G3 Alpinist Splitboard High Traction Climbing Skins

Category: Skins / Tuning / Spare Parts
Manufacturer: G3

Season: 2015/16
Price (SRP) from: 199€
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Weight: 824g  758g  

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Skins for steeper climbs with increased traction. The vendor claims up to 20% depending on snow conditions. All we can say that the traction is really superior. When others start to slip you still have enough grip to tackle those trickier sections in steeper terrain. Sticky non-toxic glue, adding and removing skins three times during a tour is no problem. If your glue gets contaminated on an epic tour, you can remove the rip-strip in the middle for extra adhesion. Only recommend for these rare situations when the skin doesn't stick to the board.
For splitboards of 162 cm in length we recommend using the short version. Otherwise with the long version attaching and removing the tail connector gets quite cumbersome.

Skin straight up that boot pack, just because you can.

What: Superior traction for steep climbs or tricky, hard pack surfaces.
Who: Riders headed for steeper climbs or seeking stronger grip. Popular choice for many splitboarders.

This High Traction version of our flagship Alpinist fabric offers exceptional traction that's especially well-suited for splitboard travel. Odds are you've been eyeing up those steep backcountry yo-yo lines more often than a flat 10 day traverse, so we've made skins to get you to the next peak without the slip 'n slop.

Our High Traction skins can increase traction by 10-20% on steep, hard pack surfaces, depending on snow conditions. Now you can focus on dropping in, not catching up.


  • Long version for splitboards 162..178 cm (weight 824 g)
  • Short version for splitboards 147..163 cm (weight 758 g)
  • Skin width 140 mm
  • Synthetic plush with PFOA free waterproofing treatment
  • Increased traction
  • Non-toxic glue sticks at -30 °C
  • New Tail Connector: With 16cm of length adjustment range
  • Rip Strip making it easier to pull apart skins
  • Simple and clean cutting with included G3 trim tool