Season: 2013/14
Category: Splitboards
Manufacturer: Furberg Snowboards

Professional freeride snowboarder and engineer Daniel Furberg designed THE freeride in order to create the ultimate freeride board.

THE Furberg 13-14

Review 2013/14 

Board-Profile: Rocker

Price (SRP) from: 600€
Included: karakoram Clips und Hooks

Test Results

Riding Style Furberg

Riding Style Furberg Split 167:


The Furberg Split is for fast runs in the backcountry. It pulls it`s lines through changing conditions as if they would not be existent. In powder it is just a blast.

Test Results

Furberg Testergebnisse

The Furberg 167 Splitboard has a big radius in which you can ride big turns at full speed and control, both in powder and windpressed snow. Due to the rocker it has lots of floatation and agility. So you can also have fun in the woods. For a rocker board the Furberg 167 has great grip on the edges and you can also do traverses at the ascent quite easily. The finishing is great.


Professional freeride snowboarder and engineer Daniel Furberg designed THE freeride in order to create the ultimate freeride board. With the combination of an extra long turning radius, a unique rocker profile and a reverse sidecut in nose and tail, this board is extremely stable at high speed and yet very maneuverable and catch free at lower speed. Unlike other freeride boards, THE freeride will tackle any type of terrain or snow condition with excellence. From ice to bottomless powder, narrow couloirs to wide open faces, this board will handle it all.

THE furberg Splitboard Design

THE furberg splitboard is the brother of THE freeride and as versatile as a splitboard gets. Whether you are aiming for that dream line you have been looking at all winter or searching for deep powder when the snow is tracked up at the resort, this is the ultimate backcountry tool for you.

THE Furberg Split is available in three lenghth: 162cm 167cm und 173 cm

The Furberg Split in action:

Furberg The Splitboard in action

The Furberg Split Technology:

FURBERG SNOWBOARDS is the first brand to build snowboards with a turning radius that ends outside of the bindings and passes on to a reverse sidecut towards the nose and the tail. The reverse sidecut makes the transition from turning radius to nose and tail very smooth and long. Thanks to this the board does not cut through the snow in the same way as regular boards, since the pressure is distributed over a larger section of the edge. The result is a highly maneuverable and catch free board that is super easy to ride with sliding turns in any type of snow.

THE furberg Splitboard reverse sidecut

THE Furberg Splitboard Freeride Rocker:

The freeride rocker is the perfect shape for outstanding floatation and maneuverability without sacrificing edge grip or stability. Between the bindings the board has a gentle rocker with the same radius as the turning radius of the board. The rocker distributes the pressure all over the mid section which increases the edge grip and maneuverability. Right outside the bindings, before the start of the nose- and tail rocker, there is a short section with flat camber. This makes the board more stable on hard packed snow, with a longer effective edge compared to boards where the rocker starts from the bindings. Towards the nose and tail there is a long and smooth rocker. Thanks to the smooth transition the board climbs over obstacles with less resistance and has fantastic floatation in powder.

THE Furberg Splitboard Freeride Rocker


Furberg Splitboard Sizechart:

THE furberg Splitboard sizechart


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    17. December 2013 - 15:11 Log in or sign up to post comments.

    had half a day on it too just riding slopes, also with the splitsticks binding and adapterplates. the furberg surprised me with its agility and edge performance, quite impressive for a rockered board. the whole unconventional concept and shape of this board perfectly aligns, and riding it is true magic. yes this board indeed is a great board and i feel honoured to have ridden it.

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    16. December 2013 - 13:25 Log in or sign up to post comments.

    I tested the board a couple of days ago and i have just words of praise for it. The test was done with the SplitSticks system and the combination was awesome - i have never ridden a better board and system and i have been riding hard for 15 years.

    I would recommend it to any free rider that loves to ride in every condition, does not matter if it is powder, hardpack,...

    The guys at Furberg are doing an awesome job.

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    18. December 2013 - 8:52 Log in or sign up to post comments.

    I also had the chance to hike and ride the Furberg Split 173, the shape is rad, long radius but very versatile due to the Rocker profile. For my weight and size (75kg 183cm), it was a bit to long, but the ascent performance, with the splitsticks binding (with universal Splitsticks adapter), the Spak Independent and the Kohla Dual skin was amazing. Riding I had some memorable turns in powder and good grip at the slopes. Thanks to Furberg for providing the Split & Relax with your material, and giving me the chance to test your board.

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    22. April 2014 - 12:58 Log in or sign up to post comments.

    Tested the 162 solid board and fell in love immediately. Really pushed my riding performance and had to buy it. Not sure how the split behaves in ascent on steep slopes due to the rocker shape but for going down the mountain those boards are just incredible.

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      18. June 2014 - 15:17 Log in or sign up to post comments.

      i was a little skeptical about the shape of the Furberg. I got the chance to ride it this spring 173CM w a 27 waste and i can honestly say that i am a believer in the large radious side cut & the shape. It is amazing how you can keep your speed in deep pow, like nothing i have ever riden before! With the Phantom bindings set up, this board is a dream come true