal with all possible surprises.

Edge grip: The Magnet Traction combined with the shape, flex and torsional stiffness increases the edge hold of the Billy Goat Splitboard, it can handle heavy exposure on ice or hardpack.

All Conditions Riding: For the Billy Goat splitboard the snow conditions are no matter. It can be used anywhere and performs well. Whether in powder, or in high-speed allmountain backcountry runs. The backcountry freestylers would prefer another board.

Hiking Performance: The most important thing in ascending with a splitboard are a good skins (which we have not tested here), good edge grip on crossings and light weight. Anyway the weight of a bit heavier board can be reduced e.g. in excellent packing of your backpack.

Edge grip traversing: Hybrid Rocker and Magnet Traction in combination with hard flex are advantageous to the Billy Goat Split in hardpack traverses. The long effective edge and more points of contact with the snow increase stability.

Weight: With 3.5 kg  nude-weight the Billy Goat 159 of Gnu is no lightweight Split, but has been optimized here in favor of the performace and durability.

Features: Since Splitboards are a slightly larger investment, we also consider the finishing as important. Besides, if we are having fun in nature we should also contribute to environmental protection. Thus, the sustainability is a criterion.

Finishing: As usual with Gnu, the Billy Goat splitboard is not provided with aluprotectors or edges till tip and tail. The board stands by its visionary eyecatching design.

Sustainability: Gnu uses sustainably produced wood of fast-growing trees for its Billy Goat.

Riders Statement (72kg):

"The Billy Goat 159 split from Gnu is an allmost- allrounder, from powder until ice you can ride it smoothly and aggressive. The uphill-performance is strongly supported by the Magnet Traction and the shape."



Next to the famous BillyGoat Gnu is comming up with a splitboard for the ladies, the B-Pro.

The B-Pro splitboard is for those girls who love to ride fresh powder and also want to enjoy the excellent performance.
Equal to the Billy Goat splitboard You can also use the B-Pro, to hike up where you can find what you are looking for. Untracked Faces, beautiful landscapes or fat backcountry runs.

Both splitboards are built with Banana Camber construction, so they have good floatation in powder and strong edge hold on hardpack, this is also supported by the use of the Karakoram clips and hooks.
With a flex rating of 4.5-6 out of 10 (depending on length), the B-Pro is in comparison to the Billy Goat 7-8, fairly soft, and thus adapted to the needs of most girls.
The B-Pro is freestyle-oriented and has the so-called true twin shape.

Both splitboards of Gnu are provided with the Magne Traction, a corrugated steel edge, which increases the stability and edge grip also doing traverses (as the manufacturer says).

Protecting our environment Gnu uses sustainably produced wood for their wood coores.

The riding level for this splitboards is scheduled for Advanced / Expert. The photos are from the Gnu website.