Season: 2019/20
Manufacturer: Spark R&D

For the 2019/20 season, the Spark Arc will be available in new colour combinations and the proven technical features will be retained.

Spark Arc 19-20

Review 2019/20 

Weight: 1.250g  

Price (SRP) from: 429€
Included: Bindings, Tesla touring brackets, T1 heel rests, mounting screws, and Spark pocket tool.

Test Results

What we liked while testing the ARC?

  • The Pillowline Straps feel like you don't have a binding even if you are strappped in tight your power transmissinion is amazing.
  • The Whammy Bar eases up the use of the Heel Risers so no fiddling any more when you want to use it. Big plus for more comfort.
  • The Tesla System, super easy changeover even at heaviest conditions.
  • The Rip N Flip Highback, easy and powerful
  • The low weight.
  • The high quality in processing and the whole Spark concept.
  • The combination of the Spark Pucks and the Binding, everything really smooth and even better power transmission.

What we didn't like?

Only positive impressions


For the 2019/20 season, the Spark Arc will be available in new colour combinations and the proven technical features will be retained. The Arc has not been Spark's flyweight since last season, but the Pro Series is now a few grams ahead, but in terms of weight / stability / usability is still in the front row. As usual, the Spark is equipped with Pillow Line straps and Whammy bars, which make it much easier to fold the climbing aid in and out.  All straps have Burton's proven bomber buckles.

Spark Arc Mens Black - Ash - Red

The ARC has many cut-outs in the baseplate, reducing weight to a minimum. Of course, a little stiffness and directness is lost compared to the continuous baseplate of the Surge, for very heavy riders an alternative to the lightweight Arc, a few grams heavier.

As with the Surge, there is a climbing aid that can be arrested in two positions and, thanks to the Whammy Bars, can be easily folded in and out with the pole disc. With optional basepads, shocks in tough conditions can be dampened and riding comfort increased, a feature for resort riders or when used on a solid board.

The ARC is ideal for all those who are looking for a lightweight, successful compromise between weight and stability and love long powder runs.

There is also a ladies' model of the Arc with identical technical features but adapted sizes and different colour variants.

Arc Womens in Plum und Black Ice

Spark R&D size recommendations (men):

  •     Small: Boot size < 40
  •     Medium: Boot size 40-43
  •     Large: Boot size 44 or larger

Of course the Spark pucks are also worth mentioning, which are super stiff and very precise. Especially during the assembly these pucks are no comparison with the conventional pucks, with which the Spark Tesla system is of course compatible.

With the exception of a few parts such as screws and buckles, all components of the binding are manufactured in-house by Spark on its own machines.

Whether Arc or Surge, Will from Spark explains the differences and what else is new from Spark:


Snap Ramps: This feature allows an extremely easy mounting of the binding, you push it onto the pucks and at the latest when you get into the binding, the snap ramp automatically pushes down.

Spark Ride Mode

Side-Lock Touring Brackets: make it even easier to push the binding onto the climbing brackets in split mode. Simply slide it from left to right through the holes in the bracket, down the snap ramp and off you go. The mounting for the crampons is amazing, you simply push them from the outside to the inside into the bracket and this works even in hard terrain.

Spark Tour Mode

Climbing Wire T1 and Heel Plate: The climbing aid is integrated into the binding. They have the full width to bring the pressure properly to the edge. The Heel Plate protects your topsheet from damage caused by the strong pressure generated on your board during the climb with the help of climbing aids.

Pillow Line Straps: Super light, at the same time giving a firm hold, comfortable and not squeezing. The one-piece Pillow Line Straps do not take up any water and have no glue, seams, rivets or foam that dissolves over time. The toe straps are designed as a toe cap, but also traditionally fit over the top of the shoe.

Rip N Flip Highback:  The RIP' N' Flip Highback can be switched from touring to downhill in no time at all. The highback can be reclined 13 degrees to the rear for big steps in the ascent and shifted forward up to 22 degrees for big powder fun.

Ibex Crampons: They are sold seperately and are very easy to mount "on the fly". They also work with the climbing aid folded out, which brings advantages in steep and hard terrain.

Voile Puck Compatiblity: Alongside the in-house Spark Pucks, the traditional Voile Pucks can also be used. They are still very reliable and free themselves from snow when the binding is pushed on.