Season: 2012/13
Manufacturer: Spark R&D

Spark R & D has revised its splitboard bindings for the season 12/13.

Spark Burner LT / Spark Blaze LT 12/13

Weight: 1.500g  1.600g  

Price (SRP) from: 370€
Included: LT Pin System


Spark R & D has revised its splitboard bindings for the season 12/13.

The Spark LT Burner: The Burner splitboard Bidung is equipped with a very stiff high-back, so it is suitable for softer shoes providing great support. This is particularly useful in rough terrain and crossings, the edge grip and the power transmission to the splitboard is increased. With the slots in the highback a belt can be attached to increase the retention and additionally prevent adjustments on long backcountry routes. The wide strap gives you more safety even at high speed descents.

By the CNC cut profile, the Spark Burner is very durable and can be used without any Voile slider plates. This ends up in direct contact with the board and quicker response.
The buckles of the Spark splitboard bindings are produced in-house, with the goals of simplicity, durability and functionality.

The LT-pin system is supplied. It is stiffer than the Voile system and about 100g lighter.

Weight: 1600g

The Spark Blaze LT: Technically, the Blaze splitboard binding is identical to the burner, the difference is in the softer highback. The straps of the Blaze are a little narrower than the ones of the Burner.

The Blaze is also supplied with LT-pin system.

Weight: ca.1500g