Season: 2018/19
Category: Splitboards
Manufacturer: Jones Snowboards
The Mind Expander Splitboard from Jones is new this season and is designed for riders who love surfing and want to surf in snow. The blunt nose together with the rocker profile provide good float.

Jones Mind Expander

Review 2018/19 

Board-Profile: Rocker

Length: 154cm  158cm  

Weight: 3.200g  0g  

Price (SRP) from: 850€

Included: Splitboard, Karakoram Ultra Clips, Nose und Tailclips

Riding Style / Field of use

The Jones Mind Expander is the surfboard among the splitboards.
Freestyle, 80%
Allmountain, 50%
Powder, 100%
Speed, 50%

Test Results

Based on the profile of Chris Christenson's surfboards, the Mind Expander has a rocker that is powerful up to the front inserts, flat in between the legs and a little less rockered down to the tail. The wide nose and the spoon shape provides a surfy float and gurantees playful runs in powder. Also in the slush this shape is super fun, naturally much less when it gets hard and icy. However, the Mind Expander really lived up to its name and its destiny, as it drew a few little tricks from an undercooled freestyle abstainer, which went surprisingly easily and made you want more. Hard and icy descents or climbs are no domain of rocker splitboards, that was again confirmed during our tests in a short traverse. With this split, carrying crampons is a must. So if you are splitboarding 95 % in powder and seldom encounter rugged conditions, the Jones Mind Expander is a great choice. Keep in mind the forward pull is less straight than other Jones splitboard models. Otherwise, it can be used as a second board in your splitboard quiver.
As all Jones Splitboards it is well balanced and the nose comes out of the snow.

Snow conditions during the tests: from 20-30 cm powder to wind blowing to groomed piste.
Bindings during the tests: Karakoram and Spark
Boots: Deeluxe and Fitwell

Riding, 75%
Agility, %100
Edgegrip, %50
Uphill, 60%
Traversing, %50
Weight, %70
Features, 75%
Finishing, %80
Sustainability, %70


The Mind Expander Splitboard from Jones is new this season and is designed for riders who love surfing and want to surf in snow. The blunt nose together with the rocker profile provide good float. The regular tail gives the pop and the short sidecut radius enables easy manoeuvring in narrow terrain. Conclusion: With this powsurf-splitboard you shred with ease through woods and the one or other backcountry freestyle session can be done with ease.

Jones Storm Chaser versus Mind Expander?

Well, a difficult question. Compared to the Storm Chaser the Mind Expander is 7 cm or 11 cm longer and has a real tail. Both are Powsurf-Splitboards with identical Surf Rocker profile. Despite the extra length, the Mind Expander doesn't lose any maneuverability. The Storm Chaser is certainly the better choice for ascents. On the descent it's certainly a matter of taste. With both boards it's like surfing: If you are a fan of a Fishboards you will like the Storm Chaser more. The Mind Expander rides more like a regular board thanks to the tails and is if you want to compare, more comparable to a round-tail shortboard.

Video Presentationen 18-19:

Boltless Bridge:


  •     Christenson Surf Rocker: Rocker front from the inserts, rocker back from the inserts, flat in the middle
  •     Mellow Magne-Traction: More lateral support through multiple contact points along the edge of the board
  •     Quick Tension Tail: Built-in clamping system for climbing skins
  •     Blunt Nose: A snowboard with a relatively "blunt" tip has more buoyancy than a pointed board with the same length. So the Jones is buoyant and agile at the same time!
  •     Progressive Sidecut: Greater radius towards the ends - so curves can be introduced more smoothly
  •     Core: Wood core made of light poplar and Paulownia wood. Particularly noteworthy are the good damping properties.
  •     Biax Fiberglass
  •     Sintered 9990: The fastest, most resilient base from Jones
  •     Recycled ABS Sidewalls
  •     Wend Natural Wax: Jones snowboards are factory waxed with Wend Natural Wax.
  •     Eco-Plastic Topsheet. The plastic is extracted from vegetable oil. The material is very scratch-resistant and reduces snow adhesion.
  •     Robust Oversize Recycled Edges
  •     Karakoram Ultra Clips
  • Bolt-Less Bridge - no holes in the base