Season: 2011/12
Category: Splitboards
Manufacturer: LTB Snowboards

With the two-part LTB splitboard, that LTB produces with 4 edges since 1999, you will reach quickly and easily the best powder and the most varied terrain.

LTB Splitboards

Price (SRP) from: 1 300€


Backcountry and You
Where do you find massive POW to ride a splitboard properly? At the BC. With this 2 piece Splitboard from LTB ( hey already produce splitboards since 1999 with 4 edges) you reach the backcountry quick and easy to ride nice lines and enjoy the art of backcountry riding. At the summit you mount it fast due to the Voile Interface.

The LTB Splitboard is available in 8 lengths and 3 widths and the construction will be adjusted to the your needs.

Lenghts: 159cm, 161cm, 163cm, 165cm, 168cm, 180cm, 184cm

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Splitboard ltb

Not the latest but at least you get a vid from LTB Splitboards:


* Freeride Taper, Ultra Taper und Longboard Shape * Vertical Torsion Sidewall Box * Starke, transparent ICP Folie with screenprint * Biaxial High-Tech Glas-Gelege * Carbon-Aramid-Power-Stringers (optional) * light vertical Tip to Tail wood core * Superfast sintered Graphitbase with Cutt * 3 Width for the big feeted.