Season: 2011/12
Manufacturer: Spark R&D


Mr Chomps splitboard crampons Spark

Product description

Mr. Chomps crampons for splitboards have the advantage that they can be mounted or unmounted without dismounting the binding,  The split board crampons are compatible with all Spark R & D bindings - can be mounted during the ascent without unmounting the bindings - the crampons can be used in fixed or free mode - Compatible with Voile climbing heels.

They only work with the Spark bindings, NOT with the Voile system.

Technical Details

Size: two sizes; Weight: 2 x 212,2g; Width: 138mm
For Splitboards up to  260mm Waist.
For splitboards with a waist more than 260mm: Weight: 2 x 219g; Width: 148mm.