Season: 2020/21
Category: Splitboards
Manufacturer: Jones Snowboards

The Jones Solution is the splitboard twin to the Jones Flagship Solidboard. For the 2020-21 season there have been some revisions: The new Solution has a slightly wider and longer nose and therefore more taper. Since this season the board has a kind of spoon shape in the nose and tail area.

Jones Solution Split 20-21

Review 2020/21  Selected

Board-Profile: Hybrid

Length: 154cm  158cm  159cm  161cm  162cm  164cm  165cm  166cm  169cm  

Weight: 0g  0g  0g  3.100g  

Price (SRP) from: 899€

Included: Board, Karakoram UltraClips, Karakoram Tiplock Nose and Tailclips

Riding Style / Field of use

Well known and loved, the Jones Solution has again become much better after a complete revision including implementation of the 3D nose.
Freestyle, 80%
Allmountain, 90%
Powder, 90%
Speed, 80%

Test Results

This year we are convinced of the Jones Solution. Especially the implementation of the 3D nose and some adjustments to the shape have increased both downhill and uphill performance. The weight is in the leading range, although not ultra light. This ensures durability and a safe riding experience even in less optimal conditions.

Ascent: The 3D Nose was of course of particular interest to us during the ascent. Does the board slip away at the front when it's getting rough or does it hold anyway? Now that we have tested it in different conditions and like the other boards up to 40° in hard snow, we are convinced that the contact points are perfectly placed and the board performs very solidly in the ascent. As with almost all splitboards, the balance point of the new Solution is well set and kickturns work smoothly even in steep terrain. As expected, the new Solution will rank among the best splitboards of the 20-21 season.

Descent: The new Jones Solution is top. Very lively and nimble, yet stable and thanks to the 3D nose, completely new riding qualities emerge in powder. The float is noticeably better, making surfing in powdered water even easier and thus increasing the fun factor. Even if it gets steeper and the conditions are less "surfy", we trust in the new Solution. The edges hold in every situation. Jones' investment in a complete redesign of the board has truly paid off.

Riding, 87%
Agility, %90
Edgegrip, %85
Uphill, 77%
Traversing, %80
Weight, %75
Features, 80%
Finishing, %80
Sustainability, %80
Congratulations! The Jones Solution Split 20-21 is awarded with the Editors Selection .
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The Jones Solution is the splitboard twin to the Jones Flagship Solidboard. For the 2020-21 season there have been some revisions: The new Solution has a slightly wider and longer nose and therefore more taper. Since this season the board has a kind of spoon shape in the nose and tail area. The sides are raised by about 7 mm, like a boat or spoon. So you gain additional agility and the initiation of turns becomes a breeze. The Solution Split has a smooth Magne Traction and a directional rocker shape. This, combined with the blunt nose (i.e. lots of surface area in the nose section) provides a good cocktail for a lot of flotation, good edge control and fun while riding switch. If your backcountry needs require an allconditions splitboard, the Solution is the right solution.

It comes with Karakoram Ultra-Clips and Karakoram Tip-Lock nose and tail clips. So if you have found the right binding or use your binding with the Voile Slidertracks, all you need is a good skin to go on a discovery tour.

Jones Solution 3D Spoon Shape:

Jones Solution Profile & Shape:

Video Presentation:

Solution Split Specs:

Board Size (cm)154158159 wide161162 wide164165 wide167169 wide
Board Weight 3kg / 6,61lbs3,1kg / 6,83lbs3,2kg / 7,05lbs3,2kg / 7,05lbs3,3kg / 7,27lbs3,4kg / 7,49lbs3,5kg / 7,71lbs3,4kg / 7,49lbs3,7kg / 8,15lbs
Contact Length (cm)103,2106,6107109110111,6112,4113,6115,6
Effective Edge Length (cm)114,2117,6118,0120,0121,0122,6123,4124,6126,6
Tip Length (cm)32,432,733,033,033,033,233,333,733,7
Tail Length (cm)18,418,719,019,019,019,219,319,719,7
Waist Width (cm)24,624,926,325,226,325,426,625,927,0
Tip Width (cm)29,229,430,729,630,729,931,130,531,7
Tail Width (cm)27,828,129,528,329,428,629,829,230,4
Sidecut (m)7,98,58,79,19,39,39,49,49,5
Taper (cm)1,361,301,271,231,221,231,231,251,25
Reference Stance (cm)566060606060606062
Centered Stance (cm)545858585858585860



  •     Directional Rocker: Camber between the bindings, rocker in front, soft rocker in the back.
  •     Mellow Magne-Traction: More lateral support through multiple contact points along the board edge.
  •     Quick Tension Tail: Integrated mounting system for climbing skins.
  •     Blunt Nose: A snowboard with a relatively "blunt" tip has more lift than a pointed board of the same length. Therefore the Jones is buoyant and agile at the same time!
  •     3D Contour Base: The sides are raised by approx. 7 mm in the nose and tail area like a spoon.
  •     Progressive Sidecut: Greater radius towards the ends - so turns can be initiated more smoothly.
  •     Flip Flop Base: Different base combinations reduce Jones plastics consumption in the interests of sustainability.
  •     Master Core: Premium wood core made of light poplar and paulownia wood. The good damping properties are particularly noteworthy.
  •     Triax Fiberglass
  •     Flachs Basalt Stringers: give the Solution more pop and response
  •     Sintered 9990: The fastest, most resistant base from Jones.
  •     Recycled ABS Sidewalls
  •     Wend Natural Wax:Jones snowboards are waxed at factory with Wend Natural Wax.
  •     Eco-Plastic Topsheet. The resin is obtained from beans. The material is very scratch-resistant and reduces snow adhesion.
  •     Robust Oversize Recycled Edges
  •     Karakoram Ultra Clips


  • Avatar
    10. February 2022 - 16:31

    Nach den ersten 2-3 Touren hat sich bereits an einigen Stellen das Topsheet meines Solution 169w Jahrgang 2020/2021 gelöst. In meiner zweiten Touren-Saison ging die eine Hälfte des Boards – beim Hochlaufen!!! – zu Bruch, dies ohne grössere bewusste Krafteinwirkung. JONES lehnte leider jeglichen Garantieanspruch ab und stempelte es als Selbstverschulden ab. Für mich unverständlich, da ich mir nicht erklären kann, mit welcher Aktion der Bruch entstand, habe erst oben am Gipfel beim Zusammenbauen bemerkt, dass die eine Hälfte gekrümmt war. Sehr, sehr ärgerlich. Jedenfalls werde ich mir nie wieder etwas von JONES zulegen, bin sehr enttäuscht vom Service und von der Qualität des Produkts. Anscheinend geht’s hier mittlerweile mehr um die Masse als um Qualität. Das Board ist vielleicht für den sanften Powder in Nordamerika gemacht. Bei etwas härteren bzw. raueren Bedingungen in den Alpen kommt es leider schnell an seine Grenzen.
    Von einem Board in dieser Preisklasse sollte man auch eine gewisse Haltbarkeit erwarten können. Ich bin ein sehr erfahrener Snowboarder und hatte bereits etliche Boards, ich weiss also einigermassen was ein (Freeride-)Board aushalten sollte. Sowas minderwertiges habe ich echt noch nicht erlebt!