Season: 2017/18
Manufacturer: Spark R&D

The Surge produced  inhouse by spark R&D comes in 2017-18 with the brand new Pillowline Straps and the Whammy Bar, which gives even more comfort in riding mode as well as a great perfomance boost in hiking mode.

Spark Surge 2017-18

Review 2017/18  Selected

Weight: 1.400g  

Price (SRP) from: 469€
Included: Bindung, Brackets, Schrauben,

Test Results

What we liked at the Spark Surge 17-18?

  • The Pillowline Straps feel like you don't have a binding even if you are strappped in tight your power transmissinion is amazing
  • The Whammy Bar eases up the use of the Heel Risers so no fiddling any more when you want to use it. Big plus for more comfort
  • The power transfer
  • The stability
  • The overall performance on the way up and down
  • The easy changeover
  • The Rip N Flip Highback
  • The smooth fitting with the new pucks

What we didn`t like?

  • We are still searching for it.
  • We have heard about, that sometimes the crampons get loose and fall off, but we cannot confirm that. Sometimes it is a bit dificult to get them in but this is just a matter of practice.
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The Surge produced  inhouse by spark R&D comes in 2017-18 with the brand new Pillowline Straps and the Whammy Bar, which gives even more comfort in riding mode as well as a great perfomance boost in hiking mode. We had been amazed that such a "little" improvement regarding the straps makes such a big difference.

The Spark SURGE, same like the Arc comes with the pinfree Tesla-System, which reduces time and elevates comfort during the change-over. With the integrated RIP‘ N‘ Flip Highback, you change your complete Binding-Setup from Wide-Stride-Hike- to powerful Riding-Mode within a few seconds. While ascending you can rotate the Highback 13° back, for fast uphill performance and for the Powderfun you can choose between 0° and 22°. Comparing Arc and SURGE, the Highback and Baseplate of the SURGE are stiffer.

While the Arc is weight optimized, the SURGE is optimized for the best riding performance and maximum power transmission, also the weight is reduced as much as possible. The power transfer is further supported by the Toe-Capstrap and the baseplate is completely build of aluminium without any cutoffs. If you like you can also smoothen the riding due to some special Basepads. 

Both Bindings, the Surge and Arc are available for Ladies and Gentlemen.

Details - do you see the Whammy Bar?

Spark Surge Details inklusive Whammy Bar


Rip N Flip Highback with uphill and downhill mode:Spark Rip nFlip Hoghback

Size suggestions Spark R&D:

  • Small:  < 40
  • Medium: 40-43
  • Large: 44 or bigger

Further Spark developed some "funny" Features like the "Whammy Bar", similar to playing the Guitar it eases up the use of the Heel Risers or the Straps which further elevate the sidehold on steep traverses.

Not to forget about the great new Spark Pucks, which are stiffer and much more precicely built as the usual ones.

Spark Harscheisen und Pucks

Video Presentation Spark R&D 2017-18:

Presentation Whammy Bar:


  • One Climbing Wire: T1 stands for OneWire. Because that’s all you need. A single fatty wire built into the baseplate switches easily from stowed, to low (12°), to high (18°) climbing positions and back again while touring. Eliminating the second wire saves weight and fiddle time.
  • Precise Sizing: The single wire baseplate redesign opened up the possibility for a narrower heel and shorter baseplate construction for our size small bindings. More precise sizing options for smaller feet paved the way to developing our much-anticipated, first-ever women’s binding versions – the Women’s Arc and the Women’s Surge!
  • T1 Heel Rest: Redesigned heel rest catches the climbing wire in the 12° and 18° positions and is specifically designed to hold the new T1 Heel Locker in place.
  • Snap Ramps & Side-Lock Touring Brackets: Just like the good ‘ole days of our original Tesla System, T1 bindings slide sideways into the offset touring bracket and are locked into place with our snap ramp. No pins, no cables, no fiddle factor.
  • Puck Compatibility: Slide them on and snap the ramp down. Snap the ramp up and slide them off. The most functional way to attach your binding to your board in ride mode. Period. Oh, and check out our new Spark Pucks… we think you’ll be pretty excited about these. We have already tryed them and YES they you can feel a performance boost.
  • Ibex Crampons: Slide in from the side while touring and two sets of horns on the Ibex crampons catch the wire in both the 12° and 18°climbing positions, pushing the teeth fully in to the snow for max security on any pitch.
  • T1 Heel Locker: New design snaps in to better stay put in locked or free mode. Larger radius bends are stronger and the design allows for more variation in insert locations on the board. Check it out here.