Season: 2019/20
Manufacturer: Spark R&D

In new colours, otherwise technically unchanged from the previous season, the surge is still made for the more massive and aggressive splitboarder.

Spark Surge 19-20

Review 2019/20 

Weight: 1.350g  

Price (SRP) from: 469€
Included: Bindings, Tesla touring brackets, T1 heel rests, mounting screws, and Spark pocket tool.

Test Results

What did we like when testing the Spark Surge?

  •     The force transfer through the Surge Pillowline Straps has been improved again.
  •     The stability of the binding
  •     The overall performance both uphill and downhill
  •     The simple and reliable transition
  •     The Rip N Flip Highback
  •     The interaction with the Spark Pucks

What did we not like?

  •     That there was nothing to complain about.


In new colours, otherwise technically unchanged from the previous season, the surge is still made for the more massive and aggressive splitboarder. The solid baseplate, the stiffer Rip 'N' Flip Highback and the more supportive Pillow Line ankle straps provide even more control in demanding terrain.

The Spark SURGE has of course the pin free Tesla T1 system which makes the transition very fast and comfortable. Integrated is a RIP' N' Flip Highback, which can be changed from touring to downhill in no time at all. When climbing up, the highback can be tilted backwards by 13 degrees, making large steps easier. For powder fun, stepless angles from 0 to 22 degrees forward are available. Compared to the ARC, the SURGE's highback, baseplate and ankle strap are stiffer.

Spark Surge in Black - Copper - Blue

While the ARC focuses on minimum weight, the SURGE is about maximum hold. This is additionally supported by a Toe-Cap Strap and solid Surge Pillow Line Straps. For maximum power transmission and control, the baseplate is solid, making force feedback more direct. With an optional basepad you can dampen the baseplate and gain additional riding comfort. As with the Arc, there is a climbing aid that can be locked in two positions, and thanks to the Whammy Bars it is easy to fold in and out with the pole.

Despite the more stable and stiff construction, the Spark Surge is also designed to save weight.

The Surge is also available as an equally equipped women's model. With shorter and narrower baseplates they fit down to a size of US 5. The highback sits deeper and provides an improved calf fit, also the straps are shaped to fit ladies boots.

Spark Womens Surge

So if you're looking for good stability and support, the Spark Surge is the perfect binding for you.

Recommended size (men) by Spark R&D:

  • Small: < 40
  • Medium: 40-43
  • Large:  44 or larger

Not to forget the Spark Pucks. They are super stiff and very precise and there is no comparison with conventional pucks when it comes to assembly. Of course the Spark Tesla system is still compatible with other pucks.

With the exception of a few parts such as screws and buckles, all components of the binding are manufactured by Spark on its own machines.

Whether Surge or Arc, Will from Spark explains the differences and what else is new from Spark:


Snap Ramps: This feature allows an extremely easy mounting of the binding, you push it onto the pucks and when you get into the binding, the snap ramp automatically pushes down. This illustration shows how easy it is to work with a Spark Arc.

Spark Ride Mode

Side-Lock Touring Brackets: make it even easier to push the binding onto the climbing brackets in split mode. Simply slide it from left to right through the holes in the bracket, down the snap ramp and off you go. The mounting for the crampons is amazing, you simply push them from the outside to the inside into the bracket and it works even in hard terrain. The picture shows how the Spark Tesla works.

Spark Tour Mode

Climbing Wire T1 and Heel Plate: The climbing aid is integrated into the binding and has the full width to bring the pressure correctly to the edge. The Heel Plate protects your topsheet from damage caused by the strong pressure created on your board during the climb with climbing aids.

Pillow Line Straps: Super light, at the same time giving a firm hold, comfortable and not squeezing. The Pillow Line Straps made of one piece do not absorb water and have no glue, seams, rivets or foam that dissolves over time. The toe straps are designed as toe caps, but also traditionally fit over the top of the shoe. The ankle straps of the Surge have no cut-out in contrast to those of the Arc and can be tightened more tightly by the larger pressure distribution without pressing.

Rip N Flip Highback:  Can be changed in no time at all between -12° free space to the rear for easy ascent and 0-22° forward lean for descent.

Ibex Crampons: The special crampons are very easy to attach "on the fly". They also work with the climbing aid folded out, which brings advantages in steep and hard terrain.

Voile Puck Compatiblity: In addition to the in-house Spark Pucks, the proven Voile Pucks can also be used. They are still very reliable and free themselves from snow when the binding is pushed on them. The separately available Spark Pucks are also available in a 3° Canted version.

Spark Pucks