Season: 2017/18
Manufacturer: Union

The Union Expediton FC is the high end binding to be used with splitboards.

Union Expedition FC Binding

Review 2017/18 

Weight: 1.580g  

Price (SRP) from: 499€
Included: Bindung und Interface

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Splitboard Test Results

What we liked testing the Union Expedition FC Binding:

As claimed by Union it is a Snowboardbinding made to split with. The riding performance of the Expedition FC (Forged Carbon) Splitboard binding is equal to the riding performance of a Union Snowboardbinding, very good. With a good dampening the impact of rough terrain is very much reduced. Your boot is well fixed and the power transmission is the same like at a usual snowboard binding.

Regarding the ascent you notice the more flexible material if you compare it to a classic splitboard bindings, so the power transmission is a bit less. The stable attachment of the pin transfers the power well to the edges and most of the customers will enjoy this binding. Also the light weight compared to the Expedition Model is an advantage.

A Pin System? Yes, that is what we also thought, because actually the pin had been died already a few years ago. Anyway, if you take your time to mount the binding properly, the handling is good. The design of the touring bracket is excellent. You just put the binding on until it stops. Than the position is perfect to smoothly slide in the pin. Than you turn it in direction of the baseplate and it is well secured. Regarding the changeover the handling is equal to the Splitsticks binding which was the base of development.

What we didn't like:

If the binding is correctly mounted and the pin in it's place. It can be very fiddling to get it out when you change from Ride- to Hike-Mode at longer touring where you have to change over several times. If you take the "Leash"  pulling strong it is likely to damage the plastic store for the pin. This implicates that you cannot secure the pin well anymore. It could have been done in a better way, following the the original design. With 499 € it is already a solid price.

 We are looking forward to see the next developments, keep on guys!

Product description

The Union Expediton FC is the high end binding to be used with splitboards. It is built to minimize the time it takes to convert from climb mode to ride mode, the Union Split System is not only simple to use, but the unique connection between binding and board also maintains the torsional strength of your splitboard. This gives you the performance you expect from your snowboard along with the performance you expect from Union.

No compromises were made to Union's binding platform when redesigning it around the function of splitboard performance. They use the same guaranteed heelcups, ratchets, straps, and materials in The Expedition FC splitboard binding as they do throughout their entire high end product line.

Split bindings do not only have to be used with splitboards. If you have a quiver of decks to choose from when the situation calls, just mount the Union Split System disc on each one. With the push of a pin you can swap your Expedition bindings between each board quicker than it takes to lace your boots

Video Union Splitboard Binding mounting:


Video Union Snowboard Binding for Splitboards presented by the developer of Splitsticks:


Video Union Snowboard Binding for Splitboards presented by Bryan Iguchi Snowboard Legend:


Technical Details

Highback: Der symmetrische Duraflex Highback ist speziell für die Bedürfnisse des Tourings entwickelt. Durch die Einstellungsvorrichtung kannst du im Handumdrehen vom Touring- in den Abfahrtmodus wechseln und die Neigung des Highbacks perfekt auf deine Wünsche anpassen. Der Aufstieg ist bequem, du verschwendest keine Zeit und Energie am Ziel und fährst die Hänge in einer High-Performance Bindung ab.​

Base: Die X-Carb SP1 Base besteht zu einem Großteil aus Carbon, welches die Bindung extrem leicht und stabil macht. So hast du kein überschüssiges Gewicht unter deinen Füßen und eine Kontrolle, die seines gleichen sucht!​

Straps: Als Neuheit in der 17/18er Saison bringen die Exoframe/Air Straps einiges an Features mit! Nach außen resultieren diese Straps in Kraft und Reaktion, nach innen in Passform und Dämpfung. Magnesium 2.0 Buckles sind 4 mal stärker und um die Hälfte leichter, als Aluminium Buckles. Union Buckles sind für die Ewigkeit gemacht. Die neue 2.0 Version ist nochmals um 10 % leichter, als die vorherigen Versionen.​​

Heelcup: Die Festigkeit und Stärke des Forged Heelcups wirkt wie der Überrollkäfig eines Rennwagens - er verstärkt das ganze Chassis. Die Buchsenverbindung mit der Base bietet eine nahtlose, schnelle Reaktion. 

Bushing: Die X-Carb SP1 Base wird perfekt ergänzt durch die synthetischen EVA 3.0 Bushings. Diese erzeugen einen natürlichen und entspannten Ride. Jeder Aufprall wird butterweich absorbiert. Ein weiterer Bonus dieser Konstruktion ist die erhöhte Lebenserwartung.​