Season: 2015/16
Category: Splitboards
Manufacturer: Jones Snowboards

The Jones Solution Split comes in 3 new lengths 159W, 165W und 169W, so the ranger covers almost every needs and gives interesting options for bigger footed rider.

Jones Solution 15-16

Review 2015/16 

Board-Profile: Hybrid

Length: 154cm  158cm  159cm  161cm  162cm  164cm  165cm  166cm  169cm  

Weight: 2.900g  

Price (SRP) from: 880€
Included: Bord, Hooks, Clips

Riding Style / Field of use Testinfo

The Jones Solution is a good choice for splitboard touring at all levels and changing conditions.
Freestyle, 60%
Allmountain, 80%
Powder, 90%
Speed, 70%

Splitboard Test Results

The massive rocker of the Jones Solution Split makes it very versatile. The camber down to the tail gives good grip and traction on the edge, both in ascent and riding. If it is steep and powdery you can feel the true qualities, but also in wet snow and wind-blown snow you can ride it very well.

Riding, 75%
Agility, %80
Edgegrip, %70
Uphill, 80%
Traversing, %70
Weight, %90
Features, 73%
Finishing, %70
Sustainability, %75

Product description

The Jones Solution Split comes in 3 new lengths 159W, 165W und 169W, so the ranger covers almost every needs and gives interesting options for bigger footed rider. The crew around Jeremy also pushes Sustainability in Splitboarding and they invested in ECO Plastic Topsheets and Oversized Recycled Edges.

The Jones Solution is still a great split, which outperforms other brands due to light weight and excellent riding- and hiking performance.

With the Jones Solution freeride splitboard you will reach your untouched lines just beside the resort or you go further into the backcountry to explore the heart of the wilderness. It is the twin to the Jones Flagship solid board. The solution has been tested day in and day out by Jeremy, Forrest and Ryland, While they shot the movies Deeper and Further.
The Split Solution has a gentle Magne Traction and a directional rocker shape, combined with the blunt nose and the easy tail these features are a good cocktail for a lot of float, good edge control and fun rides, even switch. If your needs require an allconditions backcountry splitboard, the solution is the right solution.

The Solution has a directional shape which increases speed and float. In deep snow the blunted nose makes sure less snow comes over the sides of your nose than it would with a regular shape. This means you get the benefits of a longer traditional nose, without the extra weight. Wrap Tip construction is a wood core till the tip and ABS sidewalls completely wrapped around the tip for increased response and durability. A mellow magne-traction along the inner and outside edges will improve your edge grip when touring and shredding by adding multiple contact points.

The directional rocker profile has camber under foot with a larger rocker area in the nose than in the tail. The float of the rockered nose improves maneuverability while the camber underfoot provides edge hold and response. The slight rockered tail maintains power and stability but helps keep the tail catch-free when initiating turns and landing switch.

A stiff flex will ensure very precise response and control.

The ULTRA Split-Core keeps the board light on your feet going up and down. Quick tension tail offers a Built-in climbing skin tension system using a pre-cut notch that eliminates the need for a traditional skin tail clip.

It is supplied with connectors and Karakoram clips. So if you have found the right binding or you are splitting with the Voile slider tracks, you just need good splitboard skins, and the safety stuff to go exploring.

Try it and get inspired.

Shape and profile remain the same, but the design goes with the time.

Jones Solution Profile:

Jones Solution 15-16 Profile


Jones Solution Tech:

Jones Solution Tech

Solution Split Specs:

Sidecut radius (m)Centered Stance (mm)Setback
Weight Range (lbs/kg)
15411025,019,028,724,428,57,953030120-170 lbs. / 54-77 kg.
15811425,019,029,024,728,88,555035130-180 lbs. / 59-82 kg.
159w11425,519,530,326,130,18,758035140-190 lbs. / 64-86 kg.
16111725,019,029,225,029,09,158035140-190 lbs. / 64-86 kg.
162w11725,519,530,126,130,09,358035160-210 lbs. / 73-95 kg.
16412125,019,029,625,229,49,358035160-210 lbs. / 73-95 kg.
165w12125,019,030,726,430,69,458035160-210 lbs. / 73-95 kg.
16612225,019,030,025,629,99,458035160-210 lbs. / 73-95 kg.
169w12127,021,031,126,830,99,558035170-220 lbs.+ / 77-100 kg.+

Video Presentation 15-16:

Technical Details

  • Directional rocker
  • Wrap tip construction
  • Inner & outside mellow Magne-traction
  • Progressive Sidecut
  • Blunt nose
  • Quick tention tail
  • Ultra split-core 2.0
  • Quadrax carbon
  • Carbon split stringers
  • ECO-plastic topsheet
  • Sintered 9900 base
  • Belt ground finish
  • Oversized recycled edges
  • Recycled ABS
  • Factory tuned
  • Karakoram hardware
  • OneBallJay Bio factory wax