Season: 2018/19
Manufacturer: Karakoram

Prime Connect, introduced for the first time in 2016/17, is available this season in four versions, including a women's model. The split kits, which can be purchased separately, have been reworked.

Karakoram Prime Connect 18-19

Review 2018/19 

Weight: 1.600g  

Price (SRP) from: 399€
Included: Bindung, 2 Sets Quiver Connectors

Test Results

What did we like in the test?

  •     The "one for all" concept is great, reduces the amount of material used and saves money.
  •     The conversion from split to solid is super easy and the power transmission leaves nothing to be desired.
  •     The moulded Air Straps have a good fit, are light and press the shoe well into the binding.
  •     Very affordable for Karakoram standards.

What did we not like?

  •     Sometimes the binding freezes, then the conversion from split to ride mode becomes a bit fiddly (tested with Ride Mode 1.0 Connectors).
  •     The plastic material doesn't look as noble as the metal of the Prime SL.

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Prime Connect, introduced for the first time in 2016/17, is available this season in four versions, including a women's model. The split kits, which can be purchased separately, have been reworked. The characteristic Quiver Connector System has not changed, "buy more boards, not bindings" is still the motto of Karakoram's universal model.

With the Karakoram Connect you are ready for new adventures. Based on the Prime Interface, this binding is designed so that you can use it with the splitboard as well as with a solid board, one binding for everything. Made of plastic, it doesn't look as high quality and elegant as the classic Prime, but it's a well thought-out splitboard binding that's quite affordable for Karakoram's standards.

In all Connect models, the Active Joining Technology actively pulls the board halves together. Thus, the Prime System provides responsiveness, stability and torsional stiffness when riding. The bindings have a 3D shaped EVA footbed, which absorbs shocks and impacts and thus enables comfortable snowboarding for an entire day at the resort. The Dupont Zytel chassis is also designed to damp without losing responsiveness. The stable sidewalls give the binding additional stiffness and the open chassis allows the board its natural twists.

Prime Connect-S

The soft version for surfy feeling. This binding is equipped with the "old" padded anklestrap and the softest of Karakoram's highbacks, the Air Flow (Flex 6 of 10).

Prime Connect-R

The reactive highback (Flex 8 of 10) provides an optimized stiffness/weight ratio for this model, the AIR-FORM STRAPS provide support without pinching the shoe.

Prime Connect-Ci

Chassis and Highback of the top model of the Connect series are "Carbon Fiber infused". They are made with carbon fiber which makes it the stiffest and most reactive model of the series (Flex 10 of 10), but also the most expensive. Of course also equipped with the Air-Form straps.

Prime Connect-W

The Womens model combines the softer Air Flow Highback with the current Air-Form straps.


Karakoram Presentation:



In the following video you see all novelties of the PRIME Split Kit 2.0, the RIde-Mode 2.0 Interface, the Taillock Clips and further innovations from Karakoram.


Materials: Aluminium, stainless steel, Dupont Zytel

Prime System:

With the Active Joining Technology (the board halves are pulled together), the Prime System brings stability and torsional stiffness when riding. Power-Link and Tour-Step make the conversion even faster. Flip-Speed Riser and Ride-Stride Forward Lean provide even more efficiency when touring.

Solid Ride:

Karakoram is committed to the best connection between the halves of the board and the binding and is always trying to bring the riding experience even closer to that of a "normal" snowboard.

  • almost no play in the components for the ultimate "Solid-Board" performance
  • 4 wide, tension-giving contact points for direct force transmission to the edge
  • Angle from -30° to +30°.

Flip-Speed Riser:

You quickly activate the climbing aids during the ascent. The wider platform gives more edge grip.

  • Activation with the pole disc, easy and simple

Power Link:

Removing the binding from ride mode is made even easier with Power Link.
An ergonomically designed locking lever allows you to easily mount and dismount the binding. Pull up to lock, push down to open.

  • ergonomic locking lever
  • central lock