Season: 2018/19
Category: Splitboards
Manufacturer: Konvoi snowboards

The Nevado by konvoi is a highly agile, powder-oriented all-rounder - apart from the freestyle performance. A splitboard, which has been developed, removing all known weaknesses as far as possible concerning durability and performance of the existing boards.

Konvoi Nevado Splitboard

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Length: 153cm  161cm  169cm  

Weight: 2.800g  3.000g  3.250g  

Price (SRP) from: 770€

Included: Splitboard, Plum Hooks & Clips, Kohla Mohair Fell

Riding Style / Field of use

Start skinning and let yourself be surprised. Ride and grin up to both ears. The perfect splitboard for cruising and full throttle shredding. Lightweight and super durable - thanks to optimally integrated reinforcements!
Freestyle, 50%
Allmountain, 80%
Powder, 90%
Speed, 80%

Test Results

Konvoi is new on the market. Ben, the former shaper of Pogo, has already proven his skills in splitboard development and construction with the Venado and won the Splitboarding Selection last year. This year he has added some more innovations for the konvoi Nevado. Channels under the board, which contribute noticeably to improved edge grip and very good forward pull during the ascent, ultra-stable sidewalls and reinforcements at the nose and tail, which also easily withstand hard stone contact, are the highlights of the Nevado splitboard from konvoi. But that's not all. With a length of 169cm and a weight of 3250g it is one of the lightest boards on the market with an incredible durability. The handling characteristics are unique. Extremely agile and smooth at the same time, it floats excellently on top. The advantages of the edge hold on the ascent are also positively noticeable on the descent - an uncompromising improvement. So with the Nevado you are not only well prepared in powder, but also in hard conditions and high speed, safe and controlled on the way. Thanks to the length, even deep flat sections can be easily overcome, gain momentum and glide over. With production in Europe, konvoi also gains sustainability points. All in all, the Nevado is a splitboard that can do everything to play at the top of the market!

Riding, 90%
Agility, %90
Edgegrip, %90
Uphill, 90%
Traversing, %90
Weight, %80
Features, 100%
Finishing, %100
Sustainability, %90
Congratulations! The Konvoi Nevado Splitboard is awarded with the Editors Selection .
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The Nevado by konvoi is a highly agile, powder-oriented all-rounder - apart from the freestyle performance. A splitboard, which has been developed, removing all known weaknesses as far as possible concerning durability and performance of the existing boards.
It is made for all ambitious splitboarders who attach importance to quality and durability and those who want to cruise comfortably at times and really step on the gas pedal as well. With the slightly hinted dovetail and the wider nose it has best buoyancy. The profile is optimized for splitboarding, which creates very good edge hold on ascent without sacrificing performance.

Discover the feeling of floating effortlessly in fresh and deep snow. Enjoy a little more edge grip, on hard slopes or in rough terrain. Otherwise, just celebrate the white stuff in every imaginable way. Try how far you "butter", ride the wind lips like waves, draw straight lines in the snow, or sniff air styling at big booters. All this with full control and a safe feeling.

Konvoi Nevado Sizes


By a longer pressing at lower temperatures the boards have a better material compound up to the macrostructure. During lamination, two epoxy resins are used, which are best suited for the respective purpose. One is used to impregnate the fiber materials and the other guarantees optimum bonding of the other materials. This plays an enormous role especially in the upper chord of the sandwich construction. This is pre-laminated and is only glued to the board during the actual lamination. Thus an unnecessary impregnation of the wood core with thin laminating resin is avoided and an optimal connection of wood core and upper belt is achieved.
The wooden core consists of two types of wood. Poplar sorted by weight lowers the weight and strategically placed ash wood inlays ensure optimum power transmission and practical strength. In the nose and tail area, the covering is closed off by a shock protection, which is completely anchored in the construction and thus prevents damage in these areas while using it. Those damages are unfortunately common with splitboards. These purpose-optimized detail solutions are sensibly supplemented by appropriate finishing work, which further minimizes potential damage during use on the mountain. 
Excursions in the terrain bring unpleasant things like e.g. encounters with stones or similar with itself. A thicker surface can significantly increase the lifetime of the board, as there is more potential for repair. Damages in the edge area are however mostly only rarely repairable, therefore here precautions were taken with three measures.
As usual with high-quality snowboards there is a rubber band directly above the edge, this reduces impacts and strengthens the bonding. At konvois this rubber does not have a thickness of about 0.2mm as usual but of 0.7mm, so shocks are reduced directly before they can penetrate into the construction. 
Behind the sidewall and also above the edge there is a vertical fibre insert and an ash wood stringer. These strengthen the construction in this area in a practical way, whereby the fibre strip effectively complements the sandwich construction in a way comparable to the principle of a T-beam. In addition, these constructive solutions also noticeably improve the riding behaviour and therefore it is quickly forgotten that these measures also mean a small increase in weight.