Season: 2014/15
Category: Other
Manufacturer: Gloryfy

Die Gloryfy GP3 Goggle ist eine super leichte Skibrille, die sich bestens zum Touren gehen eignet.

Gloryfy Goggle GP3 Soundcity

Review 2014/15 

Price (SRP) from: 119€

Testers Statement
Ultraleicht - beste Sicht - wahnsinns Goggle!

Test Results

Maybe you have already read the advertisement text of this goggle!? I have tried it and will never use a different one.

Especially for touring this goggle is great. The weight is only 68g and packed in the bag you can throw it in your backpack without thinking about possibly damage. The Gloryfy GP3 is really fexible and due to this it is unbreakable.

It fits well with lots of different helmets.

The best thing of this goggle is the excellent view, so the proper glass. Even at "difficult" conditions you have great contrast and the visibility is elevated.

The Antifog-Coating works great. Till now it just steamed up when I entered a restaurant after touring.

I have tried many different goggles and can say: "The GLORYFY GP3 is the best Touring-Goggle at the Market".



The gloryfy GP3 is the lightest goggle model on the market. The frameless design provides an absolutely optimal field of view and offers maximum comfort with a minimal weight of only 68 grams. The orange, contrast-enhancing unbreakable I-Flex® FOGLESS dual lens with mirror coating provides excellent visibility in all lighting conditions.

Anti-fog coating and 100% optical quality are just as self-evident as 100% UVA/UVB protection. This lightweight model is a real highlight for ski tourers but also all other outdoor sports enthusiasts will enjoy these unbreakable snow goggles.