Season: 2016/17
Category: Splitboards
Manufacturer: Amplid

Faster ascents, epic descents

Amplid Milligram 16-17

Review 2016/17  Selected

Board-Profile: Hybrid

Length: 159cm  163cm  168cm  153cm  

Weight: 2.500g  

Price (SRP) from: 1 100€
Included: Board, Karakoram Connectors, Clips

Riding Style / Field of use

The "one for everything" Splitboard, which really feels like riding a snowboard.
Freestyle, 70%
Allmountain, 90%
Powder, 80%
Speed, 80%

Test Results

For beeing a Carbon Splitboard, the Milligram is quite soft, but the excellent tuning makes it your best buddy for all kinds of backcountry adventures. Most of all the Milligram likes it at high altitude, long distances and challenging terrain, because here its lightness plays the most important role. It is one of the most versatile splitboards in the market.

Ascent: Compared to other splitboards in the test you really feel the lower weight on the uphill. In powder the nose comes up perfectly and it is fun to hike up the mountains. The forward pull is excellent which gives you an advantage at longer climbs in flat areas. As soon as the traverses become more challenging or steeper the edge finds its way in the snow perfectly and you get almost optimal grip, even with the soft tuning (this is also conditioned by your skills, boots and bindings). Due to its perfect balance the nose comes up gently and the kickturns come with ease.

Descent: The Miligram is the only Splitboard which riding performance is really comparebale to a Snowboard. Mainly it is due to its low weight but also due to its amazing shape. In powder the nose comes up easily and you get an amazing surf feeling. When the conditions become harder the edgehold is there, no doubt you can rely on the Milligram even when it is soft and your speed is high. When you find completly tracked hardpack with deep furrows it is a bit more tricky than with a heavier splitboard. As the name claims, "Amplid next level riding", yes with the Milligram you reach the next level of splitboarding.

Snowconditions at the tests: from 20-30 cm of powder to hardpack and slopes
Bindings used for testing:  SP und Spark
Boots: Deeluxe und Fitwell

Riding, 90%
Agility, %90
Edgegrip, %90
Uphill, 90%
Traversing, %80
Weight, %100
Features, 85%
Finishing, %80
Sustainability, %90
Congratulations! The Amplid Milligram 16-17 is awarded with the Editors Selection .
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Faster ascents, epic descents

Last year the Milligram wiped the floor with its competition. Not only is it the lightest production splitboard in the world, which makes ascents a dream, on the descents its combination of reactive handling, explosive pop and a fluid, soulful flex pattern makes every single meter of vertical climbed, worth the effort.

So how did we get the weight so low? Replacing fiberglass with carbon was the first step, its strength-to-weight ratio is off the chart. The Milligram’s core is a jigsaw of different woods: Lightweight Balsa and Paulownia replace Poplar in low impact areas and Birch takes the brunt of any impact around the bindings. Low viscosity Aero Epoxy allows exact resin dosing; any excess is squeezed-out of the board during pressing, saving valuable grams.

New Tanga Technology is a partial topsheet which prevents unwanted chipping along the sidewalls from touring and Glass Impact Pads under the bindings prevent topsheet damage from the sharp corners of CNC-ed splitboard bindings.

Amplid Milligram Video Presentation by Peter Bauer:


Specs Amplid Milligram:

specs amplid milligram


  • Floatation Tips
  • Full Carbon Jacket
  • Tanga Tech
  • Glass Impact Pads
  • Aero Epoxy
  • BBP Core
  • Sintered 7 HD Base
  • Karakoram Clips