Season: 2020/21
Category: Splitboards
Manufacturer: Rossignol

After Sushi comes Sashimi. This is a kind of hybrid of the XV and the Sushi from Rossignol.

Rossignol Sashimi Split

Board-Profile: Hybrid

Length: 156cm  

Weight: 3.450g  

Price (SRP) from: 750€

Included: Splitboard, Hooks & Clips


After Sushi comes Sashimi. This is a kind of hybrid of the XV and the Sushi from Rossignol. The Sashimi Split has a softer flex compared to the XV and a longer tail area compared to the Sushi. The Sashimi is also not quite as wide shaped as the Sushi, but still wider than the XV. A volume shift board (more wide than long) of the not so extreme kind for the deep days.

Like all splitboards from Rossignol, the front of the split has a harder flex pattern. With front we mean between the front binding area and the contact points towards the nose. In contrast, the rear part of the splitboard between tail and rear inserts is softer in the flex. The idea behind is the following: If you ride over your front leg and shift your weight forward, you gain stability at higher speeds due to the harder flex. If you shift your weight backwards, you can let the tail sink into the powder in a more gentle way and this takes out speed in a controlled, less abrupt way that would usually happen with a hard flex pattern at the rear. The sidecut is also shortened by the flex and you can take the turns in a very agile way. Again It should also be mentioned that such maneuvers only work in deep snow...

Also interesting from the construction point of view: In the Sashimi Split, Rossignol uses polyurethane strips (the material from which skateboard wheels are made) between the metal edge and the wood core to achieve better damping properties. In order to create enough edge hold in the ascent, the strips were left out in the area between the bindings.

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Waist (cm)26CM
Stance width min/max (cm)51 to 63cm
Inserts setback (mm)NA
Radius (m)7.4


  • Directional Shape
  • AMPTEK Elite Rocker - Three blends of rocker and camber are each tailored to a specific riding style and intensity level.
  • L.I.T.E. Frame Technology - Integrates a urethane strip around the perimeter of the board, delivering shock absorption for enhanced maneuverability, playfulness and ultra-smooth ride control.
  • 7500 Sintered base
  • Boot Size < 32 cm
  • Recommended rider weight 55 - 80 kg / 130 - 175 lbs