Season: 2015/16
Category: Splitboards
Manufacturer: Burton Snowboards

With the Burton Landlord Split you are always on top. It dosn`t matter if you are ascending through the deep untouched white or if you are having fun slashing amazing loads of fresh pow. Fun is guaranteed.

Burton Landlord 15-16

Review 2015/16 

Board-Profile: Hybrid

Length: 159cm  163cm  168cm  

Weight: 3.300g  3.500g  3.800g  

Price (SRP) from: 799€
Included: Board, Hooks Clips, Puck for Channel-System

Riding Style / Field of use Testinfo

The Burton Landlord can do it all.
Freestyle, 80%
Allmountain, 80%
Powder, 80%
Speed, 80%

Splitboard Test Results

The Burton Landlord Split performs well at the ascent as well as at the descent. The adjustment possibility regarding stance are great.

Riding, 70%
Agility, %70
Edgegrip, %70
Uphill, 70%
Traversing, %70
Weight, %70
Features, 70%
Finishing, %80
Sustainability, %60

Product description

With the Burton Landlord Split you are always on top. It dosn`t matter if you are ascending through the deep untouched white or if you are having fun slashing amazing loads of fresh pow. Fun is guaranteed.

With the split edition of the Burton Landlord, out of bounds becomes your own backyard. Ditch the masses with the unparalleled ease, stance adjustability, and compatibility of the Split Channel mounting system. Underfoot, the Landlord Split’s Balanced Freeride Geometry elicits the holy grail of a freestyle feel with the float and nimble edging of a directional deck; your key to closing on the best untracked real estate around. Features like a sustainable FSC™ certified wood core and bio-based Super Sap® resin enhances performance and positive feelings.


Burton Landlord Split 15-16


Directional Shape
The classic snowboard shape, designed to be ridden with a slightly longer nose than tail to concentrate pop in the tail while still giving you plenty of float, flow, and control to rip any terrain or condition.

17MM Taper
A tapered shape means the nose is wider than the tail, promoting smooth turn entry and exit, stability at speed, and enhanced deep snow flotation. Look for different amounts of taper throughout the line.

Directional Flex
This flex features increased pop in the tail and a more resilient nose that allows riders to easily maintain control through all terrain and conditions.

45° Carbon Highlights Hi-Voltage
Carbon Highlights optimizes each layer of the fiberglass matrix and adds a full tip-to-tail carbon layer to reduce weight and fine tune torsional feel to achieve different ride characteristics. A 60° fiber angle creates a highly maneuverable and playful feel, while a 45° fiber angle provides a more aggressive ride. Hi-Voltage models like the Cloudsplitter, Antler, Custom X, and X9FV include the addition of carbon strands to the angled fiber layers to add life and further reduce weight.


Splitboard Burton Landlord Shape S-Rocker:

Speed and float are your friends, and that’s what S-Rocker™ is all about. While the design specifics vary between boards, the basics are an entry rocker that extends from the nose to under your front foot, then transitions to either camber or flat between your feet. This design causes the entry rocker to lift the nose, thus improving float while maintaining momentum and stability through deep-driving pow turns and variable conditions.

Burton S-Rocker


Burton Landlord Split 15-16 Characteristics:

Burton Landlord Split 15-16 Characeristics


Compared to the last season there had just been a change in design, so check out the vid if you like:


Technical Details

  • BEND Directional Camber
  • SHAPE Directional [17MM Taper]
  • FLEX Directional
  • CORE FSC™ Certified Super Fly II™ 700G Core with Dualzone™ EGD™ and Squeezebox
  • FIBERGLASS 45° Carbon
  • Highlights Hi-Voltage
  • BASE Sintered WFO
  • FEATURES Split Channel Pre-Mounted with Channel-Compatible Pucks, Balanced
  • Freeride Geometry, Pro-Tip™,
  • and Infinite Ride™, Diecut Base Color Combinations May Vary
  • ARTIST Takuya Yoshikawa
  • Rides Best with The Classic and Hitchhiker Bindings and Burton’s G3 High Traction Climbing Skins, Additional Interface