Splitboard Boots and Bindings

Find your perfect boot - binding combination

The combination of board, bindings and boots is crucial when it comes to splitboarding. If board, binding and boots are matched with your skills and your splitboard and snowboarding style, you will get most fun out of your setup. Here are some questions to arouse the feeling of "why the complete splitboard setup is important and not just the board".

What about the combination of a hard boot and a hard highback?

You get good power transmission to the board and you get good response behavior on the descent as well as good edge grip while climbing. The power is perfectly transfered through the boots, bindings to the edges of your splitboard.

How is a stiff boot and a soft highback at your binding?

You won't be able to transfer the power to your splitboard accordingly. The reason ist the power absortion of your highback, even when the boot gives it well to the binding. But then it will not be transfered so well to the board.

How is it with a soft boot and a stiff highback?

You have a pleasant feeling while climbing and while riding, but you have to compromise in power transmission. On traverses you have to mount the crampons quite early.

What about the combination of a hard boot and a soft highback?

The power transmission is quite ok, similar to a soft boot with a stiff highback. Here again, the power will be absorbed by the boot and not well transfered to your splitboard.

And a soft boot combined with a soft highback?

You have a great feeling when hiking and riding, yes, it can even be surfy, but if conditions get challenging, you have a lack of control, both at the ascent and at the descent as well. This splitboard setup can be only recommended if you know that you mostly splitboard in soft conditions.

What is optimal?

We can not tell you that easy because it always depends on your preferences. Some like it soft and fluffy, others hard and aggressive and the next adjust their splitting style to the daily mood.

Splitboard Bindings:

As mentioned above, the connection between boot, binding and board is essential for the power transfer and so for the performance on the climb and the control on the downhill.

Since 2014 we have a big range of different bindings, developed for the needs in different areas of splitboarding.

Splitboard Boots:

As mentioned already, the connection between boot and binding is crucial for the alround performance.  Generally a stiff boot has it`s advantages because you loose less energy absorbed by the material and get more on the binding and the board.

The features of the splitboard boots are the stiffness of the boots and the special "supergrip" soles, some are also designed to use half automatic crampons for the really challenging stuff. Of course you can use your normal snowboard boots for splitboarding and the special ones for snowboarding, too.

Your individual questions can be asked in the forum and will be answered by our expert community members.