Season: 2016/17
Category: Splitboards
Manufacturer: OZ Snowboards

The OZsym Carbon Fiber Splitboard from OZ Snowboards is an eyecatcher. It is the first asymmetric splitboard on the market.


Board-Profile: Camber

Length: 154cm  157cm  162cm  165cm  

Weight: 2.993g  3.084g  3.220g  3.311g  

Price (SRP) from: 820€


The OZsym Carbon Fiber Splitboard from OZ Snowboards is an eyecatcher. It is the first asymmetric splitboard on the market. In addition, the handmade splitboard has tapered edges at the connection of the two board halves. The ankled edges promise a much better stability in downhill mode. The innovative concept has granted Oz Snowboards several prizes. The facts:


The OZsym is built after an order for regular or goofie riders. It comes in four different lengths 154, 157, 162 and 165. The delivery time is approx. three weeks plus additional shipping. It is a local snowboard shop from Colorado without pro-riders and a lot of fuss, which offers the splitboard for manageable 899 USD.


The core is a completely laminated wood core including nose and tail and without additional finger joints. Carbon mats are located above, which provide more lightness and stiffness compared to fiberglass. The organic resin topsheet has a texture, so that no snow sticks to the board. The board is equipped with a continuous hardened steel edge. In total the board is between 3 and 3.3 kg depending on the size. In comparison, the lightest splitboard on the market weighs 700 g less in a comparable size.


Between the bindings, the Ozsym has a microcamber, a compromise between ascent performance and floating in the powder. The backside edge has been equipped with a more radical radius for a better grip and narrower turns. The frontside edge, on the other hand, is a traditional sidecut. The directional shape is reached by a 20 cm set back stance.


The biggest innovation of the Ozsym Carbon Fiber is the split lock technology. The two inner edges of the board halves are tapered. Who doesn't know the torsion of the two splitboard halves in icy conditions and high speed. Ozsym promises the remedy through tapering the inner edges of the two board halves by 22 °. The vibrations are thus better distributed and the two split halves have less torsion. Oszym promises a feeling like with a classic snowboard. A five-point connection becomes a full connection for the first time. We are very curious.


  • Asymetric Shape with different Sidecuts
  • Tapered Sidecut
  • 20 cm Set Back Stance
  • 100 % Carbon Fibre, no Fiberglas
  • Full length Wood Core with no finger joints. 
  • Micro Camber Base Shape
  • Early Rise Rocker Nose
  • Split Lock Technology
  • Isosport Bio-Topsheet