Season: 2018/19
Manufacturer: Spark R&D

The Dyno DH, Spark's popular hardboot splitboard binding, has been further optimised to ensure an even better fit and feel.

Spark Dyno DH 18-19

Weight: 820g  

Price (SRP) from: 279€
Included: Binding naked


The Dyno DH, Spark's popular hardboot splitboard binding, has been further optimised to ensure an even better fit and feel. When splitboarders talk about hardboots, they don't mean the heavy, ultra-hard snowboard hardboots known from the racing scene, but modern, lightweight ski touring boots with a pin system, as used by touring skiers or ski mountaineers. As a rule, the boots have to be slightly modified to adapt the lean to the needs of a split/snowboarder. But then you can enjoy the easier ascent and better edge hold when traversing.

The Dyno DH is only intended for downhill use. Like all other Spark bindings, the Dyno Dh is simply pushed onto the Spark or Voilé compatible pucks and locked pin-free with the Tesla Snap Ramp system. During the ascent, the binding, which weighs just over 800g, is comfortably stowed in the backpack.

For the ascent you therefore need "toe pieces" matching the pin boots. These are available from the ski touring sector, Dynafit compatible, from various manufacturers, with the disadvantage of needing an adapter plate for the splitboard inserts. Of course Spark also has the matching Dynafit Toe Adapter Plates (45$) in its range, but also a more elegant solution: The Spark Tech Toes (160$), which with 122g per piece are even lighter than the lightest Dynafit models with crampon mounting.

Spark Tech Toes


The matching D Rex crampons (100$) are specially adapted to the Dynafit and Spark Toe Pieces, so they can be mounted on the fly. They are available in two widths. With the Spark Hardboot Dual Height Wires (55$), the two-stage climbing aids, you will always find a comfortable angle when climbing.

Spark DRex Crampons udn Steighilfe

Advantages of this binding:

  •     Very direct force transfer
  •     Low weight - 820g for the pair!
  •     Tesla lock without pin
  •     aluminium base plate with high-quality steel brackets

Altogether the Dyno DH is an uncomplicated and light system for all altimeter fetishists and works with Alpine Touring Boots with a sole length between 255 and 340mm.


  • The improved toe clip fits flat AT boots better than ever before. A sleeker design saves weight while maintaining backcountry reliability.
  • Adjusting screw: The new adjusting screw has a 4mm hex drive, found on each tool.
  • Material: Indestructible stainless steel brackets and anodized aluminum toe clips. The heel end of the base plate is reinforced to avoid bending under heavy use.
  • Snap Ramps: Tesla System Snap Ramps for quick, pinless assembly.