Arbor Bryan Iguchi Pro Split

Category: Splitboards
Manufacturer: Arbor Collective
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Season: 2016/17
Price (SRP) from: 869€
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Included: Board, Karakoram Connectors, Clips

Length: 159cm  162cm  
Weight: 3.100g  

Board-Profile: Camber

Riding Style / Field of use

Great Board, the camber gives pop and traction.
Freestyle, 70%
Allmountain, 80%
Powder, 90%
Speed, 80%

Splitboard Test Results  Testinfo

Ascent: The Bryan Iguchy Pro is with around 3,1kg a bit lghter than his brother Coda. The performance is thanks to the camber also better and supported by the  "Parabolic" Shape (a little reverse curve at the inner side of the contact points). You traverse savely even at steeper and hardpacked traverses. In deep conditions the little noches at the Tail make the board sink at the Tail and so the Nose come out propperly and makes the ascent more fun. The balance is really good.

Descent:  The Arbor Bryan Iguchy Pro is adjusted similar to his brother Coda, so relatively soft but a bit harder. The surfy feeling keeps remained even with camber construction. Due to the little notch at the tail you just need a bit more weight on the backfoot while riding in powder. compared to a classic powdermachine.  So the nose keeps up quite easily and you can completely concentrate at the cristaline white while riding. When you come into hardpack or even tracked hardpack, the nose crushes the snow or the edge gets well into it. The edgegrip is really good also at higher speed. The Iguchy Pro is super agile and manoeverable. Not only in the backcountry but also on pist you can have lots of fun with the new Arbor split and if you like you can send some freestyle tricks as well.

Snowconditions at the tests: from 20-30 cm of powder to hardpack and slopes
Bindings used for testing:  SP und Spark
Boots: Deeluxe und Fitwell

Riding, 80%
Agility, %80
Edgegrip, %80
Uphill, 75%
Traversing, %80
Weight, %70
Features, 70%
Finishing, %70
Sustainability, %70

A visceral desire to explore the backcountry with the best tools possible led us to a splitboard collaboration with mentor and friend, Bryan Iguchi. All the design of the Guch Pro in a split, for those who prefer fully engaged System Camber performance.

Iguchi Pro in Action:

Bryan Iguchy Pro Splitboard in Action


Video Presentation Bryan Iguchi Pro Splitboard start Min. 1.57:

  • Ash Power Ply
  • Knucklehead Tips
  • Universal Splitboard Insert Packs
  • Highland Core
  • Mixed Glassing
  • 360 Rails
  • Sintered Base
  • Karakoram Splitboard Clips
  • Three–Year Warranty
  • Artist: Bryan Iguchi