Kamtchatka by splitboard 1
Kamchatka by splitboard - no heliskiing
11 June | other

Kamchatka Heliskiing - everybody has heard about it but what about splitbard touring or splitboarding in Kamchatka. Here you get the info from our local frineds. Thanks to Splitboard Russia.


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Mamay - On the Search for Japow in Siberia
10 April | other | 1

When we met Sergey from Bear Powder Surfs at ISPO he told us about his recent splitboarding and powder surfing trip to Siberia. Of course our powder department had a some questions..

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pic by Russ Shea dopeshots
#UPBATTLE 2019 - A Scottish splitboarding demo weekender
04 April | other

After the hottest February on record, and temperatures hitting 17° it was on the cards to cancel the event. But with a small blip in the chart it was time to cross fingers and hold out. It was a good call, storms came in and plastered the Cairngorms with 5 days of snow and wind. It was on!

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Jotunheimen map for tour planning
Splitboarding at Jotunheimen
06 March | Norway

Jotunheimen is the highest mountain region in Norway and Scandinavia. It offers many possibilities for Splitboarding and Splitboard Touring. Here you get an insight and maybe ideas for your next splitboard holiday.

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Splitboarding at Arlberg crossing the lake
Splitboarding at Arlberg
05 March | Austria > Tyrol > Verwall-Gruppe

Four days of best weather and a big playground for big boys! Beside the "high society" ski tourism you can also find beautiful, almost untouched mountain areas at the Arlberg region which is great for Splitboard Touring. Enjoy the read - if you have questions, just post below!

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Wolves, Bison & Elk: Accessing Yellowstone National Park
25 December | other

Yellowstone, located northeast of the Tetons and Jackson Hole, is one of the last remaining intact ecosystem in the northern temperates. Wolves, foxes, free-ranging herds of bison and elk live there. During winter season the park remains inaccessible, in early May however, the National Park Service plow the roads and you can access some mountains near the roads much more easily.

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This looks pretty good but packed
Wintercamping in Cortina D'Ampezzo
19 July | Italy > Trentino / South Tyrol
Winter camping means commitment, organisation and improvisation, here an experience at temperatures down to -12°C in a camper without independent heating.
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Snowy Road - Photo: Ben
Roadtrippin’ through Kyrgyzstan
01 March | other
Bordering Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and China, Kyrgyzstan is a welcoming oasis in a remote, always fascinating, sometimes volatile, and oftentimes misunderstood part of the world. Impressions of a three week splitboarding roadtrip.
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A street sourrounded by mountains
The first day of summer
21 December | Iceland
The wind is ferocious and I’m having to lean into it to stay upright. To my left the mountain falls away over exposed rocks and patches of ice towards a dark and turbulent sea far below. Splitboarding in Iceland - by and with Pete Coombs.
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No Pinetrees
A couple trip to Japan - it can be wonderful
22 November | Japan

A dream comes true, Andreas and his girlfriend fly over to Japan to splitboard the legendary "Japow", here the little write-up.

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The "Hotel" of 40 Tribes Backcountry
Into the Wild - Splitboarding in Kyrgyzstan
07 November | other

Great Video inside! Beep-beep-beep. 6:45AM. My watch alarm chimes and it’s time to start the day. My senses start to wake as I can smell and hear the crackle of the hot fire. Splitboarding

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Heard Island - Image courtesy of NASA: ISS015-E-30781
Top Three Remote Islands in the Southern Oceans
26 June | other

Splitboard season is over in the northern hemisphere. If you couldn't catch enough snow or are not into surfing, usual locations for splitboarding on the southern hemisphere would be Chile or New Zealand. Here we present three more remote locations for real splitboard explorers.

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